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– Clone Digital –
We’ll be opening our digital download section very soon!
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– Clone at Sonar –

Wednesday June 16th – Clone label night at the Moog club
Live: Alden Tyrell, Space Dimension Controller
Dj: Serge

– new releases from the Clone distribution house –

Larry Heard  - Missing You Larry Heard Missing You Alleviated 2215 12inch € 8.49 buy
One of the best house tracks in the last 10 years, and for sure one of the few, if not the only one, that can make a guy cry! Original, Instrumental and Jazz Cafe mix all on 1 high quality remastered 12. Essential!!

Terrence Dixon - Room 310 Terrence Dixon Room 310 Meakusma 003 12inch € 7.99 buy
One of the rare new Terrence Dixon releases… this time on the nice Meakusma. The two original tracks are two deep space jams with and from a Detroit mindset, the remixes on the flipside by Upperground Orchestra take the ‘Room 310’ track into deep jazz territory. The original ‘Room 310′ has one filtered and repetitive synth melody at its core, Dixon’s own voice marking a conflict between the reality of everyday life and the expanded reality of what he sees in the sky. Who is That’ explores the same territory. Equally repetitive as we know of Mr Dixon, and all in his own special way! The remixes and original versions are ontinually changing and evolving. The remix features off-key synth stabs on the Polysix, double-bass played by Seggi and a techno-ish vibraphone played by Pasquale Mirra. Tommaso Cappellato’s gentle background drumming flows over the TR808. All this conjures up a 70’s jazz feel that fits Dixon’s albeit jazzy Detroit wanderings like a glove. Seemingly organic, the whole atmosphere in this jazz rework is equally cosmic and ‘far out’ as in the original tracks. Cosmic insanity! Very much recommended!!

Steve Summers - Lucid Fingers Ep. Steve Summers Lucid Fingers Ep. Echovolt records 02 12inch € 8.99 buy
Steve Summers is back with his third ep, this time around for Greece’s Echovolt label. Summer’s continues to play with his main inspirations, the energy and grit of Hardy tape edits, melodies of Larry Heard, and deep bass tones of William S,. This four track ep manages to capture a feeling of experimentation and authenticity thats often missing in modern dance music. Strong 12 with timeless chicago house tracks! Very cool!

Bottin - Artifact 1 Bottin Artifact 1 Artifacts 12inch € 8.99 buy
Here a private pressing of 200 copies with some exciting works of Mr Bottin who is for sure one of the most active producers in the new disco umwelt this year! One super sweet and sexy track called Sage Oil. Disco just don’t get much hotter then this. Flip side had a track called Hot Lizard which is a rawer and more masculine piece as many of us might know from the typical italian italian police series and horror movie scores from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Recommended!

– selection of our imports –

Affkt & Alberto Sola Vs Los Updates  - Pablo Affkt & Alberto Sola Vs Los Updates Pablo Internationl Freakshow 020 12inch € 8.99 buy
Mediterranean flavor of the friends AFFKT and Alberto Sola experimenting with new club sounds without loosing the grip. Nice!!

Alpha 606 & Sync 24 - Lunar Passport / Forest Communication Alpha 606 & Sync 24 Lunar Passport / Forest Communication Cultivated Electronics 006 12inch € 8.99 buy
Miami is meeting London via Cuba, with Interdimensional Transmission’s Alpha 606 and Cultivated label head Sync 24 teaming up for first they’re full release. The A side’s “Lunar Passport” is a minimal, linear affair with stripped down 606 beats, rolling subs, clicky bass and a spooky lead line finished off with spacious pads. The flip side’s “Forest Communication” leans more to the funky side with deep 808 kick drums, quirky sound effects and wet wobbly bass lines.

Andy Stott - Tell Me Anything / Love Nothing Andy Stott Tell Me Anything / Love Nothing Modern Love 062 12inch € 8.99 buy
Slower paced abstract techno with a phat irresistable groove on the sweet Modern Love label. This is one to check for sure!

