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Hello y’all, here we go again!

Fresh from the Clone distribution house:

Reggie Blount Hard Times ep Clone Crown Ltd 03 12inch € 8.99 buy
Reggie Blount is one cool fucker doing some great p-funk electro tracks as one would expect to hear from Midnight Star, Morris Day and the Time, Bootsy Collins and the many unknown early 80’s unknown electro funk boogie funkateers. Heavily influenced by the underground electro-boogie style of the early 80’s as well as more known artists such as One Way, Kashif, Mtume, Cameo, and Parliament. Reggie Blount brings together the elements which led these styles to the forefront of the club scene at a time when drum machines and synthesizers were giving birth to the bedroom recording artist. Mr Blount offers up some heat for your funk bone on his long anticipated debut ep! As with all Crown Limited releases only two manufacturing runs… one is pre-orders only… two is when prices go crazy in the 2nd hand market. So make sure you’ll pre-order this in time!

Boze Man Joe & Tina Doppelschall 05 12inch € 7.99 buy
Doppelschall is back with its 2nd vinyl instalment. And its clear what the label is aiming for… high quality modern electronic dance music with a warm soulful edge. Jazzy injected mordern house tracks from mr Bozeman is what they present after the more then excellent release of Dollkraut. Hypnotic and pulsating house with a dusty sample aesthetic that ads a warm flavor that makes this sound like a record that one knows like its own pocket. Brandt Brauer and Frick committed to do the remix and come up with a brilliant jazzy work out of the title track. Needs no recommendation!

Gunnar Jonson Muskelminne ep Kontra Musik 014 12inch € 7.99 buy
On his first release, Muskelminne EP, Gunnar delivers an Indian summer love song, Massagerutin 1, some deep and glistering morning music with the track Morgonånga and ends with the raw but perfect bonus beat, Lilla huset på prärien. Or as Gunnar Jonsson puts it: “I just want to have a good time with music, no steroids, no tricks, just some soft grooves and some hardware fun. I love older electronic instruments, the way they look and sound makes me feel good inside and gets me going. Eat healthy and ride a bike between the studio sessions that is Gunnar Jonssons vibe. It is our wish that this EP will end many summer night dance floors.

BS-1 Machine of Hate Marguerita Recordings 0064 12inch € 7.99 buy
Another fine artist from the Marguerita Recordings stable. This new kid on the block isn’t just any ordinary electro artist. A fresh name, BS-1 is already a player in the electronic fields. With dozens of gigs already passed by himself, and also a lot of jams together with Cosmic Force, makes BS-1 already an established name. Therefore, it is now the time for him to shine in his first ever released material. Electronic madness and aggression, formed in a distinguished mature piece of art. Power Electronics. This is not for the weak!!!!

Ripperton 1976 (Sebo K rmx) Perspectiv 003.0 12inch € 7.99 buy
Ripperton doing a nice collab with Sebo K both born in the year 76. A perfect opportunity to do a little retrospective view on their early inspirations. Ripperton delivers a phat nu-school house track that is rooted in the early club house traditions but spiced with modern crossover sounds and deep sub bass from people such as Martyn or Instra:mental. On the flip you’ll find the more traditional rolling club mix by Sebo K. Kind of old school Nu Groove bassline as Bobby Kondors used to do them. A proper tool to stir things up. First in the new Perspectiv 3.0 series! Check!

Holger Czukay Let’s Get Hot / Let’s Get Cool Claremont 56 021 12inch € 10.99 buy
These 2 new versions of Let’s get hot and Let’s get cool are the result of the original track Cool in the Pool recorded in my home lab in Cologne 1979. Sometimes absurdity can become the mother of invention. When I was working on the music of Cool in the Pool it finally became necessary to search also for a lyric. To my surprise they all seemed to have appeared at the right time and the right place. There is no doubt about it! So, let’s get hot and let’s get cool together. Comes in limited transparent blue vinyl/ transparent red!

