CRISTAL – Swedish Child & Homegoing 7″+DL album Flingco
ERGO PHIZMIZ – Things to Do and Make LP/CD Care in the Community
MATHIAS DELPLANQUE – Passeports CD Crónica
NI – s/t LP Zach
pq – You’ll Never Find Us Here CD Expanding
RAN SLAVIN – The Mediterranean Drift DL Crónica
SERPH – Vent CD Noble
TAPRIKK SWEEZEE – Conversea EP Musik aus Strom/Zoik
THOMAS ANKERSMIT – Live in Utrecht CD Ash International
TOBIAS REBER – Backup Aura CD Hyperfunction
UBEBOET – Archival LP Moving Furniture
V.A. – An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol.6 2CD Sub Rosa
Z’EV – As/If/(When) LP Sub Rosa
ZEA – The Beginner CD Makkum
Swedish Child/Trial & Homegoing
7″ Single plus Digital Album Flingco FSS010
Release date: July 26
The strands of cello that begin “Yoke” mark Homegoing and its companion 7″ single as a move by Cristal into new depths of beauty and expressiveness. The Richmond, VA trio of sound processors have long been masters of austerity and restraint, now their skills have been devoted to extended melodies and small gestures that add up to a truly moving recording.
Like the tiny flowers blooming during a brief arctic summer on the permafrost, the songs on Homegoing are memorable in their delicacy and contrast to the dappled granite surrounding them and the constant lapping of waves from a cold sea onto a gleaming black rocky rocky beach.
FSS has pressed 500 copies of a seven inch single on clear vinyl containing two vinyl-only tracks, “Swedish Child” and “Trial”. The single comes with a download code for the 40 minute Homegoing album. The digital album is also available separately.
Mastered and cut by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service.
Cover Art: Kafka (The Trial) by Joseph C. Mills 2008
Cristal: Jimmy Anthony, Gregg Darden and Bobby Donne with Taylor Burton on cello
Ultra deep ambience, a sound both subterranean and subaquatic, metallic shimmering high end washes over everything like some sort of alien sheen, fields of glistening cricket like chitter adds texture to otherwise slow shifting smooth expanses of warm soft swirl, dreamy and ethereal. – Aquarius Records
The shards of glassy, strychnine-laced fear are embedded in streams of such delicately processed drones that you would be forgiven for thinking it might have been a dream. – Other Music
Cloak and dagger ambient’s the name of the game. – FACT Dec. 16, 2008
Things to Do and Make
LP/CD/DL Care in the Community Recordings CARE103
Composer, multi-instrumentalist and broadcaster Ergo Phizmiz first came to prominence for his experimental electronica for which he is noted in the autobiography of the legendary Radio One DJ John Peel. Since then he has broadened his musical horizon to collaborate with The The, score a film for international art star Christian Marclay, undertake a growing number of BBC radio commissions and write operatic works. It’s unsurprising then that he has attracted a ‘serious’ music audience (Michael Nyman being in attendance at Ergo’s last London show), however, the predominantly acoustic Things to Do and Make is Ergo’s first foray into what could be called ‘Eccentric Pop’. Exuding the energy and theatricality of his live performance ,that can see him flit from grand piano to drums via trumpet or self-made instrument and back, it marries his characteristic sense of the absurd, recalling Vivian Stanshall and the quintessential art school band ,The Bonzos, with an inventive and melodic folk-pop. The first single from the album is the Lennonesque anti-love song ‘Late’ configured for a one-man band: it is easy to picture Ergo with a bass drum strapped to his back, strumming a guitar with a tin whistle at the ready. As with all Ergo’s output this album conveys his sense of pleasure and fun in making music but with this new found pop sensibility, it’s an experience he should be sharing with a much larger audience from now on.
