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updated label catalogues:

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Hotflush (with the new Mount Kimbie!) : www.clone.nl/digital/label/hotflush+recordings?page=1

New exclusive releases from the Clone distribution house:

Various Artists - The Defenders Of The Deep House WorldVarious ArtistsThe Defenders Of The Deep House WorldThird Ear 201000212inch€ 7.99buy
Mike Huckaby, Rick Wade, Rick Wilhite and Norm Talley on Third Ear records after the label just released the massive Kyle Hall Must See ep. All new tracks by these , could we call them house veterans?. Comes with total cool artwork and Proper Detroit house music straight from the source!! Garantueed future house classic by these Defenders of the Deep House World. Tip!

Fabrice Lig - Genesis Of A Deep SoundFabrice LigGenesis Of A Deep SoundFine Art 019LP€ 8.99buy
Excellent techno album by Fabrice Lig, known for his great releases on Fcom and several other labels and upcoming releases on R&S. 180 gr heavy weight – exclusive spoken track by Fabrice and 2 unique locked grooves on each side. Photography on both the vinyl and the CD comes from published photographer Andrew Moore and his book Detroit Disassembled. This is the limited vinyl version of his full length cd on Fine Art, and with this album he is straight back in the spotlights! Traditional Detroit influenced techno plus some downbeat funk. Comes with a bonus free download code of an additional track from the album. All this for a super friendly price… a steal for such a beautiful and carefully crafted album!

Fabrice Lig - Genesis Of A Deep SoundFabrice LigGenesis Of A Deep SoundFine Art 019cdCD€ 12.99buy
Full length CD plus an amazing bonus RJDJ iPhone Reactive Music App. Includes the amazing Cosmic Booty track which is allready a classic by people such a Tom Middleton. Nice combination of downbeat tracks, electro and classic Detroit techno as we know of Fabrice Lig! Perfect versatile Nice price CD release with all the extra’s, beautiful artwork! This beats the download experience by far! Tip

Dario Zenker - Insirer (Peter van Hoesen rmx)Dario ZenkerInsirer (Peter van Hoesen rmx)Time To Express 01212inch€ 7.99buy
Time To Express is happy to welcome Dario Zenker to the label’s roster. With Insirer he delivers a thrilling contribution to Time To Express. Peter Van Hoesen takes up remix duties. Tight bass heavy stripped down techno tracks!!

Steven Tang - The Verged SessionsSteven TangThe Verged SessionsAesthetic Audio 01012inch€ 8.99buy
The Verged Sessions represents the evolution of the Chicago/Detroit sound … full of lush orchestrated strings, synths and deep pads with a massive foundation of thumping TR-808 & 909 drums. Steven has previously unleashed quality deepness, for almost a decade on his own label, Emphasis Recordings. Tip!

Marbeya Sound - Non Reciprocal: The Rare Wiri RemixesMarbeya SoundNon Reciprocal: The Rare Wiri RemixesRare Wiri 00512inch€ 7.99buy
For this new release, we are proud to present three awesome remixes of the cosmic disco beauty Non Reciprocal by our mexican friends Marbeya Sound. Non Reciprocal was originally released in the acclaimed Tirk Records compilation Zen and the Art of Disco. Now, Beatfanatic (Soundscape), Ilya Santana (Eskimo), and Rayko (Rare Wiri) versions takes the original track to new dimensions. Buy your ticket for this cosmic journey. An amazing adventure that starts here!

a selection of the imports:

Dexter - JunofestDexterJunofestRush Hour Voyage Direct 0112inch€ 8.99buy
Rush Hour presents a new series of releases entitled ‘Voyage Direct’, all about feel good club music. Dexter kicks off this series in a classy style with his Junofest EP. This is easily his best work since his genre breaking electrofunk hit ‘I Don’t Care from 2000. The title track is a steady, yet smooth club groove with enough wsing to make anyone dance to the music. A true party starter.

Dj Deep - City To City Vol.3 Dj DeepCity To City Vol.3 Barely Breakin Even 1192LP€ 19.99buy
This album evokes the ‘golden days’ of ‘house’ through the senses of DJ Deep. Those who have partied under the disco balls at legendary clubs such as The Music Box, The Warehouse, The Hacienda, are likely to have house flashbacks. The more under-rated deeper side of Chicago house as you would find on Clone Classic cuts or Muzique. Great job by Dj Deep!!

Autechre - Move of Ten Part 1AutechreMove of Ten Part 1Warp 505X12inch€ 9.99buy
1st 12” of the ”Move of Ten” album.

    Autechre - Move of Ten Part 2AutechreMove of Ten Part 2Warp 505Y12inch€ 9.99buy
    2nd 12” of the ”Move of Ten” album.

