Dr.Nojoke puts out new album POST TECHNO CRISIS via Goldmin Music on November 27th.

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Have we really reached a state of « post techno crisis »?

It’s not with words that Dr.Nojoke tends to respond to that question. Rather with his music and through an enhanced discography that has been unfolding Since 2005.

In six tracks Dr.Nojoke presents an artistic statement, which can be understood as a statement to the situation the whole world is in at the moment.

The sound is bassy, rough and darkish partly, still somehow minimal and organic, but definitely complex, it is danceable and contempletative at the same time – that all sounds absurd, but isn´t the world in such a state, illogical, strange, polarised…

How did we come here?


1. Giko

2. Post Techno Crisis #1

3. Post Techno Crisis #2

4. Post Techno Crisis #3

5. Beuys

6. Whikla


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