“The Emperor of music!” – Tom Ravenscroft, Channel 4 Radio
“One of the most inventive composers around … a musical equivalent to Chris Morris” – BBC Radio 3, Mixing It
“Not so much a one-man band as a one man movement” – The Wire
“A berserk electronic and plunderphonic whizzkid” – Rough Trade
“A marvel of sonic experimentation … Ergo is an inventive mind” –
Ergo Phizmiz live
23 Jul UK Album Lauce, Rough Trade East, London
30 Jul UK Camp Bestival, Dorset
05+06 Aug UK Tete-a-Tete Festival, London
09-12 Sep UK Bestival, IOW
14 Sep UK The Whitechapel Gallery, London
03 Oct UK Café Oto, Dalston, London
CD/DL Crónica 048/Bruit Clair 03
Written & produced by Mathias Delplanque.
Cover art by Steve Roden.
Master and design by M. Carvalhais.
Passeports is composed from various field-recordings realized in transport-related locations across France: train stations, harbors, parking lots and other areas of transit, weaved into dense ambient compositions. “Passeport 3 (Dieppe)” further includes recordings made in a call center in New Delhi, not a place of physical travel but, while operating mostly to Europe and the USA, nevertheless a place of transport. These recordings were the whole of the raw material used in the composition of this album, and were then themselves transported to Mathias’s home, where they were played back into the spaces of the various rooms, so that the mix between the broadcast sounds and domestic noises would itself be recorded to become the final version of the tracks, something that is particularly clear in “Passeport 7 (Nantes)”, the track that concludes the CD. Passeports is a work that questions the relations between space and music, between the sound and its space, between the music and its place.
ipad/iphone app 45 sec 4 min
CD Zach Records 010
boom tick tick, boom tick tick…
Are you ready to learn the waltz? GREAT!
NI is Manuel Mitterhuber, Tobias Hagleitner, Gigi Gratt on guitar and Martin Flotzinger on drums. Coming from well-known band-backgrounds (Fang den Berg, Gigis Gogos, Braaz, Tumido), they join the ZACH records roster with their self titled debut LP, a six-track album that spans 42-minutes and multiple musical genres. NI’s first recording avoids boredom of any kind, rarely giving the listener a moment of familiarity.  If the record had to be described with only one word it would be “absurd”. NI incorporates a musical alchemy of kitsch, noise, disharmony, ugliness and beauty, humor and rock, dilettantism, prolorock and disco, resulting in a strangely extraterrestrial music experience.
“Finally, it is also the label Zach which has set itself some rules against limiting itself. This in turn makes output harder because it is harder to form an image and a brand name for itself and after all, that is at the core of the term “label” and in many ways the key to success of indie labels, but also the beginning of the end of a label. If the style falls, the label goes down with it. Usually even earlier, because the label owners due to their pronunced position usually realize a lot earlier than the listeners when a style has found its own end and starts to suffocate in its own copies. Anyway, there is a rough and wide description of styles that Zach deals in, but in between its nine releases (from the lyrical noise rock of Tumido & Stefan Rois via the avantgarde big band of Gigi’s Gogos to the dramatic noiserock of Fang Den Berg – the later a favorite for top5 of this year still!) in the last four years there is a wide variety. In a nutshell, a label should be a signifier for trust. Get some friendship with consumation and trust in Zach.” – Cracked
ekke ekke ekke ekke ptang……
You’ll Never Find Us Here
CD Expanding Records ecd30:10
Vertrieb: Cargo
pq are SAMIR BEKAERT and MAARTEN VANDERWALLE from Bruges, Belgium.
In their own words…
pq is a cinematic tapestry of lush ambient-acoustic melodies, merging endless layers of prepared guitars with crisp clouds of electronica. Propagating on – though not
necessarily drawing from – influences ranging from Canadian apocalyptical post-rock to Nordic indietronica, and occasionally incorporating classical elements along the way, pq provides a most titillating soundtrack to any willing contemporary image.
pq have a passion for cinematography, film music and all forms of soundtracks to moving images (theatre, fashion,…) they like classical and electric guitars blended into electronic textures and contexts.- they like to create beautiful, haunting melodies.
pq have released the 7″ “Louise on Earth” on Expanding Records, You’ll Never Find Us Here is their their debut full-length album.
The Mediterranean Drift
DL Crónica 049
All tracks written and produced by Ran Slavin.