Anonymous - Oops ep Anonymous Oops ep Caravan 013 12inch € 8.49 buy
Hand stamped. Highly limited white label release. Housed in white poly lined bag. Atmospheric bass heavy tech-house tracks.

Anthony Shake Shakir - At The Bonnie Brook Anthony Shake Shakir At The Bonnie Brook Astro Lab 012 12inch € 8.99 buy
Shake with a new release. On Astro Lab this time. Comes with remixes of Osborne and Photonz.

Asusu / Furesshu - Togetherness / Horizons (Asusu remix) Asusu / Furesshu Togetherness / Horizons (Asusu remix) Immerse 017 12inch € 8.49 buy
Great dubstep tracks that suits in a house set as well. The A side of this single comes in the shape of ‘Togetherness’ a brand new recording from Asusu that tears down the walls between techno, garage, house and dub. The flipside is an Asusu remix of Furesshu’s recent release for Project Squared, entitled ‘Horizons’. Here Asusu manages to beautifully gel an upbeat rhythm section with a deeply entrancing soundscape of off kilter Detroit inspired sythns. This is heads down hypnotic techno of the highest quality and goes to show the breadth of ability that this young producer has to hand. Horizons is highly recommended!

Aux88 presents Black Tokyo - Shadow Dancing EP Aux88 presents Black Tokyo Shadow Dancing EP Puzzlebox 016 12inch € 8.99 buy
AUX 88 Returns even stronger with PBX-16 Shadow Dancing Ep! The first Song Shadow Dancing is a spiritual floor killer on its way to classic status with additional strings played by Estaban Adame of Los Hermanos Fame. Electric Underground highlights newest member of Black Tokyo Ice Truck. Her vocals take Aux 88 to a new level in electro dance music. Flip side has Winter in Japan that moves Aux 88′ bLack tokyo project in a more techno driven soundtrack of a snow covered winter in japan. Black Tokyos second 12″ is a classic powerfull release thats delivering some traditional Detroit techno as we haven’t heard in a while!
Boris Divider - Electronics Boris Divider Electronics Drivecom 010 12inch € 11.99 buy
When we hear the word ”biomechanic” in electronic music there are not too many names that reflects this sound and vision as Mr. Divider’s productions. The usual Electro dark and minimal concept is now covered with more technoid elements, turning the tracks into repetitive deep and long structures. Electronics EP is layered under three tracks, but it’s just a question of mutation and recombination. Pure hard neural electro tracks. Vinyl only and limited to just 200 copies.

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours Breakbot Baby I’m Yours Because 2639 12inch € 8.49 buy
Featuring vocals from Irfane (Outlines). Including remixes from Siriusmo, and legendary french Mo Wax wizards La Funk Mob.Coool!

Brian Bennett - Voyage - A Journey Into Discoid Funk Brian Bennett Voyage – A Journey Into Discoid Funk DJM Records LP € 11.99 buy
Beautiful limited reissue of Brian Bennett’s masterpiece LP Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk). Originally released in 1978, this lost gem has become one the holy grails of the cosmic scene and changes hands for big bucks. With killers like Solstice, Chain Reaction, Pendulum Force and Ocean Glide, this incredible record is every bit as good as you heard it was. Listening to the awesome spacey synths and wonderful groovy b-lines that combine to create an incredible cosmic soundscape, you can understand the high prices paid in the internet auctions and the reason it tops so many discerning DJs’ wants list. Excellent!

Carlos Y Gaby / GB - Los Angels 5/10 Carlos Y Gaby / GB Los Angels 5/10 All City Dublin ACLA 10X10X5 12inch € 8.49 buy
Reaching the halfway point in the series we take it down a notch to usher in the summer with Carlos Nino, Gaby Hernadez & GB. describe it as a soundtrack to a sci-fi fantasy that existed in conversations and thoughts between them.

