Hello everyone, a special week… sort of…
Worldcup soccer, perfect summer weather and… the start of the Tour de France in Rotterdam.
Ok… who cares i hear some people think… cycling is gay…  with those tight shorts etc.
That might very well be… but most of us here at Clone are kind of cycling fans, especially when its TdF!!

So… for everyone visiting Rotterdam…. we have a special TdF promotion….

This Friday and Saturday 2nd and 3rd of Juli (the 2 days days of Tour De France in Rotterdam) we offer a 20% discount on all purchases in our physical store!
note: not on online orders! Only for people who come down to our store for some good old fashioned record shopping!

some selected imports and new releases:

MD2 - MD2.2 MD2 MD2.2 MD2.2 12inch € 9.99 buy
2nd release of MD2… after the Red-Red label its Black-Red this time. Music speaks for itself. Heavy release alert is on!.

Terry Baldwin - Sinewave  Test Tones Terry Baldwin Sinewave Test Tones Future Sound FSR1020 12inch € 11.99 buy
Crazy rockin housetracks on this legendary Chicago label. Was released as a test pressing only. Probably never officially released because it ruins your ears 🙂 Original pressing, warehouse find!

Ghostleigh - Play Cool Ghostleigh Play Cool GhostleighDubz 007 12inch € 8.49 buy
Ghostleigh flirting with hi-tech afro rhythms topped by warm layers of chords as used in many Detroit techno classics. cool hybrid of Dubstep, Techno and House! extremely limited pressing 200 copies!

Brian Barian - Bling  Master ep Brian Barian Bling Master ep B Barian records 002 12inch € 7.99 buy
Cool release by Brian Barian who drops deep dubstep, two step influenced house tracks. Great tracks makes this a must have for everyone into Kyle Hall, 2562, Martyn and the likes!

The Freeze - The  Meltdown The Freeze The Meltdown US House 001 12inch € 9.99
White label release with a track by the UQ posse, either Jus Ed, dj Qu or Levon Vincent.

Agnes - Got to be  strong Agnes Got to be strong Ornate 006 12inch € 8.99 buy
Hypnotic, psychedelic and US garage influenced style of house tracks

Antonio Ceville - The  Music Do It Antonio Ceville The Music Do It Dance Mania 009 12inch € 9.99 buy
Rare under-rated Dance Mania release from their early period.
Appointment -  Appointment 1 Appointment Appointment 1 Appointment 001 12inch € 8.99 buy
Sublabel fro the Livejam guys… more of that raw live recorded 90’s house tracks 9actually in the 90’s they probably would have call this techno). All tracks recorded live and released only on vinyl.

Cos/Mes - DFG Cos/Mes DFG ESP Institute 12inch € 8.99 buy
Stunning track which goes somewhere between cosmic house and deep intense Detroit techno such as Dulex or ERP. Track taken from their upcoming album, The duo, hailing from the Tokyo underground, combine beautifully spacial and droning arrangements with tropical vibes on DFG. On the B side we have a deep relaxing remix of album cut Heavenly Trax by Sombrero Galaxy’s own Jonny Nash, followed by an extended version of another album cut From Other Space.

Darkhouse Family  -  Family Trees Darkhouse Family Family Trees Fat City 034 12inch € 8.99 buy
Debut 12 from Welsh production crew Darkhouse Family aka Don Leisure and Metabeats hailing from Cardiff & Barry.. Heavy synth-work, syrupy melodies, processed sample snippets with tough kicks and hard snares in a freeform collision make their debut EP a heavyweight production.. ”Stay Blazed” as featured on Producer No.2 delves straight in knee deep..sweet yet edgy, building an uplifting energy leading perfectly into the rude 808 bump of ”Number 43” with sirens and applause for the switch midway.. ”Mein Atari” is a dangerous, skunked out bomb of console-slop with Mr. Dibiase’s mix flipping the madnessas only he can. Finally, ”Mixed Grill” smooths things on a deep and spacey 80’s trip. Tip!

Dbridge - ZX81 Remixes  (Shed / Ramadanman) Dbridge ZX81 Remixes (Shed / Ramadanman) Fat City 035 12inch € 8.99 buy
Shed and Ramadanman (Apple Pips / Hessle Audio) remix D-Bridge’s massive ZX81!