Various imports (for the complete list check our website):

Various Artists Live Jam Records Vol 4 LiveJam Records 04 12inch € 9.99 buy
The Livejams posse delivering! Raw rellentless mid 90’s detroit influenced house tracks!

Jouem Drifting ep Just Another Beat 003 12inch € 8.49 buy
Subtle dubbed out deep house killer cuts.

Instra:mental End Credits Nonplus ltd 001 12inch € 9.49 buy
First in a series of ltd edition white label releases, vinyl only with no digital versions available. Please note very limited supply!

Brian Barian Bling Master ep B Barian records 002 12inch € 7.99 buy
Cool release by Brian Barian who couldn’t wait till another label picked up his music. A healthy diy attitude and great tracks makes this a must have for everyone looking for fresh sounds! For fans of Kyle Hall, 2562, Martyn and the likes!

Dj Qu Law Deep Vibes 012 12inch € 8.99 buy
First EP from DJ QU with Remixes from Brothers’ Vibe and a very Special 14 minutes long Remix from Label Boss Sascha Dive.

CV313 Infinit 1 Echospace 10 12inch € 11.99 buy
Limited to 300 copies worldwide. Each copy is hand numbered and comes in a silk screened sleeve. 160g, heavyweight vinyl. This is the second single culled from the upcoming cv313 double CD album (Dimensional Space). two versions of Infinit1, both recorded at @ Leipziger Platz Studio, Berlin. Features the first remix ever from STL. We’ll let the music do the rest of the talking.

Deepchord Presents Echospace Vibrational Studies Modern Love 063 12inch € 8.49 buy
Dark dubbed drones and ambient techno by Echospace. Check!

Frozen Border 005 Frozen Border 005 12inch € 7.99 buy
Deep berlin basement techno tracks!

The Gathering (Chez Damier) In My System part 2 Gathering 01b 12inch € 8.49 buy
Effective house tracks by Chris Carrier, Jeff K and Chez Damier. Solid traditional US house tracks. Check!

Jimmy Edgar Hush (Kyle Hall rmx) Glass Table 001 12inch € 9.99 buy
Futuristic Detroit funk by Jimmyn Edgar. Comes with another exciting Kyle Hall remix!

Led Er Est / Ancien Regime EP SPLIT Mannequin 012 12inch € 19.99 buy
Mannequin had a dream and it has come true, a split vinyl between Led Er Est (New York, US) and Ancien Régime (Rome, Italy). Led Er Est hailing from Brooklyn are one of the leaders of the new cold wave and minimal synth scene, signed to scene leaders Wierd Records and recently released their ‘Dust On Common’ album which could have quite happily been released on Mute in 1979 alongside Fad Gadget and The Normal. Cheap drum machines and synths hammer away relentlessly forming a post-industrial soundscape for sombre yet emotive vocals. Ancien Régime hailing from Rome, moving closer to the spirit of the 80s new wave, the band’s sound incorporates influences from ’80s dark wave music and modern indie-alternative rock. For the 12” Split the 4 tracks were produced by Alessandro Adriani with a full analog synths and drum machines setup at Mannequin studio. Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies in glossy and normal paper, it includes 2 inserts.

Martyn / Roman Lindau Miniluv / Kepra Ostgut ton 037 12inch € 8.49 buy
Two killer tracks… one by big man Martyn… usual high quality.. and one by Mike Dehnerts Fachwerk buddy Roman Lindau. Solid!

Dj Sprinkles vs K-S.H.E Hush Now Skylax 115 12inch € 8.99 buy
Traditional Larry Heard, Mr Fingers influenced house tracks.

I:Cube Merovingienne ep Versatile 068 12inch € 8.99 buy
Fantastic tracks by I:Cube. Mental techno and creepy funk on the a-side… but its al about the b-side we think… two intense house tracks that stand out. (btw the title has some funny things in it… so we didn’t write it down correctly… system couldn’t handle that 🙂 anyway… tip!

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