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First of all… check this weeks new list of Clone Digital here… or just add to your favorites and do a regular check up 🙂

Second: We kind of slack updating you with events… so here a little mention for a party tomorrow night in the Utrecht area!

Cultfarm (from the people of the cool Source festival) invited Alden Tyrell and Serge at their new Cultfarm edition in the classic Ekko. The place where all early techno parties in Utrecht took place. More info can be found on the Ekko website

New exclusives from the Clone distribution house:

Tyrez - The Breath Of Desire Tyrez The Breath Of Desire Dolly 04 12inch € 7.99 buy
Dolly goes all raw as we might expect from a label thats done by a Panoramabar resident dj. Stripped down, barenaked tracks that show their fragile essence. And in case you wonder why these tracks have such a great Chicago-ish vibe, well thats because they are from Chicago. Not much info on the artists, but it sounds like a side project of Tevo Howard. All we can say is that we like it.

Sascha Rydell/ Mike Dehnert - MDSR Sascha Rydell/ Mike Dehnert MDSR Fachwerk 016 12inch € 7.99 buy
Split release between Sascha Rydell and Mike Dehnert. Proper modern techno tools to stir things up! Classic Berlin basement techno with some bits 3rd wave Detroit techno.

AstroPoser - Meet My Brother AstroPoser Meet My Brother DUB 036 12inch + MP3 € 8.99 buy
6 track debut ep of young dutch producer AstroPoser! After a period of silence this was a great reason to get Clone’s sub label specialized in the finest electronica (since 1996) back alive! Especially after learning that Astroposer got heavily influenced by the early releases on DUB by of EOG, Syndrone (aka Machine Drum) and Funckarma which he heard from his older brother. The circle is round and little brothers grow up and before we knew the next generation arrived to take over. Heavy 6 track ep with futuristic hip hop, modern beat trickery, neon commodore 64 bleepy downbeat rave tracks.

Marco Bernardi - Broken Silences Marco Bernardi Broken Silences Clone Royal Oak 06 12inch + MP3 € 7.99 buy
Intense, deep,raw and dirty tracks by Marco Bernardi. Two tracks build around unpolished rhythms and open beginning that don’t reveal immediately where its going. Quiet unpredictable is the a-side that slowly opens up with a sultry string and then completely bursts open with a shiny melody that is in beautiful contrast with the raw percussion. Broken Silence is another deep track founded on a basic rhythm and metallic Detroit bass line. Topped with spoken words (by Keith Tucker from AUX88) and bleepy melodies, underlaid with a deeper sexy bassline. A track rooted in the best traditions of techno.

El Prevost - Money Honey ep El Prevost Money Honey ep Third Ear 2010-04 12inch € 7.99 buy
Out of South London, El Prevost comes correct with the Money Honey ep. Funky, dirty, shiny. More of the new house sound of London. four tracks ranging from dirty deeo and grooving house tracks to peak time power tools. A new talent on Third Ear from their own hood with some killer peak time tracks that are mastered by Stefan Betke @ Scape Mastering.

Cantoma - Under The Stars (Ray Mang rmx) Cantoma Under The Stars (Ray Mang rmx) Leng 005 12inch € 8.99 buy
Two more missives from the Leng stable, a stable basking in late afternoon sunshine the whole year round. Here we have two remixes of Cantoma tracks. On side A is Ray Mang’s remix of Under The Stars a subtle disco groove, with a sweet rolling bass and a languid horn line that gently eases into the back of your mind, luring you into a hypnotic swirl. Over on side-B Lexx steps up to deliver an equally stunning take on Gambara immdediately setting out a more electronic lilt, the track steadily builds into a mid tempo throb as the vocals wash over proceedings, while flute and acoustic guitar make way for each other in the melody stakes. Timeless sounds on both sides evoking the summer just passed.

The Popes - Bastards The Popes Bastards Claremont 56 025 12inch € 7.99 buy
This may seem like an unusual signing for Claremont 56, but this is about as balearic as it gets. Mudd builds up from the drums into the live bass and then drops the beautiful acoustic guitar riff to give you the full summer time feeling. The Idjut Boys dub it out a bit more and go for a percussion work out. A proper summer classic.