Mastered by Miguel Carvalhais.
The Mediterranean Drift is composed by six new/old pieces split in two movements. The first three tracks function as establishing shots. They are textural compositions, reflective soundscapes that can be played as loops back to back to form a prolonged meditative audio space. Whereas the first half points to a feeling of nostalgia, positive feelings and a yearning to a ‘solution’ the second half of the release brings us to a more poignant zone and points to uncertainty, threat, fear and the turmoil omnipresent in the middle east and epitomized in Claude-Joseph Vernet’s painting The Shipwreck (1772) – set in an unidentified maritime landscape that very much resembles the port of Jaffa in Israel. This scene blends the sublime and the beautiful that can be found in a horror scenario, it is the background and the prime mover of Slavin’s music in these new/old compositions. It is the region’s omnipresent new/old political tension and war that is reflected indirectly in the bittersweetness that flows from The Mediterranean Drift, an album that is yet another big step in Ran Slavin’s maturing work as a composer.
CD Noble CXCA-1271
Dreamy and thrilling. Funny and romantic. Elegant and charming. Introducing Serph, a new compadre that enchants us with magical electronic music.
Serph is a solo project by a Tokyoite in his 20’s. Serph announced his first album, “accidental tourist” last July with only a 3 year career in piano and composing behind him. Nonetheless, the whirlwind of dramatic melody, the fantastic world, and the unique color of his work that skips gracefully across different categories like jazz, fusion, breakbeat, techno, progressive, and film score became known as “visionary home recorded jazz” praised by quick-to-catch listeners. And now, he is back already with his second album to be released by noble records.
The pizzicato and jazzy piano with that comfortable bounce, charming and pop synthesizer phrases, and colorful uplifting rhythmŠ though instrumental, the melody line that is like a song above song and the beautiful harmony shine like never before to unravel before us an even more dynamic world of continuous transformation. Thus, the new album is engraved with a popness that is even more becoming than the previous album and originality that takes us to the next level.
The album titled Vent as in “advent” and “adventure” features charming and heart dancing dream pop music marking the advent of new talent. It is the perfect soundtrack to lead us on a journey into this fantastic and spectacular world of vision.
12″EP/DL Musik Aus Strom/Zoikmusic MAS19.01/ZM03
On the titel track “Conversea” singer, producer and labelowner Taprikk Sweezee unfolds his irresistibly soulvocals over dark bassgrounds and crispy broken beats. “Peek” and the bonus track “Nothing” lead to a sphere made of electronica and eoundscapes, while “Runner” lies somewhere between ambient, hip hop and jazz with its acoustic piano miniatures.
Taprikk Sweezee, with his delicately arranged and sensitive vocal harmonies reminds in a way of D’angelos Voodoo and shows a very different side than he did on collaborations with Michael Fakesch (Funkstörung, !K7), Kidkanevil (Stateless, First Word Records) or Towa Tei (Dee Lite). Since all Tracks were produced in 2003, its some kind of a time journey through a complex Soundframe! Magic.
Limited handscreenprinted Vinyl.
CD/DL 12k 1060
Almost 3 years have passed since the release of Northern, Taylor Deupree’s last proper full-length album on 12k. For Deupree, Northern was a particularly personal work, with the added pressure of following up what many considered to be his seminal album, Stil. By many accounts, Northern was even more widely praised than its predecessor and set Deupree on a path of a more tactile organic sound. Since Northern, Deupree has released a number of short solo works: Sea Last (12k2011), 1am (12k2004), and Live1:Mapping (12k3006), as well as the remixed reissue of Northern (12k2009). These works have seen Deupree incorporate more acoustic instrumentation into his sound world, culminating with Weather & Worn (12k2012), which not only saw its release on vinyl (a first for 12k) but was also Deupree’s first work created without synthesizers.
The path then had been laid for Shoals, an album referencing the sonic and emotional world that can be discovered by scraping away surfaces to reveal a worn interior of comfort and time.
Shoal: a sandbank or sand bar in the bed of a body of water, especially one that is exposed above the surface of the water at low tide.
