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There’s more in life than winning the world cup so let’s just focus on what’s really important… This week’s new releases! We’ve got some nice new exclusives & hot imports waiting for you, so here we go…

New exclusives:

KlangModule -  Konsonanz KlangModule Konsonanz Morse 016 12inch € 7.99 buy
Metrobox teams up with Max Cue.. KlangModule with Konsonanz results in a beautifull detroit-esque track with visible roots of Belgian soil. The FCL (San Soda and Red D) remix is the other living proof that Detroit used to exchange artists back in the 90’s. It’s back!

Metrobox - Cabaret  Modulaire Metrobox Cabaret Modulaire Morse 017 12inch € 7.99 buy
Deep-techno for tribal romances and transition rituals. Tonight the boy becomes a man.

Electrick Dragon -  Electrick Dragon ep Electrick Dragon Electrick Dragon ep Moustache 015 12inch € 7.99 buy
Electrick Dragon is known for it’s many releases during the last couple of years and is now set for a full release on the Moustache label. This dark poppy new wave and italo-isch E.P. has it all….and contains 4 tracks: A1 ”Italian inspiration” is the catchy ear catcher……already played by Vunk himself at Nolla Helsinki.. he notched that his could be the next Dragon Hit!!! with strong nu-Italo Feel. A2 ”3rd Plan” this title says enough it was the third track that this genius made special for Moustache records… strong baseline and melody strait from the heart… B1 Spacer Darker than dark fatter than fat….superior drums. With hidden lyrics I want to be a Spacccerrrr and filled with the underground electrowavesound B2 Disco Tanzen this track will fit perfect in the very late dj slots. High Bpm trippy and trancy but with the strong electro feel……. Also a local hit at the magic waves festival and Road to Rimini Party.

Mr Pauli & David  Vunk - We Are The Laser Lords ep Mr Pauli & David Vunk We Are The Laser Lords ep Moustache 017 12inch € 7.99 buy
The two electro disco 80ies analog fetish freaks started a new The Hague – Rotterdam collaboration and made the tracks that they like to hear in a dj set and of course for the love of music! A1 Robodance……will fill the a side with lasers strobes and smoke. Loud kickdrums strong melodies and dark electrowave high energy feeling…..do the Robodance! B1 Zanzibar express is an eye opener and heavy weight funky track. A real bassguitar provides the bassline and powerful percussion drumparts….AKAI MPC style…funk it up! B2 Italian dreams (instrumental) is a slow track for the start of your dj sets. A little diamond and beauty for this summer. Thinking of naked men with big moustaches dancing on the rimini beach in 1987. Limited pressing, comes with a nice coloured sleeve.

B Voice & Danilov -  Haraf / Sandpit Traum B Voice & Danilov Haraf / Sandpit Traum Sound Architecture 013 12inch € 7.99 buy
The russians are playing a big role in the modern house scene! These two guys deliver some of the hottest tracks. Pulsating folk injected modern house tracks that are creating a buzz among the big players!. Limited vinyl release prior to the digital release. Check!

Gino Felino - Spend The  Night / Thank You For This World EP Gino Felino Spend The Night / Thank You For This World EP Creme 1250 12inch € 7.99 buy
For the 50th release Creme goes back to its Italo roots to release these two bombs. Ofcourse the rotting corpse of Italo has been desecrated endlessly over the last few years by predatory hipsters to gain scenepoints, but that doesnt mean there isn’t still some joy to be found in the oversatured tearjerking cotton candy sound of true mediteranean peacockery. So it is with some smug gratification that we present to you Gino Felino. Pure, uncut and real to the bone Italo – definitely Too Late for the Trend, but perhaps coming soon to an iPad near you. Listen and learn, cause none of you clowns roll like the West Coast rolls! Comes in a ultra neat package!

New imports:

Urban Tribe - Program 1  - 12 Urban Tribe Program 1 – 12 Mahogani 025 LP € 14.99 buy
Not much really needs to be said about a new release on Mahogani Music, especially since it involves contributions from some of Detroits greats, including Kenny Dixon JR, Anthony Shakir, Carl Craig, and last but not least, the main man Sherard Ingram aka Stingray. It’s a single LP which contains 12 tracks. A couple of shorter skits, but most pretty much full tracks. Time to state the obvious..

Gunnar Wendel - 578 Gunnar Wendel 578 FXHE Gunns 12inch € 9.99 buy
New Fxhe by Gunnar Wendel (Kassem Mosse)… His 578 track remixed by Omar S. Old school inside out playing grooves (on both sides).

Jus Ed/ Fred P/ Dj Qu -  Semesters 2 Jus Ed/ Fred P/ Dj Qu Semesters 2 Strength Music Records 009 12inch € 9.99 buy
Darker intens tracks by the above named producers. very much recommended!

dj Jus Ed  - No Pain ft  June April dj Jus Ed No Pain ft June April Underground Quality 028 12inch € 9.99 buy
New Jus Ed ft June April. A-side original mix, flip side the phat remix version by Vakula!

SmallPeople - The  People SmallPeople The People Underground Quality 029 12inch € 9.99 buy
New UQ records with quality house tracks from the Jus Ed and Dj Qu posse.