Various Imports:

Reel by Real - 20 Years Surkit Reel by Real 20 Years Surkit Artless 2200 A/B/C/D 2x12inch € 19.99 buy
A retrospective by Detroit Techno veteran Martin Bonds aka Reel By Real in two parts. Most long time Clone customers will know this release and own the Peacefrog pressing with 2 of the tracks. This is one of those obscure records that was impossible to find on the original Interface release (we’ve only had once an original copy for sale). So its pretty save to say that the original Surkit 12″ is currently one of the most sought after Detroit Techno records. Artless is doing many a favour by re-releasing these this. Tip!

2 AM/FM - Desolate cities 2 AM/FM Desolate cities Mos Deep 04 12inch € 8.49 buy
A very special set from James T.Cotton and D’Marc Cantu on MOS DEEEEEEP. After their collaboration with Traxx on a previous MOS-release, James T. Cotton and D’Marc Cantu team up as 2AM/FM for more serious Chicago House roughness.

Andy Ash - Dance Andy Ash Dance FOTO Recordings 02 12inch € 8.99 buy
For Foto s second vinyl release Liverpool-based producer and swept fringe sporter Andy Ash supplies 2 tracks of dancefloor pressure. The A-side Dance combines deep detroit synths with driving house rhythms to devastating effect, whilst on the flip Andy gets his sample chopping gear out to cut up an 80s soul number into a grooving pitch-down banger for Mason In My Basin.

Anthony 'Shake' Shakir - frictionalism 1994-2009 part 3 Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir frictionalism 1994-2009 part 3 Rush Hour 110C 12inch € 8.49 buy
Part 3 in the Shake re-issue series…. 4 killers on here! Includes Assimilated that sounds as fresh as the day it was produced (10 years ago!) and the total classic, Get A Feeling from his seminal 1995 TVR release.. This is the 3rd part in the individual Shake 12”s taken from the Frictionalism compilation released earlier 2010.
Cloud One - Flying High Cloud One Flying High Heavenly Star Records 12inch € 8.99 buy
Reissue of the original Heavenly Star records release of Cloud One’s early 80s classic Flying High. Produced by the legendary duo Patrick Adams and Peter Brown, the track is an epic 16 minutes, spanning two sides of vinyl and a number of genres – a sweet cool summery disco boogie workout toughened up with fierce jazzy electro synths, crisp percussion, crazy vocoder vocals and a huge funky bassline.

Culoe De Song  - Webaba Ep Culoe De Song Webaba Ep Innervisions 030 12inch € 8.99 buy
In 2009, Innervisions introduced Culoe De Song for the first time outside of his home country South Africa with The Bright Forest. The new EP features Busi Mhlongo, an award-winning South African singer who sadly passed away earlier this year. Innervisions is proud to present the next big release by this young producer.

Da Enna C & Natives From Da Undaground  - True To Rap Da Enna C & Natives From Da Undaground True To Rap Hipnotech 018 12inch € 14.99 buy
Disco Nihilist  - It’s Grim Up North Disco Nihilist It’s Grim Up North Construction Paper 03 12inch € 9.99 buy
The latest EP from Disco Nihilist takes us up north, where he shows just how hard it is right now. Fans of his previous work will find a comfort zone in “Quit While You’re Ahead”. Most will also be happy to hear that he has entered new territory, and has maintained the style that is undeniably his own: raw, hard, and jacking. Easy? No, it’s grim up north. If you like Muzique, Warehouse, or early Dance Mania, then this record was made for you.

Gordons War - The Rock Is Gonna Get You Gordons War The Rock Is Gonna Get You Stan-Jay records 12inch € 8.99 buy
Quality remastered reissue of the original Stan-Jay records release of Gordon’s War’s classic underground disco gem. First up is the storming cosmic funk of The Rock Is Gonna Get You, a slammin 70s disco cut that rock floors across the globe, being a big favourite of Mancuso and Levan as well as massive on the Italy’s Cosmic scene. Flip over for another lost gem, the brilliant laid back Balearic cut Got To Fan The Flame, a beautiful summer groover that warms the spirit with lush strings, jazzy keys and dreamy guitar licks. Fantastic stuff.