Shoals is perhaps Deupree’s most specific album in material concept and sound. In late 2009, he was invited to an artist residency program at the University of York (UK) Music Research Center. He was given the freedom to create a project with the resources of the University and staff at his disposal. The idea was to find a unique idea that he would be unable to realize in his own studio – and this was when he discovered the University’s extensive collection of Javanese and Balinese gamelan instruments. Without hesitation, the groundwork was established for his project at the residency: he would create an album using only these instruments by developing a simple yet powerful audio looping program in the Kyma programming language to capture it all and provide the structure for the finished pieces.
After the first day in the studio, Deupree quickly realized that he was less interested in the traditional ways these instruments were played and more fascinated by the sounds of the surfaces of the instruments. And so he began to utilize their edges and undersides and find their flaws, such as broken strings. These instruments, played by scraping, tapping, or with an eBow, became the basis for long and meditative looping beds of sound. In addition, the microphones in the studio would by accident occasionally pick up the sounds of Deupree moving around, brushing the edge of an instrument or setting down mallets. These incidental sounds became as important as the instruments themselves and lend an incredibly physical element to the recordings. Much of Shoals is the sound of microphones in a room as Deupree loops and composes live.
The software Deupree developed in Kyma allowed him to very simply layer loops and change pitches of his sounds, often transposing them down 2 or 3 octaves to further emphasize the cracks and fragments. After recording many hours of densely layered loops during the residency, Deupree returned to his 12k studio and finessed the works into the 4 tracks on Shoals, each based around one of the loops.
The result is an album that has the slow pace of Stil. mixed with the acoustic imperfections of Weather & Worn and the randomness of Occur. Particles of percussive sounds – bells, wood, mallets – are caught by the loop and repeated into a hypnotic underbelly that is coated with a loosely strung Celempung droned by an eBow. The unexpected and almost playful sounds of the instruments’ natural surfaces and room sounds are in stark contrast to the smooth tonal melodic elements, yet together they create an immersive space that seems to offer a microcosm of exploration.
Given the strict instrumental concept Deupree placed on himself, Shoals is certainly one of the most challenging and singular visions he has created. Abandoning any hint of the “pop” elements that have sometimes crept into his music in recent years, he has combined the structure of his past with the sounds of his present to create a truly warm and alluring album (that Deupree recommends for night-time listening) that connects the floating dots of his most important work into a cohesive and definitive statement.
Live in Utrecht
CD Ash International # Ash 8.8
Track Listing:
1. Live in Utrecht 38:50
Recorded on November 17th 2007 by & at Rumor, Utrecht, Netherlands. You can hear an extract here:
Thomas Ankersmit: Serge analogue modular synthesizer, computer, alto saxophone
Pre-recorded saxophone and reel-to-reel parts composed by Valerio Tricoli, with source material by Ankersmit
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye
Ash International are proud to announce the forthcoming release by Thomas Ankersmit of his concert performed in Utrecht late in 2007. Here is some info about Thomas, who has no other solo CDs available at this time… in fact, Live in Utrecht is his first official CD album release.
Thomas Ankersmit is a 30-year old saxophonist, electronic musician and installation artist born and raised in the Netherlands and now primarily based in Berlin who combines abstract, intensely focused saxophone playing with hyper-kinetic analogue synth and computer improvisation. He also creates installation pieces that use sound, infrasound and “modifications to the acoustic characters of spaces” that disrupt the viewer/listener’s perception of the exhibition space and their presence within it. He frequently works together with New York minimalist Phill Niblock and Sicilian electroacoustic improviser Valerio Tricoli, and other collaborators, mostly for live performances, have included Tony Conrad, Maryanne Amacher, Jim O’Rourke, Kevin Drumm and Borbetomagus. His discography can be found here:
Backup Aura
CD/DL Hyperfunction 002
Release date: September 6
‘Backup Aura’ ist Tobias Rebers Debut Solo-Album und beinhaltet sechs Kompositionen elektronischer Musik, die konzeptionell auf dem Kontinuum zwischen intuitiver und algorithmischer Komposition angesiedelt sind. Die verwendeten Klänge reichen von Field Recordings bis zu detailliert gestalteten Samples. Dieses Klangmaterial wird mit einer Reihe von algorithmischen Verfahren arrangiert, die immer durch traditionell musikalische Entscheidungen und der Intuition des Komponisten gefiltert werden.