Dubbyman  - King Of  Motown Dubbyman King Of Motown Cornuta sound 005 12inch € 8.99 buy
Leading spanish deephouse lables Deep Explorer and Cornuta continue to exchange the pleasantries: after the recent stunning 4 tracker by Cornuta boss – featuring new version of modern deephouse classics like ”Sleep Scott Heron”, Deep Explorer head honcho DUBBYMAN pays it back with the equally fantastic ”king of motown” featuring vocals snippets of motor city silkiest over a loose percussive beat with organ stabs and beautiful string backings. Cornuta don Hugo Giner – better known as W&P HGG – adds a marvelous version displaying a melodic sensibility close to vintage Larry Heard. ” the hard funkin 80’s electro boogie style ”funky orgy” closes the sizzling hot 12” in fine style.
Dubbyman - In Gods  Country (Scott Ferguson Rmx) Dubbyman In Gods Country (Scott Ferguson Rmx) Bucketround 005 12inch € 7.99 buy
Traditional classic deep house tracks by Dubbyman. Comes with a Scott Ferguson remix). Nice

Electrabalt - Enter  (Pacou rmx) Electrabalt Enter (Pacou rmx) Souliner 001 12inch € 8.99 buy
New label from the guys behind that wicked Enypnion 12” that everyone went crazy for. Featuring remixes from Pacou and Pablo Bolivar.

Goldwill, Ed Davenport   - Sun Francisco, Lustre Goldwill, Ed Davenport Sun Francisco, Lustre Liebe Detail 033 12inch € 8.99 buy
Strong modern house tools. Especially the Goldwill track is a real summer anthem, where the Davenport track is a more tyical Liebe Detail Detroit inspired affair.
Hieroglyphic Being -  Compositeurs Sans Frontieres Hieroglyphic Being Compositeurs Sans Frontieres Music From Mathematics 005 CDr € 14.99 buy
Experimental /Classical / Ambient /New Age/ FreeForm experiments, written & Produced @ Galaxy Studios from 1996 – 1999 By Hieroglyphic Being (Jamal R. Moss) From The Somuchnoise2beheard Songbook. Blue Cdr comes in Plastic Blue Case with letterhead Poster. Very limited run of just a handful of copies!

Robert Dietz - Home  Run Robert Dietz Home Run Cadenza 052 12inch € 8.49 buy
Proper dj tool house on the a-side. B-side is an exciting epic track with light melodies and a long build up! Luciano knows how to find the gems!

Robert James - Sleep  Moods EP Robert James Sleep Moods EP Hot Creations 02 12inch € 8.49 buy
A release that captures the spirit and feeling of the late 80’s early 90’s sound of the famous Belgium Boccacio club! Especially that 2nd track does the trick for us.

Soul Clap - Action /  Saticfacion ep Soul Clap Action / Saticfacion ep Crosstown Rebels 062 12inch € 8.49 buy
The Soul Clap guys with another strong release! They manage to create deep intense house tracks that even get the big room going wild. Blending old school house and disco influences and topping that with phat modern production skills. Check!

Soul clap - R&b  Edits Soul clap R&b Edits Wlb 05 12inch € 8.99 buy
Back in !

The R&B EP is a cool selection of ground breaking, genre blurring bootlegs/edits. These tracks continue our mission to change the way we dance, from the minimal 2-step to a much freakier Marcy Grind. All three cuts great dj tools.

Steffen Baldo -  Basement Amuzement Park Steffen Baldo Basement Amuzement Park Polyfon 009 12inch € 7.99 buy
Steffen Baldo’s second solo release with some nice deeper adventurous house-techno tracks. Flirting with the slower dirty house beats as Theo Parrish, Malik Pittman or STL could do them.

This Aint Chicago -  Ride The Rhythm (Derrick Carter rmx) This Aint Chicago Ride The Rhythm (Derrick Carter rmx) Wonk 002 12inch € 8.99 buy
Originally recorded 21 , years ago and released on Club Records. This track was one of the UK’s very first answers to the sound emerging from Chicago in the mid-Eighties and is rightly revered. Derrick Carter, a true legend in his own right, gives you everything you want and more with a jackfest, fidget workout in his own unique style.

Tim Toh - No Trace Tim Toh No Trace Ornaments 015 12inch € 8.99 buy
After the sucessful Join The Resistance series Tim Toh enters the Ornaments family with a nice deep and soulful summer groover which he did with the vocals of his sisters Lisa and Jasmina. On side B you will find a space-dubby-remix-trip of Manuel Tur. Another strong Ornaments release!!!

Sascha Dive - Deepest  America (moodymann remix) Sascha Dive Deepest America (moodymann remix) Ornaments 003 12inch € 9.99 buy
Back in stock!