      Anthony Shake Shakir - Frictionalism 1994-2009Anthony Shake ShakirFrictionalism 1994-2009Rush Hour 110b12inch€ 8.99buy
      his is the 2nd of the individual Shake 12” series, taken from the Frictionalism compilation released earlier this year. Part 2 features four stone cold Shake classics, Arise, Simpatico, The Fake Left. Go Right Plan and Mr. Gone Is Back Again. Comes with different artwork from the limited box set.

      Arp.101 - dead leafArp.101dead leafEglo 00912inch€ 8.49buy
      Sweeet! Eglo Records latest signing ARP 101 injects a little star dust and dark matter into some much needed sun powered head nod. Dripping in metallic, liquid synths and propelled by a bumping sub the drums crunch, click and pop like it was bouncing its way down Crenshaw Blvd. —- Arp 101 is the last of the class Spirals with Elliptical Galaxy Companions on Arms. Both galaxies are in the UGC catalog, the spiral as UGC 10169 and the elliptical as UGC 10164. This is a field full of tiny background galaxies. —-

      The Exaltics - We Are Not Your FriendsThe ExalticsWe Are Not Your FriendsLast Known Trajectory 00112inch€ 10.99buy
      Solar One Music’s, The Exaltics, make their vinyl debut for Last Known Trajectory. Dastardly dark electro styles, a stark sci-fi fuelled edge and hard beats, all within wide, futuristic parameters. ‘The Hunch’ is quite possibly the deepest, darkest soundtrack to space that we have heard in a long, long time. This track is a real mind-blower, a soundtrack that etches itself into your psyche. Introverted soundscapes lead in the more techno-orientated ‘The Clash Next Round’, an awesome and dare I say it, epic piece of work, clocking in at almost eight minutes. Gorgeously presented in futuristic packaging, this EP is sure to be a hit with the cult army of Solar One fans. Strictly limited edition of 200 copies

      AS1 - Robot Sex FreakAS1Robot Sex FreakLast Known Trajectory 00212inch€ 10.99buy
      From the machine soul of ‘Robot Sex Freak’, to the spiralling techno astral-funk of ‘Lost Forever’, the beats of AS1 are radical, concise, punchy. The theme on ‘Black Matter Is’ is of a much darker, brooding nature – this is what techno is all about, at last, music with a little attitude. We think you will love these tracks – the music here are structured perfectly for maximum impact, both for the dancefloor and for the mind… AS1 has been stirring things up for some time now on his very own imprint, Transient Force, as well as appearing on various projects for Solar One Music; and now on vinyl for Last Known Trajectory. Strictly limited edition of 200 copies

      BC - Re-ImaginationsBCRe-ImaginationsRe-Imaginations 0112inch€ 9.99buy
      Yet another unmissable, under the counter trio of cuts, lovingly crafted from the most unusual of sample sources, combined with squeeky clean production values that make this a dancefloor dead cert. Moonshine bears more than a passing resemblance to Carl Craig’s monumental ‘Throw’ and ploughs an equally devastating groove, utilizing, of all things a chunk of Glitter Band’s ‘Makes You Blind’ On the flip the off-kilter but irresistble ‘Revenge Of The Rock-O-Mites’ is a re-imagining of the lead track from The Incredible Rock City Band’s impossibly rare Electro-Funk EP from ’83 & sounds like Allan Parsons remixed by Dexter. Finally ‘Why D’You Run Away’ skillfully reinterprets elements of Flash & The Pan’s ‘Ayla’ and is more than likely to be blasting out of many an Adriactic boat party this summe.

      Billy Bogus & Sal  - The Addiction (Nemesi rmx)Billy Bogus & Sal The Addiction (Nemesi rmx)Opilec 120412inch€ 8.99buy
      Italo inspired tracks by the Opilec guys. Nice release!

      Blakkat Feat Mark Bell - Back 2 Me Blakkat Feat Mark BellBack 2 Me Finale Sessions 0212inch€ 8.99buy
      Classy true house tracks as if it was mid 90’s Prescription records. Anthony Nicolson does the remix job.

      Bobby Jackson - The Cafe Extra-Ordinaire StoryBobby JacksonThe Cafe Extra-Ordinaire StoryJazzman lp0352LP€ 22.99buy
      the seventh release in Jazzman’s HOLY GRAIL series. It tells the story of Bobby Jackson and his Café Extra-Ordinaire. The music is deep, modal and progressive jazz. The story is one of bearded coffee-drinking jazz heads, Elvin Jones shedding tears, silver foil backdrops, and we also reveal what happened when a young man named Prince ventured into the café one day with the intention to sit in on a jam session! The LP is a reproduction of the original, pressed on 180g virgin vinyl. The CD also contains a 12 page colour booklet with previously unpublished pictures provided by Bobby Jackson himself. Interviews with Jackson and his band help to make up the extensive liner notes, telling the engaging story of the Café Extra-Ordinaire and all who took part in it. Deluxe LP limited to 1000 numbered copies