Christophe - Make A Mark Christophe Make A Mark Redux 012 12inch € 8.99 buy
Drenched in classic house sensibilities and showing astounding amounts of skill and taste for his first foray into the world of production, the future looks bright from this point on for Christophe. Uplifting piano stabs bounce over a solid bass line that mimicks the groove, whilst the trusty Roland drums add the authentic rhythm section giving it that true vintage feel . Roots Unit inject a heavy dose of Balearia into the vibe as their elastic, spacey synths soar through the stratosphere and launch the track into the cosmos. Elsewhere new boy wonder Lukas drafts in musician Steve Turner on guitar and bass to dub out the vibe, also adding extra vocals for his superbly uplifting Family Affair mix .

Cosmic Boogie - Youngbloog / The Users Cosmic Boogie Youngbloog / The Users Cosmic Boogie 04 12inch € 8.49 buy
Cosmic Boogie drop two funk fuelled bombs that are masterpieces! First up is a driving, peak time version of War’s classic hard edged funk cut ‘Youngblood’. Cut up, extended and rearranged, it has a devastating impact when it hits the dancefloor. Flip side cut, ‘The Users’, is a heavily percussive funk outing that is packed full of joyful soul, a heavy dose of boogie and a hint of Caribbean groove. Re-mastered and cut loud for vinyl lovers. Long live the boogie!

dj Funky Chocolate - Disco Affair pt.1 dj Funky Chocolate Disco Affair pt.1 Disco Affair Records 01 12inch € 8.49 buy
The Disco holy grail. Dj Funky Chocolate has selected two songs issued from one of the rarest and most sought after disco 12” from….Le Cop on Shavon Records! Originaly released in 1978 and hands over 800 us dollars amogs the most diehard disco and soul collectors. strong basslines, amazing beats, monster horns and sweet soulful vocals are the main ingredients of these two & true disco masterpieces!

Dubkasm - Transform I Remixed Dubkasm Transform I Remixed Sufferah’s Choice 012cd CD € 12.99 buy
Bristolian roots reggae outfit Dubkasm have rounded together ten of the city’s A-list dubstep producers to contribute to their Transform I – Remixed album. Quite aside from being a compulsively listenable and frequently brilliant reconstruction of Dubkasm’s Transform I album, this upcoming remix project acts as a tidy summary of – and an excellent introduction to – some of the Bristol dubstep community’s best-known practitioners. Transform I – Remixed completes the trilogy of releases, and Dubkasm have decided to keep things Bristolian for the remix CD, inviting Pinch, Peverelist, Appleblim & Gatekeeper, Headhunter, Guido, Gemmy, RSD, Hyetal, Forsaken and Jakes to offer up versions of their material.

Fluxion - Perfuse ep Fluxion Perfuse ep Echocord 043 12inch € 8.49 buy
2nd EP from Fluxions album coming with a powerful Deabeat rmxthat will work on every dancefloor.

Gerd - In The Morning (Dj Koze remix) Gerd In The Morning (Dj Koze remix) Philpot 046 12inch € 9.99 buy
Gert-Jan Bijl from Rotterdam better known as Gerd is a true constant in the electronic scene. The head of a whole bunch of labels like 4 Lux, Fortek and some in disguise as well as different monikers like Delgui and Literon delivers a timeless blueprint of funked up House music for us! On the flip DJ Koze is giving this track a fantastic remix treatment and twists it another notch into the obscure… ”Thanks for purchasing a real copy!”

Girl Unit - IRL Girl Unit IRL Night Slugs 003 12inch € 8.49 buy
The 12” promo for Night Slugs’ third official release presents one of the biggest underground tracks of the year – Girl Unit’s mighty IRL. Already a massive underground anthem in London, IRL is being sought after by DJs far and wide. The track’s broken 808 drumkit captures the manic energy of Chicago’s footwork/Juke movement at a UK-friendly 135bpm, while its monster island horns signal the coming of an ominous beast. IRL references both Chicago and London in equal parts, however the arrival of the iconic neon FM synth that permeates the track launches it high into orbit. Comes with some hot remixes as well.

Greyship Daviz - This Groove Is On The Loose Greyship Daviz This Groove Is On The Loose Past Due 007 12inch € 8.99 buy
Past Due pulls another Boogie Down Disco Jam from the Past Due Archives with 3 stunning cosmic disco remixes (James Curd, Nick Chacona, My Cousin Roy rmx’s). Sweet!