Die sechs Stücke geben den Eindruck von Miniaturen, Kleinoden – jede Komposition hat ihre ganz eigene Stimmung und innere Logik. Trotzdem weist das Album als Ganzes eine angenehme Kohärenz auf. Die zwei perkussionslastigen Kompositionen versehen es mit einem Gerüst, so dass eine balancierte Gesamtstruktur entsteht, welche die schwieriger zu fassenden Stücke einzubetten vermag.
Alles in allem ist ‘Backup Aura’ ein fokussiertes Konglomerat aus verschiedenen humanistischen Ansätzen im Umgang mit digitaler Technologie. Es ist ein mehr als adäquates Debut, das stimmig auf allen erdenklichen Ebenen ist.
Markus Reuter (Hyperfunction co-founder) and Tobias Reber talking about Backup Aura and laptop music (language: English), online at
LP Moving Furniture Records MFR009
Archival is the first vinyl release for Ubeboet. For this album Ubeboet worked with several field-recordings and created his own sound world with it. While at times there are hints of musique-concrete masters like Nurse With Wound at the same time ethereal moments that in a distant remind of the classic Popol Vuh work. But while this inspiration can be heard Ubeboet has his own sound. As a true master he creates his own minimal sound world.
Archival is released as vinyl only release limited to 200 copies.
Ubeboet is the musical project of M.A. TOLOSA from Madrid, Spain. The focus in his music is on drone structures and field-recordings but also contains elements of musique-concrete. In his sound he knows how to create rich dense textures of sound, while staying on the minimal side of music.
In the past Ubeboet has released several releases both physical as digital on labels such as
NonVisialObjects, Winds Measure Recordings, Test Tube among many others. He collaborated with artists such as Asher, Dale Lloyd and Pablo Reche. On his own internationally acclaimed label Con-V he has released several physical and digital releases by renowned artists such as Jos Smolders, Francisco López and Christopher McFall.
Moving Furniture Records was founded in October 2008 with the idea in mind of giving more
unknown musicians a platform for releasing music. MFR is run by Sietse van Erve, who is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He asks musicians he likes to listen to if they want to do a release. The first 8 releases were released as limited CD-R release. In June 2010 the first limited vinyl release has been presented. The plan is to continue with vinyl and pressed CDs from this point on.
Upcoming releases are by artists such as Rose & Sandy (The Village Orchestra & Production Unit), Accrual and Tiny Ruins.
An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music: A Chronology 1957-2010, Vol.6
2CD Sub Rosa SR290
So here is the 6th and penultimate installment in Sub Rosa’s series. As usual, it culls old historical pieces, little-known gems, and even a few previously unreleased tracks from the greatest Japanoise bands, a few representatives of the younger generations (from all around the world), some rare tracks from the ’80s, and it all ends with a lull that lets transpire what may be felt as a kind of undefinable mystery.