Some deep ass kicking house tracks including a sweeet Moodyman remix! Check

Vinalog - Relative 2 Vinalog Relative 2 Relative 002 12inch € 8.99 buy
Livejam sublabel with 4 fierce driving rhythm tracks over old schoolish samples. Darker 90’s detroit house tracks recorded Live and released only on vinyl.


Yellow Beach Balls -  Babak Sabouri EP Yellow Beach Balls Babak Sabouri EP Kraftjerkz 04 12inch € 9.99 buy
Cool electronic disco tracks. Crossing the borders of italo disco and new wave!

expected in the following days!

Gunnar Wendel - 578 Gunnar Wendel 578 FXHE Gunns 12inch € 9.99
New Fxhe by Gunnar Wendel (Kassem Mosse)… His 578 track remixed by Omar S. Old school inside out playing grooves (on both sides).

SmallPeople - The  People SmallPeople The People Underground Quality 029 12inch € 9.99
New UQ records with quality house tracks from the Jus Ed and Dj Qu posse.

dj Jus Ed  - No Pain ft  June April dj Jus Ed No Pain ft June April Underground Quality 028 12inch € 9.99
New Jus Ed ft June April. A-side original mix, flip side the phat remix version by Vakula!

Steven Tang - The  Verged Sessions Steven Tang The Verged Sessions Aesthetic Audio 010 12inch € 8.99
The Verged Sessions represents the evolution of the Chicago/Detroit sound … full of lush orchestrated strings, synths and deep pads with a massive foundation of thumping TR-808 & 909 drums. Steven has previously unleashed quality deepness, for almost a decade on his own label, Emphasis Recordings.

Afrika Hitech -  Hitecherous Afrika Hitech Hitecherous Warp 298 2x12inch € 10.99
New 6 track EP from Mark Pritchard (Harmonic 313) and Steve Spacek. ‘How Does It Make U Feel’ pushes the sonic vapors of ‘Blen’ into a futuristic bass anthem, replete with bubbling 303 bass, sonar synths and Spacek’s commanding falsetto. Taking on the icy blueprint of Grime’s early, street-stalking strains and updating them with far more warmth and depth, ‘Said Speed’, ‘Lash Out’ and ‘Boingy’ are some of the most speaker-shredding tracks in recent memory.
Vakula -  Ep5 Vakula Ep5 Firecracker 006 10inch € 9.99
A four-track EP from premiere Ukrainian electronic artist Vakula that’s crammed with analogue rawness, soviet synths, sci-fi soundscapes and a Detroit state of mind. Limited as all Firecrackers… and on 10” black wax

Donga  & Blake - Grown Ups Ep (Geiom rmx) Donga & Blake Grown Ups Ep (Geiom rmx) Well Rounded 005 12inch € 8.49
Debut of Donga & Blake! Their sound is a balanced fusion of soulful house, deep textured techno and rhythms absorbed from garage, funky and broken beat. These 3 immaculate tracks have a simple appeal but also contain many layered sonic details for the closer listener. Great club tunes. Tip!

Mala -  Return II Space Mala Return II Space DMZ LP 001 3x12inch € 29.99
Pressed on 180 gram vinyl and shrink wrapped within a full colour gatefold sleeve. One half of Digital Mystikz, Mala will release his first album Return II Space after a hiatus of one year or so. Well, we say album, the catalogue number is DMZLP001, but Mala  real name Mark Lawrence  is simply viewing this vinyl triple-pack as a chance to release some of the productions that have been highlights of his DJ sets. ”To me it’s just a triple pack really but I guess it is [a milestone]”! Highly recommended and with most DMZ releases it will be immediately sold out when it reaches the streets!
Vaccine -  Ochre - Cascade Failure Vaccine Ochre – Cascade Failure Nonplus 007 12inch € 8.49
Next generation Dubstep on the sweet Nonplus label. Melodic tracks which fuse 90’s electronica (Funkstorung, Funckarma, EOG, Autechre) with more dubstep and grime rhythms and sounds.
Kettenkarussell - Things Will Never Flange Kettenkarussell Things Will Never Flange Giegling 06 12inch € 8.99
Two beautiful deep melodic techno tracks on the lovely Giegling label (plus a fragile downtempo piece as bonus). Always check the label! Limited suplies.

Jay  Shepheard, Matthew Burton - Kate Rathod - Retrofit #2 Jay Shepheard, Matthew Burton – Kate Rathod Retrofit #2 Retrofit 002 12inch € 8.99
Four tracks on the EP. stripped back, jacking and melodic grooves that will touch the soul of all true house heads. Check!

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