a new week… and the first new releases start to come in… with a nice versatile selection… so here a little update!

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First some attention for a couple of Clone repressings for titles that has been out of stock for a while!

The Other People Place ft. Mystic Tribe a.i. - Sunday Night Live at The Laptop Cafe The Other People Place ft. Mystic Tribe a.i. Sunday Night Live at The Laptop Cafe Clone# 27 12inch € 7.99 buy
One of the two The Other People Place releases (the Warp full length and this 12). Drexciyan involvement in this classic release is obvious. One of the deepest and intense tracks with such a warm positive vibe. Flipside contains a track by Mystic Tribe. (not very mystical of course for those who know the history of Detroit techno. Unique track from a unique project… and there are not many projects with Tribe in its name. Their release on Retroactive is one Detroit techno collector items). One of those records that get you through the day. Classic!!!

Mike Dunn presents MDIII - Face The Nation Mike Dunn presents MDIII Face The Nation Clone Classic Cuts / C#CC001 12inch € 7.99 buy
Originally released on Underground Records from Chicago. 4 tracks of vocal acid house. Can you imagine what happened when we heard these tracks for the first time 20 years ago? We couldn’t stop jumping around. This was completely from another world… Acid was music from another planet and Mike Dunn was an Alien who came with irresistible beats and basslines. Mike Dunn and Tyree Cooper also wrote the lyrics which are still relevant for everybody who has some hassle with relationships now and then. This is all about the basics of good innovative music. Essential!

Mike Dunn - So Let It Be House Mike Dunn So Let It Be House Clone Classic Cuts / C#CC007 12inch € 7.99 buy
Another Clone Classic Cuts re-issue of super obscure Mike Dunn tracks! Three brilliant acid house tracks; ‘So Let It Be House’, ‘Grooving’ and ‘Life Goes On’. Three master pieces which have been out of print since their year of release (1988!). 19 years after their initial release date on Westbrook records we are happy to have this almost forgotten piece of House music history available again. Must have!

V/A - Clone Classic Cuts V/A Clone Classic Cuts Clone Classic Cuts / C#CC012 12inch € 7.99 buy
Four tracks taken from the Clone Classic Cuts album, showcasing the more disco/electro side of the album. Featuring Oppenheimer Analysis, Fockewulf 190, Jackson Jones & Trophy.

Various selected new releases:

Model 500 - Ofi / Huesca (Mad Mike rmx) Model 500 Ofi / Huesca (Mad Mike rmx) R&S 1006 12inch € 8.99 buy
Uptempo electro techno tracks from Juan Atkins with classic bass lines and robotic vocals. Produced by Juan Atkins, Mark Taylor and Mike Banks. Including a Mad Mike (Underground Resistance remix)

Mental Overdrive - My House EP Mental Overdrive My House EP Love OD Communications 1001 12inch € 8.99 buy
Based on an old sketch for a track that was lost for 20 years and then suddenly resurfaced on an old DAT tape when he moved his studio, latest offering from Per Martinsen AKA Mental Overdrive takes us into a universe where big pianos and bright sunshine is the order of the day. To make things even more summery and relaxed he teamed up with fellow Norwegian disco connoisseur Rune Lindbaek for a joint remix, and while in the studio they had a swift visit from chanteuse Anneli Drecker – recently known for her position as front vocalist for Röyksopp – who added her soothing voice to the mix to transport you even further into balearic bliss. Finally this release also introduces the bright new talent of Boska, delivering his more uptempo remix duties to complete this essential package to kick off the summer season.

Jocke & Elliot - Regenbagen Jocke & Elliot Regenbagen Kust Musik 005 12inch € 8.99 buy
Jocke & Elliots debut release which features the beautiful synth-pop tracks regnbagen and stadens labyrint. Jocke is an established producer from Gothenburg, and the beautiful young voice is from Luke Eargoggles son Elliot. Classic electro pop for all the fans of Kraftwerk and Dopplereffekt. Lovely record!

Various Artists - Alek Stark presents: Electro Domesticos 2 Various Artists Alek Stark presents: Electro Domesticos 2 Fundamental records 01 3x12inch € 39.90 buy
Triple pack with the creme de la creme of Spanish underground producers concentrating on electr and electronix. Elektro Domésticos pt1 was published in Spain by the first Iberian hip-hop label SuperEgo/Tu Pierdes. Today Fundamental Records presents the second part of this pioneer work. Includes tracks by Alek Stark, Annie Hall, Spanish Robots, Ocp,Dark Vector etc. Three 12′ all coming in a different color and a nice packaging which is handnumbered and comes in three colors each limited to 100 copies. Nice document of the current scene which seems to very lively!

. - Zusammen 3:10 . Zusammen 3:10 Zusammen 003 10inch € 15.99 buy
You know the deal; deep, dark, atmospheric and very limited (150 hand numbered copies) electronix from France. Including one of our personal favourites ”Pessah” which was previously released on a Musamore CD only.

Anthony Collins - Under Your Spell EP Anthony Collins Under Your Spell EP Horizontal 12 12inch € 8.99 buy
Horizontal is proud to offer a robustly breezy release from accomplished French producer, Anthony Collins. Grooves that are intricate yet fluid, sounds both tech and organic, and mood-embracing funk are the signatures we have come to expect from the Frenchman. Lush modern electronic house tracks that go further then the stripped down effective dancefloor tools. Check!