Horror Inc - Aurore Horror Inc Aurore Haunt 003 12inch € 8.99 buy
After a five year production hiatus, Montreal micro house legend Marc Leclair (aka Akufen ,Horror inc.) emerges from the fog to present some of his most prolific work to date. Aurore leads things off with a super groovy percussive bubbler that builds up to a beautiful arrangement of delayed guitar and various strings. An epic build that leaves you in a bliss of tear jerking strings and french horn. The other 2 tracks are as sweet as the main track. they drag the listener deeper into tightly woven layers of live jazz elements and creating a cinematic, moody affair that could easily find it’s way into a Hitchcock or David Lynch film. A unique records in the discography of Akufen!

Jacques Renault - Marilyn's Gold Jacques Renault Marilyn’s Gold Hand Of God 3 12inch € 8.99 buy
Jacques Renault hits us up with two buttery smooth disco edit tracks. Both tracks sound like a hot summer night in a NYC nightclub. Guaranteed to get the freaks out at night.

Jessie Ware & SBTRKT - Nervous Jessie Ware & SBTRKT Nervous Numbers 08 12inch € 8.49 buy
Prolific masked producer SBTRKT introduces vocalist Jessie Ware for their debut collaboration ‘Nervous. Heralding the arrival of a new UK vocal talent, Nervous is a stirring update on UK Garage music, fusing the floor ready sensibilities of SBTRKT with a strong debut from Jessie.

Furreshu - Untitled Furreshu Untitled Project Squared 002 12inch € 7.99 buy
Industrial stripped techno with some dubby berlin techno influences and straight on dubstep percusion.

L-OW - Pinpoint / Diver L-OW Pinpoint / Diver Project Squared 003 12inch € 7.99 buy
Sharp Dubstep rhythms with dusty dubby sounds on this new Project Squared label. Furesshu is on remix duty and gets even more smokey on his version and turns it a wunderful deep spacey dub techno track. Sweet!

maxim lany / lemakuhlar / james teej - Red maxim lany / lemakuhlar / james teej Red We Play House red 12inch € 8.49 buy
Three track ep on the lovely WPH records! Limited colour series with tracks that go slightly more in a techy direction then we are used to from WPH. first 2 tracks are balancing on the moody edge, but delivering enough energy to keep things going. Third track is by James Teej. A cool deeper cuts with a nice laidback feel and a cool male vocal. Check!!

Miles Sagnia - Astrobiological Funk Ep Miles Sagnia Astrobiological Funk Ep Ornate 008 12inch € 8.99 buy
Miles Sagnia delivers! The A side is reserved for the lush, monolithic acid work out that is Interplanetary Visitors. On the flip Bounce Theory sets it’s stall out with a future thinking, hip shaking house groove. And Twilight gives a nod to old school Chicago but has it’s mind out amongst the stars.

Morphology - Urania's Mirror Morphology Urania’s Mirror Zyntax Motorcity 004 2x12inch € 16.99 buy
Stunning new album from Morphology, a collaboration from Finland consisting of Michael Diekmann, who also records under the alias CRC and Matti Turunen otherwise known as Näköradiomies. Morphology fuses early electro sounds with haunting melodies to create a deep blend of atmospheric future funk.

Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco  - Peter Herbert & Dicky Trisco edits Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Peter Herbert & Dicky Trisco edits Disco Deviance 016 12inch € 8.99 buy
Disco Deviance line up yet another deadly duo of jams for their legion of loyal followers, prime time updated Disco good delivered directly to the dancefloor For their sweet sixteeth, label boss Dicky Trisco and the fantastic Pete Herbert team up once again to breathe new life onto two staples, ensuring maximum impact on the floor Both are respectfully edited, lovingly re-mastered and cut loud at 45 RPM for maximum DJ delight.

Plastikman - Slinky Plastikman Slinky Minus 099 12inch € 8.99 buy
The new plastikman single taken from his Arkives box set.

Reel By Real - 20 Years Surkit Part A/B Reel By Real 20 Years Surkit Part A/B Artless 2200 A/B 12inch € 9.99 buy
A retrospective by Detroit Techno veteran Martin Bonds aka Reel By Real in two parts. Most long time Clone customers will know this release and own the Peacefrog pressing with 2 of the tracks. This is one of those obscure records that was impossible to find on the original Interface release (we’ve only had once an original copy for sale). So its pretty save to say that the original Surkit 12″ is currently one of the most sought after Detroit Techno records. Artless is doing many a favour by re-releasing these this. Tip!