The Avant-Garde – the possibility of a new music (think about it). Then it scattered into small communities whose best-known protagonists are totally unknown to people outside that particular circle. We are facing this fragmentation, and one form of avant-garde (you could say) ends up scattered into several (not exclusively musical) forms. It is not in Avant-Garde’s nature to create one elementary form for each individual. Other phrases used include “forays,” “breakthroughs,” “pushing the envelope,” and then of course “going too far”Š
“The Sub Rosa compilations are dotted with a who’s who of the electro-acoustic avant-garde from the past century, tossed in with a smorgasborg of previously unknown (and often very interesting) artists as well as contemporary musicians who are well on their way to establishing themselves within the canons of the institutional avant-garde. Sub Rosa has gone out of its way to compile a collection to scramble one’s notions of the taxonomic rhetoric that may influence the perception of any of the artists present…” (Aquarius)
more than 2 h 30′ of music + big booklet full of notes and biographical notices
follow-up to Anthology volume 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5
CD 1
Israël Martinez – Mi Vida (2007)
Ata Ebtekar / Sote – Turquoise gas in Ice (2008) – unpublished
Joseph Nechvatal – Ego Masher (1983)
Oliver Stummer + Liesl Ujvary – Trautorium Jetztzeit #4 (1930 sound)
Henry Cowell – The Banshee (1925 > 57)
Dick Raaymakers – Piano-forte (1959-60)
Manuel Rocha Iturbide –  Estudio Antimatierico No.1 (1989)
Tetsuo Furudate – (2008) – unpublished
Kohei Gomi / Pain Jerk – Aufheben (1993) – unpublished
Hijokaidan – Untitled (1994) – unpublished
Incapacitants – Shall we die ? (1990) – unpublished
Torturing Nurse – Yes or No (2010) – unpublished
Sachico M – 2808200 (2000)
Ultraphonist – How to practice scales (2000)
CD 2
Z’ev – 12 november 1980, Melkweg, Amsterdam (1980) – unpublished
Daniel Menche – Fulmination (2009) – unpublished
John Wiese – New Wave Dust (2004)
Rico Schwantes / The Pain Barrier – Virus (2003)
Julie Rousse – Flesh Barbie Techno Fuck (2008)
Bird Palace / Cristian Vogel + Pablo Palacio – Phing (2009) – unpublished
Robert Piotrowicz – Lincoln Sea Ice Walic (2009) – unpublished
Tzvi Avni – Vocalise (1964)
Else Marie Pade – Syv Cirkler (1958)
John Duncan – The Nazca Transmissions #2 (2005)
Stephen O’ Malley – Dolmens & Lighthouses (2009) – unpublished
Ilios / Dimitris Kariofilis – The Continuum of Emanation from the One (2009) – unpublished
LP Sub Rosa SRV229’EV
Limited edition transparent vinyl LP
Stefan Joel Weisser aka Z’EV (Sh’aul Z’ev bn Yakov bn Moshe bn Sha’ul) composer, performer, percussionist, poet, b. 8 february 1951, Los Angeles, California – lives and works in London.
The Physical Vibrations of the Objects
His work with both text and sound has been influenced by the Middle Eastern mystical system best known as Kabbalah, as well as – but not limited to – African, Afro-Caribbean and Indonesian rhythms, musics and cultures. He has studied Ewe music, Balinese gamelan, and Indian tala. From 1959-65 he studied drumming with Arnie Frank, then Chuck Flores and then Art Anton at Drum City in Van Nuys CA. In 1963 he abandoned Judaism and began his life-long relationship with World religions and esoteric systems. 1964 saw the beginning of his initial attempts at writing Poetry and explorations of both Two and Three dimensional Artforms. After studying at CalArts from 1969-70 with poets Emmett Williams and Michael S. Bell and writer/critic Sue-Ellen Case, he began producing works using the name S. Weisser, primarily concentrating on visual and sound poetries. In 1975, he was included in the ‘Second Generation’ show at the Museum of Conceptual Art in San Francisco. In 1976 he moved from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, ending up with a storefront studio on MacArthur Boulevard in Oakland, pretty much midway between the headquarters of the Black Panther Party, (who dissolved that year), and the Hells Angels (still extant). A primary reason for this move was his association with the San Francisco Alternative exhibition space La Mamelle (run by Carl Loeffler and Nancy Evans). In 1977 he presented his first solo percussion performance under the project title ‘Sound of Wind and Limb’. In 1978 he began developing an idiosyncratic performance technique utilizing self-developed instruments formed from industrial materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and PVC plastics.
Critic John Buckley described his performances in this era: the instruments are collections of objects … strung together with ropes and swung at varying speeds and directions to produce a fairly astonishing range of pitches and timbres. And the moves the guy goes through to manipulate these instruments are, for grace and athleticism, strong stuff. Z’EV is also interesting for the close correlation of visual and musical aspects, since the physical vibrations of the objects you see are the same as those picked up by the ears as sound. Also, since the rhythms of the work are dictated by the performer’s every and any movement, an inevitable integrity unifies the act.