      Busen / Dreesvn - Stream Of LoveBusen / DreesvnStream Of LoveSex Tags Wania 09912inch€ 8.49buy
      A special version of ”Stream of Love” by Busen feat. Paleo, an originally mid-90s track recorded again as a live-session at Atelier Berlin on the first day of spring 2010. A partly psychadelic crossover between 80s digital-dub and true basic pattern techno. Flip-side with analogue somehow detroit/rainforest-sounding techno by Dreesvn. This more than 11 minute surged percussive and deep output is stating a new status quo for how versatile techno hopefully will be in the future.

      California Flight Project - California FlightCalifornia Flight ProjectCalifornia FlightPeoples Potential Unlimited 0187inch€ 8.99buy
      Two unreleased sides from California Flight Project. The group has been recording since the 70s but never released anything on vinyl until now. TIP! JERRY J JOHNSON, captain of California Flight Project has had his hands on the controls since the 70s, soaring far above the radar, and never landing until now. The Berkley California group has been performing and recording for years, even today, but their title ”California Flight” was released only a few years ago on CD-R. For unknown reasons a vinyl record never launched in ’80. So with PPU at co-pilot it’s time for this sublime soul vessel to take off. Attention all passengers your California Flight number 1980 will be taking off shortly. Our destination will be to all radio stations, disc jockeys and discotheques, please secure your headphones for the sounds you are about to hear.. California Flight’s gonna take you for a ride.

      Esser - Forces (Carl Craig remixEsserForces (Carl Craig remixDecks Classix 00912inch€ 8.99buy
      Classic KMS release repressed. Original and Carl Craig mix. Timeless!!

      Grooveman Spot, DJ Mitsu & Cro-Magnon - That's That EPGrooveman Spot, DJ Mitsu & Cro-MagnonThat’s That EPJazzy Sport12inch€ 9.99buy
      There past 1 years when the King Of Pop died …. 2nd release of Jazzy Sport 2010 is the tribute EP to the K.O.P. There featuring new original 3TRKS by Jazzy Sport top 3 artist … DJ Mitsu the Beats, Grooveman Spot & Cro-Magnon. 1st track ”Jelly Beans” is the cuts from grooveman Spot’s forthcoming 2nd album ”Change Situation”.There’s dope beats and groove inspired by ”B.J”…ya this is electric funk groove… 2nd track ”Beats Of Love” is the unreleased new tracks by DJ Mitsu the Beats! There featured Fender Rhodes and mellow key works with inspiration by ”R With U”… On the flip side features medley by Cro-Magnon as they do their show..this is the extra recording tracks for There Japan Only release new album ”Plays”. Nice!

      Hundred Strong (Ft.Amp Fiddler) - Stylin' Free (Guynamukat RMX)Hundred Strong (Ft.Amp Fiddler)Stylin’ Free (Guynamukat RMX)Mukatsuku 02112inch€ 8.99buy
      he new Mukatsuku single Stylin’ Free is the new 180 gram 4 track 12 from uk artist Hundred Strong (aka Ben Dubmission) .The original version not included here will appear on the forthcoming Hundred Strong album out later in 2010 on Altered Vibes. GUYNAMUKAT (the production duo of Guynamite & Nik Weston) who have have picking up fans after their successful best selling remixes on artists such as Kaleta & Jazztronik alongside their new GUYNAMUKAT afro disco boogie edits series, take Amp Fiddler’s original vocal parts stripping of all instrumentation and produce a summer anthem in the shape of the anthemic ‘Stylin’ Free’

      James Pants - New TropicalJames PantsNew TropicalStones Throw 2251 lpLP€ 13.99buy
      New and Tropical james Pants tracks. 6 electro/funk/dance tracks that are crossing genres on this LP/EP from James Pants, sounding like a follow-up to his debut album ”Welcome”.

      Ksoul & Muteoscillator - Ep #1Ksoul & MuteoscillatorEp #1Kinda Soul 0412inch€ 8.99buy
      Dirty, raw and intense house tracks. For fans on STL, Pittmann, Theo Parrish and Omar S.

      Larry Levan - Larry Levan Recorded Live at the Legendary Paradise GarageLarry LevanLarry Levan Recorded Live at the Legendary Paradise GarageWest End2xCD€ 19.99buy
      West End Records are proud to present the incredible ”Larry Levan Live at the Paradise Garage” 2CD collection for your enjoyment. This mixed collection was produced for those who had the pleasure of living the Garage. They were black, white, straight, gay and everything in between. They made the Garage the legend it is today. This CD is also for those who did not have the opportunity to experience the rhythm, energy, magic and unity that was The Paradise Garage. Hopefully, the Midas Touch of the Master himself, Larry Levan, will help you re-live the power and spirit of that phenomenal please we loved and called home for so many years.