Guy Gerber - Hate / Love ep Guy Gerber Hate / Love ep Supplement Facts 018 12inch € 8.49 buy
Well produced modern club tracks of which the melodic tracks really stand out! This ain’t the first Guy Gerber release we like a lot! Another strong one.

Joint Movement Project - Find A Love Joint Movement Project Find A Love Balance Alliance 07 12inch € 8.99 buy
Produced By Kai Alce & Jovonn. Perfect house tracks with that classic feel that we know of Prescription, Alleviated, Prescription! Lmd brown colored vinyl. Tip!

Mano Le Tough - Oblique (Chateau Flight rmx) Mano Le Tough Oblique (Chateau Flight rmx) Internasjonal 014 12inch € 8.99 buy
Mano Le Tough is one guy to watch!! Oblique boast a perfect effective dramaturgy with slighty spooky broken melody box theme rising out of a thick mist of grinding chords before morphing into a deep acid finale. French gentlemen of distinction and many styles CHATEAU FLIGHT toughen up the beats and throw in some african wood percussions and sparse psychedelic dub effects for a superb rhythmically multi-layered rework.

Oracy - Bass Mood Oracy Bass Mood Mojuba 014 12inch € 8.99 buy
Cool release again on Mojuba! The a-side Bass Mood is featuring a disco break styled beat combined with a sick acid bassline… kind of the way Gerd and Pittmann can do it! A special trac that creates special moments on the floor! The b-side with Funk Advice is cooling things a little down, in the known dub light techno way of Oracy!

Orlando B. - Beneath The Surface Ep Orlando B. Beneath The Surface Ep Yore ltd03 12inch € 8.99 buy
Excellent 4 track ep with great house tracks reminding us a lot of Abacus and Nick Holder releases. Only 300 copies!

Patrick Specke - The Antman Ep (Delano Smith Remix) Patrick Specke The Antman Ep (Delano Smith Remix) Hello Repeat 15 12inch € 8.49 buy
Patrick Specke (Desolat) enters the floor with some smiling excursions of deepness… Also a late night groove remix by Delano Smith!

Ray Mang - Letcha Body Go Ray Mang Letcha Body Go Mangled 013 12inch € 8.99 buy
Ray Mang with original works (so no edits!!) and to be honnest this is the best of the last batch of Mangled releases! especially 2nd and 3rd track are heavy disco hitters! Check.
Reference - Reference Vs. EP Part 2 Reference Reference Vs. EP Part 2 Beretta Grey 007 12inch € 8.99 buy
Reference’ (Planet E / Echospace / Beretta) consists of the Detroit-based artists Luke Hess & Brian Kage. The second installment of our Reference VS series wanted to get a bit more soulful & deep, and highlighted two of the world’s finest dub techno artists – Stephen Hitchell (CV313) and Marko Furstenburg. To carry the dancer through the night into another summer day in the sun.

Robert Hood - Omega Robert Hood Omega M-plant lp08 3x12inch € 23.99 buy
Robert Hood returns after last year’s re-issue of Minimal Nation re-issue with his new artist album ‘Omega’. Mr Hood continues his search for the perfect minimal techno groove.

Runaway - Broken Man (Brennan Green remix) Runaway Broken Man (Brennan Green remix) On The Prowl 04 12inch € 8.99 buy
As a close follow up to Runaway’s ”The Fire Below”, OTP’s new ”Broken Man” follows suit with sprawling mood and tension. Laced with hypnotic Detroit-esque organ riffs, disco flourishes, detuned pads, and the repeating chant ”Broken Man”, it’s proper Runaway dance floor frenzy. As an A-side bonus cut we get Runaway’s live version which features an outtake of their forthcoming live show! Nice! On the B-side, we get Brennan Green from Chinatown Records / NYC! Mr. Green takes the ”Broken Man” original and remodels it into a wild snare filled stomper. Fitting nicely into a hybrid set of house and dubstep, his mix is both modern in form and classic in execution. Another super solid release for the OTP team!