Recently, he has collaborated with John Duncan, Boyd Rice , Johanna Went, Oren Ambarchi, Genesis P-Orridge, Hans Joachim Irmler / Faust, David Jackman / Organum, Francisco López, Stephen O’Malley, Charlemagne Palestine, Chris Watson, John Zorn, Konrad Becker, Lydia Lunch…
The Beginner
CD/DL Makkum Records MR.3
Zea in 1 sentence: High energy guitar songs with urgent lyrics on punky electro beats and grimy bass lines.
Joyfully obstinate, wonderfully bonkers.
Norman Records on Zea’s earlier released Insert Parallel Universe: “This new ZEA CD sounds a bit good like. Think of Joy Division’s spine tingling heavyness and sharp lyrical sarcasm with some distortion on the vocal then brought bang up to date with some experimental electronics on opener My Bed Is A Monument Of Hate Against My Job. Then upbeat poppy songs with distorted basslines, fuzzy guitars and all manor of crazy audio cacophany going off all over the place. What a talented bunch this lot are. There are rigid song structes and catchy tunes at the forefront but then you get 8-bit electronic sounds exploding all over the place and snappy drum machines on Song For SUV’s. Brian says it’s like Department Of Eagles being remixed by DAT Politics. A right load of fun fusing rock and electronics totally all over the place and really quite unique sounding in many ways.”
03.07. DE Bremen, Breminale
21.08. DK Kopenhagen, Strøm Festival
09.09. NL Deventer, Slowlands Festival
30.09. DE Düsseldorf, Aproximation Festival
01.10. DE Kassel – Schlachthof
02.10. DE Offenbach – Hafen 2
07.10. DE Karlsruhe – Jubez
08.10. LUX Luxemburg – Dqliq
22.10. DE Saarbrücken – Sparte 4
23.10. DE Aachen – Musikbunker
29.10. DE Hamburg – Hafenklang
03.07 FR Paris, Bar Udo DJ set
29.07 DK Braband, Grimmeste Festival
30.07 DE Plankenfels, Klangtherapie Festival
23 Jul UK Album Lauce, Rough Trade East, London
30 Jul UK Camp Bestival, Dorset
05+06 Aug UK Tete-a-Tete Festival, London
09-12 Sep UK Bestival, IOW
14 Sep UK The Whitechapel Gallery, London
03 Oct UK Café Oto, Dalston, London
24.07 DE Berlin, Down by the River Festival, Bar 25
07.08 DE Scheer bei Ulm, Klangbad Festival
18.09 DE Ulm, Jazzkeller Sauschdall w/ Jasmina Maschina
14.10 DE Hamburg, Golden Pudel Club
09.10 AT Graz, Steirischer Herbt
02.07 CN Shanghai, Logo
04.07 CN Beijing, 22 w/ Heidi Mortenson
18.09 DE Ulm, Jazzkeller SAUSCHDALL w/ Golden Diskó Ship
Nov 03 DE Berlin, Hau 1
Jul 24 IT Chamois, Chamoisic Jazz
Sep 28 ES Palma De Mallorca, Centrematic Festival
Oct 01 PL Wroclaw, Avant Art Festival
Oct 02 IT Cagliari, Signal Festival
Oct 07 AT Graz, Musikprotokoll
Oct 13 CH Zurich, IGNM
Nov 06 AT Weis, Music Unlimited
01 July AT Vienna, Rhiz
02 July SI Bistrica ob Sotli, Metulj klub
03 July XS Zrenjanin, Klupce
04 July XS Belgarde, Kulturni centar REX
08 July XS Novi Sad, EXIT festival
03 Sept NL Maastricht, LBB
09 Sept NL Amsterdam, OT301
13 Sept NL Tilburg, Incubate Festival
19 Sept NL Nijmegen, Fest de Oversteek
17 Dec NL Leiden, Triplex Fest
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