The  Freeze - The Meltdown The Freeze The Meltdown US House 001 12inch € 9.99 buy
White label release with heavy hitting tracks by the UQ posse, either Jus Ed, dj Qu we guess… but doesn’t matter,proper no-nonsens tracks!.

Jay  Shepheard, Matthew Burton - Kate Rathod - Retrofit #2 Jay Shepheard, Matthew Burton – Kate Rathod Retrofit #2 Retrofit 002 12inch € 8.99 buy
Four tracks on the EP. stripped back, jacking and melodic grooves that will touch the soul of all true house heads. Check!

Ame -  Rrose Selavy Ame Rrose Selavy Innervisions 028 12inch € 7.99 buy
Label text: After exploring technoid territories with in the last years Ame are back with a full-on deep house EP. It is very much infiltrated with a Marcel Duchampesque way of approaching artisticobjects: ready-made, self-referencing and perpetuating. So musically, Perpetuum Mobile (ital. Moto Perpetuaby Niccolò Paganini) elements push forward into mesmerizing loops. There future is nearer than in most of contemporary deephouse releases.

R-A-G - Beyond ep R-A-G Beyond ep M>O>S deep 002 12inch € 8.49 buy
Four rough tracks by this new Amsterdam underground jacking crew, consisting of MOS label boss Aroy Dee, G-String, known from the infamous Intergalatic FM and Amsterdam’s best kept production secret known as Marco Spaventi! Four times pure old school house beauty & energy!

V/A - House of Trax  vol.5 V/A House of Trax vol.5 Rush hour tx5 12inch € 8.49 buy
The fifth release contains more rare tracks from the Trax catalogue. The a-side features two mixes of the little known Gwendolyn track, which originally came out on Precision Records. This early vocal (house) gem was produced by Vince Lawrence and Jessie Saunders. It comes in two versions. A more straight forward original and a more dubbed out version by Farley Jackmaster Funk. A real treat. Side B features another early 80s Chicago track, again by Vince Lawrence and Jessie Saunders aka Z-Factor featuring Screaming Rachel. Classic Chicago house tracks.

Various Artists - Music  From Mathematics vol.5 Various Artists Music From Mathematics vol.5 Mathematics 039 12inch € 9.99 buy
Music From Mathematics vol.5 features 3 new artists to carry the flag of 2010 deepness from Greece & Italy. Audio Atlas , Simoncino and Mayo Soulomon with tracks ranging from deep moodier house to uptempo bangers!

Various Artists - Music  From Mathematics vol.6 Various Artists Music From Mathematics vol.6 Mathematics 040 12inch € 9.99 buy
according the label Music From Mathematics vol.6 represents the label’s harmony, balance, sincerity, love, & truth. This is conveyed with this release’s composers who come from all sides of the electronic music spectrum – avant garde, nu disco, house, & industrial. 4 tunes of honest Mathematics.’

    Rick Wilhite - Vibes  New & Rare Music Part D Rick Wilhite Vibes New & Rare Music Part D Rush Hour 111D 12inch € 8.49 buy
    Part 4 in the Vibes series…. and its Urban Tribe again… who seems to be popping records every other week at the moment. Track one is ‘Carl Craig, Kenny Dixon Jr, Shake and Sherard Ingram are Urban Trib – 1st Mistake, Flip side is Urban Tribe – D2000 (The Godson remix).

      Skudge - Skudge remixes  part 1 Skudge Skudge remixes part 1 Skudge 001r 12inch € 9.99 buy
      limited remix 12” of Skudge missiles

        Various Artists -  Underground Electro Vol. 1 Various Artists Underground Electro Vol. 1 City Beat Records LP001 2LP € 22.99 buy
        The First Underground Electro Compilation of City Beat Records with Various International Artists representing the authentic sound of the Eighties, From Electro Funk, Oldschool Rap to Detroit Electro and Electronic Disco. This Sampler will be first in a series of Top-Quality Productions. Strictly limited to 300 copies this will be a classic collectors item for sure.

        The Seventh Earth  Project - Archive One The Seventh Earth Project Archive One D1 recordings 050 12inch € 8.99 buy
        Label’s info text: A long time ago ‘Shakers and Dreamers’ sent out a new electronic sound that set the tone for coming generations across their continent. Undercutting current commercial music structures, they emancipated the electronic musicians of the second ‘Invisible Earth’, Neptune. 120 million years ago, their tracks spread frovenue to venue across the great lakes of Neptune’s Canadian region. Following close in their footsteps ‘Foot-Sole Foreigner’ brought the music south and married it with the acoustic fore-runners of the electronic revolution Electronic music has always played an essential role in the cultural cycle of the ‘Invisible Earths’. 4.5 billion years of independent electronic music and culture now lie scattered in the outer Oort cloud, and the atoms of their creators now circle in the great storm clouds of the Gas Giants. But all unknown to us. ‘The Seventh Earth Project’ are now archiving this lost music and culture and making it available to the audiences of this Earth, The Seventh Earth.