S.A.S.  - S.A.S. Edits S.A.S. S.A.S. Edits Foot & Mouth 001 12inch € 8.49 buy
Footandmouth is a new label featuring some choice re-edits of lost house, boogie and disco. First up are the S.A.S edits. They utilise two underground favourites from the late 80’s with some classy jacking re-edits, sliced and spliced with a modern twist. The heady days of handclaps and 909’s are evoked to great effect, as we are treated to four kick-ass reversions. Check!

Steffen Baldo - Basement Amuzement Park Steffen Baldo Basement Amuzement Park Polyfon 009 12inch € 8.99 buy
Steffen Baldo’s second solo release with some nice deeper adventurous house-techno tracks. Flirting with the slower dirty house beats as Theo Parrish, Malik Pittman or STL could do them.

Sven Tasnadi  - Tell Me Again (Steve Bug rmx) Sven Tasnadi Tell Me Again (Steve Bug rmx) Pokerflat 113 12inch € 8.49 buy
Deep moody next generation house. Tell Me Again is a slow bumping house track for the late night crowds. Steve Bug delivers a more uptempo percussion driven mix. Lst cut is the Groove On track made with Anthony Collins and combines dub techno and New York house vibes.

Tama Sumo & Prosumer - Rarified (OliverWho Factory rmx) Tama Sumo & Prosumer Rarified (OliverWho Factory rmx) Ostgut ton 036 12inch € 8.99 buy
Chicago influenced techno tracks. Comes with a rare OliverWho Factory remix that is on the classic chicago path. Nice one!

Tornado Wallace - Paddlin EP (Linkwood remix) Tornado Wallace Paddlin EP (Linkwood remix) Delusions Of Grandeur 010 12inch € 8.49 buy
Tornado Wallace pushes down the deeper, Detroit-inspired route with these very special tracks. Paddlin! positively throbs and pumps with a deep, downbeat attitude and a kind of swampy vibe emanating throughout. Detroit pads hiss and suck their way through the compressor giving energy and drive to the track whilst the underpinning funk sample make sure that the groove focuses firmly on the dancefloor. Jimpster is doing an excellent job with this new label which is popping out the goods like hot shit (just like his Freerange label). Check!

Unknown - MCMXC Unknown MCMXC Mcdmxc 12inch € 8.99 buy
Low Frequency Alteration and Still For Real do the UK early bleep techno thing recycle thing… and we like it! Based on 90’s techno tracks but restyled, re-edited, remixed… delivering the joy of those releases plus extra. Limited copies!

Various Artists - Ron Hardy Edits #3 Various Artists Ron Hardy Edits #3 R.D.Y. 03 12inch € 9.99 buy
Classic tracks in rare edit versions taken from old tapes (which one could tell from the terrible sound quality!). A side comes up with Jamie Principle – Waiting on Ron’s Angels. Ron Hardy’s edit to play it at the Music Box back in the days. B side Plastic Bertrands STOP OU ENCORE. B2 is Jesse Saunders & Ron Hardy – Hardy Saunders.

X.I.  - The Ghost (Headhunter rmx) X.I. The Ghost (Headhunter rmx) Orca Recordings 001 12inch € 8.99 buy
The first release comes from X.I, one of the most exciting producers in bass music today. The track, named ‘The Ghost’ captures the exact sentiment and ethos of Orca. Right from the start XI creates an instant vibe with a short and energetic intro before the simple yet highly effective drum pattern and tough sub work out release this track’s potential. On the flip, Headhunter still searing hot from his Addison’s Groove outing on Swamp81, demonstrates exactly why he is one of the most sought after producers. Tip!

Various Artists - Cd Twelve Sample 2 of 2 Various Artists Cd Twelve Sample 2 of 2 Gigolo 217 12inch € 8.99 buy
Three new tracks of the new Gigolo 12 compilation with a great sample based jazzy house track by Nick Coleman. Classic chord driven Detroit house by Dj Linus and Herman Schwarz doing a more darker dirty jacking Chicago influenced jack track as we could expect from someone like Legowelt. Check!


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