Reel By Real - 20 Years Surkit Part C/D Reel By Real 20 Years Surkit Part C/D Artless 2200 C/D 12inch € 9.99 buy
Part two of the Surkit (Interface 102) re-release. Part 1 came with the artwork sleeve and this is the missing record that goes with it. We could safely say this is an absolute must have for everyone who knows cares even the slightest bit about the roots of techno music! One of the (many) highlights on Techno that made us fall in love with Techno music. Far apart from the paint by number techno that is produced these days which lacks a lot of things that we enjoy in good music. Of course every music style has its own purpose, and we don’t want to be negative about any musical creations by anyone, but some things are just unique and others are not. These tracks are part of a unique period in Techno music history that we cherish. Here the part 2 of the nice double volume re-release that we offer you with a lot of pleasure!

Ricardo Miranda - Vinyls Revenge Ricardo Miranda Vinyls Revenge Minuendo 019 12inch € 8.99 buy
Minuendo pays tribute to ”The Wind City” with Ricardo Miranda boss of Noble Square. Artist of the emerging scene in Chicago is in everyone’s mouth because his latest productions for labels like Vibes, Rush Hour, Hour House Is Your Rush … with producers such as Theo Parrish, Rick Wilhite or Glenn Underground with the project Latin Soul Brothas

Ruckazoid - Crush Ruckazoid Crush All City Dublin ACLCR 12×1 12inch € 8.99 buy
Nice non-conformist, impressive and analog sounding beats by Ruckazoid. Crush and All City come in a cool package since grandmaster Ruckazoid did the artwork himself..

Seuil   - Moonapark EP Seuil Moonapark EP New Kanada 024 12inch € 9.99 buy
Three track 12 with proper modern techno tracks with some dubby influences.

Vandervolgen's Haunted House - Blackdisco Volume 9 Vandervolgen’s Haunted House Blackdisco Volume 9 Black Disco 009 12inch € 8.99 buy
The Devil’s hands have been busy! Blackdisco presents an evil batch of House obscurities sliced, diced and dosed with a secret potion from the Haunted House of Justin Vandervolgen (TBD, Golf Channel, DFA). This is an especially sinister release, just in time to work the hell out of your dancefloor at this years Halloween party. But don’t be frightened, the madness contained within will surely outlast any single night of terror. This is a definite must for those not faint of heart.

Various Artists - Antiqua 3 Various Artists Antiqua 3 Antiqua 003 12inch € 8.99 buy
A various artists collection featuring four deep house cuts of distinctly varying styles.

Various Artists - Doz-Go-Tak EP Various Artists Doz-Go-Tak EP Foot & Mouth 03 12inch € 8.49 buy
Footandmouth’s third release is a fantastic four track EP of some stupendous edits. Catchy edits of big tracks that are big crowdpleasers! Subtle in execution, massive on impact! Great four tracker with something for all the family!

Various Artists - Tessera Remixes Various Artists Tessera Remixes Sushitech 011 12inch € 8.99 buy
Kenny Larkin, Chez Damier & Delano Smith remixing the last Sushitech label compilation! Larkin dropping an exciting techno track with soul and Delano is being the deep house warrior he is. Sweet release… Check!

More new titles coming daily!!!

Some download higlights: (or check the digital homepage !)

Darkstar - Gold Darkstar Gold Hyperdub MP3 (320 kbps) Dubstep € 1.95 buy
Modeselektor presents - Modeselektion Vol. 01 (+Video) Modeselektor presents Modeselektion Vol. 01 (+Video) Monkeytown Records MP3 (320 kbps), MPEG (H.264) Dubstep € 12.99 buy
A Made Up Sound - Rear Window A Made Up Sound Rear Window Delsin Records MP3 (320 kbps) Techno € 1.95 buy
Gay Marvine - Greatest Mixes Fixes Gay Marvine Greatest Mixes Fixes Secret Mixes Fixes MP3 (320 kbps) Disco € 9.99 buy
Red Rack'em - The Early Years (Digital Edition) Red Rack’em The Early Years (Digital Edition) Bergerac MP3 (320 kbps) House € 9.99 buy

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