      Mark E - WORKS 2005-2009 VOL 2 Mark EWORKS 2005-2009 VOL 2 Merc 004CD€ 14.99buy
      Second installment in the Limited CD only run of Edits and tracks by Mark E, produced between 2005-2009 !! VOL 2 brings together the remaining Mark E edits of the last 5 years plus tracks which remained personal DJ weapons until now. The trademark stretched grooves have never been more obvious than here, teasing and elongating old and new soul music into epic 10 minute soundscapes. Sublime emotion combined with a slow mo house aesthetic is the order of the day as Mark E winds up and draws a line under the last 5 years of sterling work.

      Marko Furstenberg - Counter Mode EpMarko FurstenbergCounter Mode EpArtless 219212inch€ 9.99buy
      The Mojuba sublabel brings you two new tunes from the vaults of Fürstenberg. These two tracks of pure dub techno magic build a seamless connection to his previous releases surphased ep and repentance ep and capture the special sound and feel of a true Fürstenberg track how it can only be done for this label!

      Mount Kimbie - Crooks & LoversMount KimbieCrooks & LoversHotflush p042LP€ 19.99buy
      Adding a percussive and experimental edge to the current class of post-dubstep pioneers. Great album that fuses elements of the early modern electronica pioneers, folky elements with dubstep.

      Planetary  - EntanglementPlanetary EntanglementMetamorphic 02512inch€ 8.99buy
      Planetary aka Dan Curtin!

      Space - Deliverance (Justus Kohncke rmx)SpaceDeliverance (Justus Kohncke rmx)Nang 03012inch€ 8.99buy
      Deliverance is the title track and one of the highlights from the 2nd Space, 1978 album. It’s been sampled, it’s been covered, it’s even one of Elton Johns ”favourites”. However it hasn’t been remixed… until now. Justus Kohncke ,The Love Supreme, Fabrizio Mamarella dot he job!

      Sare Havlicek - Dreams In LightSare HavlicekDreams In LightNang 03112inch€ 8.99buy
      Slovenian based Sare Havlicek with some fresh nu disco. coming with additional remixes by DFA, Eskimo, Mangled artists Ray Mang (well… actually he don’t really need an introduction). Check!

      Stereociti - CosmorideStereocitiCosmorideMojuba 01512inch€ 9.99buy
      The man form Tokyo is back. After his debut with Early Light and some excursions for Above Smoke on Dubbyman ‘s deep explorer imprint and a yet unreleased but excellent remix for Ryo Murakami he returns to Mojuba with some fresh tunes which sound like they were made to sweeten your summer time! The title track Cosmoride catches the vibe of Stereociti first release but takes is on a deep cosmic trip to make you and the universe dance. The other side’s track Tsukayga is that kind of song which you will surely hear on a summer Sunday afternoon at one of your favourite outdoor clubbing locations. Please welcome the summer together with Stereociti!

      Throwing Snow - un vingt/cronosThrowing Snowun vingt/cronosho_tep records 0112inch€ 8.49buy
      Ho_Tep is a new label by Alexander Nut’s (Eglo/Rinse Fm) debutting with this debut release from young UK producer Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow. His sound is an amalgamation of dusty samples, crunchy electronics and swirling analog synths… with an added sprinkling of digital age software. Reminiscent to the sonic landscapes created by likes of Martyn, Four Tet and Flying Lotus, Throwing Snow’s wonderfully textured and colorful style owes as much to the future as it does the past.

      Tony Cook - Video RockTony CookVideo RockStones Throw 225212inch€ 9.99buy
      Two 80s-era tracks from one of the most sampled musicians of all time! Tony Cook was drummer for James Brown among others and released the proto-house tune ”On The Floor (Rock It)” in 1984. ”Get to the Point” is from the forthcoming Tony Cook album on Stones Throw called ”Back to Reality”. For fans of Dam-Funk, Peoples Potential Unlimited etc. Check!

      Zev - Dont Break ItZevDont Break ItWolfandLamb 01112inch€ 8.99buy
      Zev with the next release on the pioneering imprint complete with Kenny Glasgow & Jonny White remix. Slower paced house tracks with NY disco-ish feel moulded around a sexy, synth driven house classic. Centred around the vocal cries of the title, this record calls to the depths of your soul, awakening a dormant spirit in a new breed of house tracks. Jonny White allready delivered some great tracks on Rippertons Perspectiv label, and does a great rmx job on this WLM release. With a pinch of nostalgia, ‘Don’t Break It’ beholds a unique futuristic strain of electronic music. Recommended!

      of course many more new releases on our website… and daily new suplies!!


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