        Hundred Strong (Ft.Amp  Fiddler) - Stylin' Free (Guynamukat RMX) Hundred Strong (Ft.Amp Fiddler) Stylin’ Free (Guynamukat RMX) Mukatsuku 021 12inch € 8.99 buy
        he new Mukatsuku single Stylin’ Free is the new 180 gram 4 track 12 from uk artist Hundred Strong (aka Ben Dubmission) .The original version not included here will appear on the forthcoming Hundred Strong album out later in 2010 on Altered Vibes. GUYNAMUKAT (the production duo of Guynamite & Nik Weston) who have have picking up fans after their successful best selling remixes on artists such as Kaleta & Jazztronik alongside their new GUYNAMUKAT afro disco boogie edits series, take Amp Fiddler’s original vocal parts stripping of all instrumentation and produce a summer anthem in the shape of the anthemic ‘Stylin’ Free’

          Steve  Poindexter & Armando - Work That Acid ep Steve Poindexter & Armando Work That Acid ep Muzique Records Est. 1989 008 12inch € 9.99 buy
          Re-issue of the classic Poindexter anthem Work That Mutha Fucker backed with the rare Work That Acid.

            Altered  Natives - The Bitch/ Crop Duster Altered Natives The Bitch/ Crop Duster 3024 009 12inch € 8.99 buy
            Old schoolish bleepy Sheffield influences mixed with Dubstep.

            Joe -  Untitled / Digest Joe Untitled / Digest Apple Pips 012 12inch € 8.49 buy
            Futuristic Dubstep on Apple Pips with fragmented beats and deep subs that get things moving. Reminds a bit of Photek!

            George  Fitzgerald - The Letdown George Fitzgerald The Letdown Hotflush recordings 012 12inch € 8.99 buy
            Dubstep in the Deadboy, Joy Orbison style. Great tunes

            Vaccine -  Ochre - Cascade Failure Vaccine Ochre – Cascade Failure Nonplus 007 12inch € 8.49 buy
            Next generation Dubstep on the sweet Nonplus label. Melodic tracks which fuse 90’s electronica (Funkstorung, Funckarma, EOG, Autechre) with more dubstep and grime rhythms and sounds.

            Ital tek -  Moment In Blue EP Ital tek Moment In Blue EP Planet Mu ZIQ271 12inch € 8.99 buy
            Ikonika and FaltyDL grace us with two superb reworks of one of Midnight Colour’s most arresting tracks, the 130bpm stepper ‘Moment In Blue’. These versions are accompanied by two Ital Tek originals, ‘Crush Horizon, a lilting hip hop tempo number with twitching synths and ‘Infinity’, a remix of the album’s ‘Infinite’. Tip!

            Guido -  Orchestral Lab / Way U Make Me Feel Guido Orchestral Lab / Way U Make Me Feel Punch Drunk 011 12inch € 8.99 buy
            One of the biggest dubstep tunes of 2009 when we may decide… Orchestral Dub is one sick tune that grabs ones attention straight away! Explosive subbass driven synth funk! Stunning track!!! However don’t forget the more fragile Way You Make Me Feel on the flip side with its intense synths and its pulsating bass. Big release!

            Afrika  Hitech - Hitecherous Afrika Hitech Hitecherous Warp 298 2x12inch € 10.99 buy
            New 6 track EP from Mark Pritchard (Harmonic 313) and Steve Spacek. ‘How Does It Make U Feel’ pushes the sonic vapors of ‘Blen’ into a futuristic bass anthem, replete with bubbling 303 bass, sonar synths and Spacek’s commanding falsetto. Taking on the icy blueprint of Grime’s early, street-stalking strains and updating them with far more warmth and depth, ‘Said Speed’, ‘Lash Out’ and ‘Boingy’ are some of the most speaker-shredding tracks in recent memory.

            Maxmillion Dunbar - Girls Dream Maxmillion Dunbar Girls Dream Ramp 035 12inch € 8.99 buy
            I think we’ve already showed our enthousiasm about Mr Dunbar and his other projects on Future Times. Here another one we like… soulful retro futuristic electronic funk!

            Orgone -  Cali Fever Orgone Cali Fever Ubiquity lp271 2LP € 19.99 buy
            Emerging from an evergreen Los Angeles soulful musical family (band members have also played with Connie Price and the Keystones, Breakestra, Dakah, Rhythm Roots Allstars, The Lions, the Simple Citizens, etc) Orgone release their second album for Ubiquity.A giant step from anything they have ever released in the past. They pull on hard-nosed, stripped-down, New Orleans influences on tracks like “The Last Fool” and “Crazy Queen.” And effortlessly shift gears through more uptempo Afrobeat and Brazilian informed tracks like “Matanza” and summer anthem “It’s Time Tonight.” Unlike previous releases, Cali Fever features all-original compositions, and no covers. With lead singer Fanny Franklin at the helm, the band rip through soul cuts like “Give It Up” and “Overtime” with a wild West Coast flair. No wonder they’ve toured with the likes of Al Green, Gil Scott-Heron, Sharon Jones, the Roots, Greyboy Allstars and Groundation.

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