Let’s go straight to business this week (there’s much more in store, audio updates will follow a.s.a.p.):

Rau -  The Blessing Rau The Blessing Giegling Staub 02 12inch € 8.99 buy
Stripped down basement techno tracks on the Giegling sub label Staub. Two tracks with a touch of that post basic channel sound with a gentle steady groove.

Kettenkarussell - Things Will Never Flange Kettenkarussell Things Will Never Flange Giegling 06 12inch € 8.99 buy
Two beautiful deep melodic techno tracks on the lovely Giegling label (plus a fragile downtempo piece as bonus). Always check the label! Limited suplies.

Bubble  Club - Morning Star Bubble Club Morning Star Bubble Club 12inch € 9.99 buy
Maintaining the simple ethos of releasing wonderful music in beautiful bespoke screen-printed sleeves with an eye for red hot remixers. Following on from their incredible debut, but showing a more proto-house side to the Bubble for this outing. Morning Star is an instantly catchy instrumental number, inspired we are reliably informed, by the groundbreaking DJ performances by pioneers like Ron Hardy. Harking back to those formative days of House may be all the rage right now, but few can pull off the unadulterated rawness which helped draught the House music blueprint as well as this. The ever capable Soft Rocks provide a shimmering future-retro rub, with a nod to early Paul Simpson productions, whereas ‘Eyes On The Prize’ can trace it’s DNA right back to KC Flightts classic Hip Housery. Powerhouse production & dancefloor devastation assured

Pablo  Cahn / Cesar Merveille - Split ep Pablo Cahn / Cesar Merveille Split ep Cadenza 053 12inch € 8.49 buy
Two massive house tunes that will set the club on fire. A-side is a proper big room tune and the flip has a more intimite atmosphere with its jazzy groove and sax.

Mention - No Changes Mention No Changes Delivery 1011 (picture sleeve) 12inch € 22.99 buy
After the huge success of the debut single Strange World, Mention is back with another fantastic release: No Changes. Again you will be overwhelmed by beautiful arrangements and great vocals. This won’t be the last release you’ll ever hear of this great band. They made it to the audience and are planning to stay there for a while.

Idjut  Boys - Waterboard Idjut Boys Waterboard Droid 00110 One sided 12 € 8.49 buy
Undoubtedly mighty, morphing, monstrous Moroderesque mindmelter from the Idjuts bunker. You know all about Droid already of course, 3 12’s in and this sporadic, though eminently collectible and club friendly imprint exists as an outlet for the boys’ more electronic releases, something for a little later in the evening (or morning !), a selection of tracks which apply the duo’s patented dub ethic to the late night world of hypnotic dancefloor secret weapons.

Spank  the Butler - Spank the Butler Spank the Butler Spank the Butler DYFR records 002 12inch € 8.99 buy
The second release on DYFR records label contains three tracks by Spank the Butler and a bonus cd with two remixes by Patrique and Baz Reznik. Darker dutch electro and techno from The Hague

Alan  Cook - Dont Give Up Alan Cook Dont Give Up Energy Level 004 12inch € 14.99 buy
After the release of Closed it’s time for another Spanish release that gives you the sunshine feeling any time. Alan Cook released some songs on Max Music during the 80s like Do You Want To Stay and Bad Dreams, but he was also involved in many other projects. It’s Sabadell sound all over with his new song Don’t Give Up. On the b-side you’ll find the Spanish version Resiste Amor and a great cover of his friend, Silver Pozzoli’s track Around My Dream.

Maskin  Ljud - Metro X01 Maskin Ljud Metro X01 Färden 12inch € 8.49 buy
Another new Swedish release!! After Skudge, Amiara, Van River’s F label we have Färden thats dropping a shit hot techno! Focusing on a raw and rough techno sound. Färden 001 is all raw and minimal analogue action and totally fun between! Think early Daniel Bell. Färden is a vinyl only label.

Da  Rebels / R.V. Cock - House Nation Under A Groove / Free At Last (Harvey  mixes) Da Rebels / R.V. Cock House Nation Under A Groove / Free At Last (Harvey mixes) HNUG 1 One sided 12 € 9.99 buy
Massive harvey reworks on this limited white label. Bomb!

Moritz  von Oswald Trio - Live in New York Moritz von Oswald Trio Live in New York Honest Jons LP 53 2LP+CD € 20.99 buy
Four extended excursions recorded earlier this year, with guests Carl Craig and Francois K — and the club environment itself — bringing a fresh pulsating energy and rough urgency to the trio sound, deeply dubwise throughout, with startling splashes of Sun Ra in the effects.

Ryan  Paris - I Wanna Love You Once Again Ryan Paris I Wanna Love You Once Again I Venti d Azzurro 20.07 (picture sleeve) 12inch € 22.99 buy
It took a while, but I Venti d’Azzurro brings you a new release. Another new hit from another famous man in Italo Disco History: Ryan Paris. ”Dolce Vita” was his worldwide hit in 1983, but today Ryan is still a great singer with great songs. ”I Wanna Love You Once Again” has been rearranged for this exclusive vinyl release on I Venti and is tipped to become the summersmash of 2010. On the B-side you’ll get the previously unreleased extended version of the highly acclaimed track ”Besoin D’Amour” + a bonus remake of ”Dolce Vita”.

Mark E  - Special Fx / Christo Mark E Special Fx / Christo Merc 003 12inch € 8.99 buy
Beatiful slower house tracks with a nice build up. Mark E always manages to build up the tension and set the right grooves. Especially Christo on the b-side is a real stunner. Check!

Juju  & Jordash - Tattoo,s Island Juju & Jordash Tattoo,s Island Philpot 047 12inch € 9.99 buy
Nice Juju & Jordash! The original is a tension-laden epic rising like a hot tropic thunderstorm leaving you electrified to the bone. The dub version strips it down a bit and changes the tone mid-track to a more techy-edge – spiritual, snaredriven and dubbed out to oblivion. Tom Trago’s Lost In The Jungle mix gives the track a more retro-ish twist. Check!!

Don  Froth - 10000 cc's Don Froth 10000 cc’s Phonica White 002 12inch € 8.99 buy
Don Froth initially appeared on our radar last year with ‘Foam’ – a laidback, dubby disco number that effortlessly got us all in summer mood, practically teleporting us to his native Venice CA. Forget about such niceties… ‘10,000cc’s’ is ‘Foam’s’ rowdy sibling. A twisted, bass-heavy stomper of a track, that takes disco, dub-step and punk-funk, spins them in blender and spits out one of the rudest basslines we’ve heard in a while. We’re talking big here – even Giles Peterson is a fan. On the flip ‘Holiday (Dubbed Out)’ returns to more familiar territory… Laidback, dubby disco that instantly brings to mind ‘Foam’ without being a carbon copy. It’s breezy, summery and very organic in an analog sort of way. VERY Limited vinyl pressing of 300 copies – hand stamped and numbered.

Quarion / Chaton / Se-Te-Ve - +91 Ahead Session 4 Quarion / Chaton / Se-Te-Ve +91 Ahead Session 4 Plak 022 12inch € 8.49 buy
An eternal raw groove, dirty keys, deep & dub chords…extended house for club abuse ! Part 4.

Ramadanman - Work Em Ramadanman Work Em Swamp 81 006 12inch € 8.99 buy
Chicago juke tracks meet Dubstep. Tip!!

Various Artists - Tokyo Connection Ep Various Artists Tokyo Connection Ep Yore 025 12inch € 8.99 buy
The Yore Tokyo connection with their version of deeper Rick Wade inspired house tracks. Kez YM , Rodenion and No Milk deliver some smooth tracks.

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