Apiento & Co  - She Walks (Pete herbert remix) Apiento & Co She Walks (Pete herbert remix) Leng 004 12inch € 7.99 buy
Apiento & Co follow up their 7” for Claremont 56 with a new 12” for Leng. This again has lush, mellow ibizian mood about it but could work wonders on the dancefloor late at night. The slow arpegiated groove leads us into a hooky piano with the strings and then a lovely piano solo drifts along and completes the package. Pete Herbert turns it round and aims straight for the dancefloor in true disco Herbert style. A great new 12” from Leng!

Holger Czukay - Persian Love Holger Czukay Persian Love Claremont 56 023 12inch € 9.99 buy
Holger says ‘“Persian Love” was the first piece of music I created when I had just found my own way. After so many years being a bass player in CAN I was now in the situation to play guitar again. Deep in the night in my home studio I switched the multitrack machine on half speed and played the guitar in slow motion – playing back was then in normal speed. That’s how I could manage to become a guitar player again. The drums and percussion had been recorded the same way which was no problem for Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit who was moving like a sloth. Only the singing couple from Persia (Iran) was an exception. I recorded them live from my short wave radio. However, the musical secret of “My Persian Love” cannot be explained so easy. How could a musician from far away synchronize himself to my guitar as if he was listening to it simultaneously? And would the music have sounded the same if he would have been alive there in my studio? Sometimes it seems to be better when the musician cannot hear the other one during his recording.’

Azari & III  - Indigo Ep. Azari & III Indigo Ep. Turbo 085 12inch € 8.99 buy
Hard jacking retro chicago influenced tracks by Azari & III

Bonar Bradberry - Siula Grande (Pete Herbert rmx) Bonar Bradberry Siula Grande (Pete Herbert rmx) Needwant 009 12inch € 8.99 buy
Bonar delivers two sweet originals. A-side comes with a great remix from Pete Herbert. Siula Grande grips the floor with a hypnotic house groove and dark rave bassline, capturing the raw energy of early classics with modern production skills and buoyancy of current house music. Piano led melodies lead into enveloping breakdowns and result in a true dancefloor weapon. Pete Herberts rework highlights the smooth groove and adds a nineties inspired piano and guitar lick – lifting the track to new heights. Flip side with For All Time is a 9-minute workout of deep slo mo funk inspired melody. Lazy beats dance on a backdrop of embracing sounds producing an evolving journey into space and time coming with a solid Burnski dub mix! Sweet!

Bvdub - The Art Of Dying Alone Bvdub The Art Of Dying Alone Glacial Movements 008 CD € 17.99 buy
San Francisco artist bvdub (Brock Van Wey) is known all over the world for having realized resonant jewels of rare beauty such as ”White Clouds Drift On and On”, ”We Were The Sun”, ”To Live” and many more. He has collaborated with labels such as Millions of Moments, Echospace, Smallfish, Styrax, and Kompakt. bvdub spans different sound-sorgents of classical moulds such as piano, acoustic guitar, violin and angelic female voices, along with delicate digital soundscapes. All this is manipulated and perfectly orchestrated into six wonderful compositions in which moments of melancholy, isolation, coldness, and contemplation of life will take the listener’s soul on a journey throughout those beautiful and desolate places eternalized in the cover photo by Bjarne Riesto, with great thanks to the huge design-work by Keep Adding studio.

Chesus x Divers Concept / C.R.S.T. - Baduka / Bump Chesus x Divers Concept / C.R.S.T. Baduka / Bump Ten Thousand Yen 002 10inch € 8.99 buy
Two new heavy bass riddims from the current hotbed of Welsh production talent. Both tracks have had Radio One support from Mary Anne Hobbes and Gilles Peterson as well as love from Greenmoney, Martyn, Oneman, Seiji, Ben UFO and more. The release is number two in a five part series of coloured 10” vinyl, strictly limited to 350 copies each. All vinyl are coloured and numbered, with hand screen-printed sleeves. Each vinyl order includes a download code for instant MP3 / FLAC / WAV format.

Cosmic Metal Mother - Rat´s Poem (Prins Thomas rmx) Cosmic Metal Mother Rat´s Poem (Prins Thomas rmx) Panacustica 002 12inch € 8.99 buy
Rats Poem from Cosmic Metal Mother coming with a strong Prins Thomas remix, plus a Detroit inspired instrumental by Stay Gold. Opening with the dreamy version where a plucked string intro and Rats voice drive you into a deep, cinematic, adult dance groove. Prins Thomass delivers a more uplifting and upbeat mix. A Lush balearic trip with a live warm feel to it in which a guitar plays along the melody, accentuating the spaced out feel of the track, lifting it into higher states. Stay gold gives the listeners a techno version where sparse, mechanical drums and a minimized melody take us to the motor city for a night drive in the dark. Own it, feel it, play it loud.

Dj Kaos - Horny Morning Loops Dj Kaos Horny Morning Loops Jolly Jams 001 12inch € 8.49 buy
New label by DJ Kaos features mixes by Eric Duncan and TVS & Aera. Great dj orientated house tracks injected with some disco flavor.

Dj Compufunk - A.I. Soul (UR rmxs) Dj Compufunk A.I. Soul (UR rmxs) Compufunk 002 12inch € 9.99 buy
Japanese Artist Compufunk with some Detroit inspired techno funk. Comes with one of the rare and always excellent UR remixes!

Group Mob - Vector / Amber Group Mob Vector / Amber Phlox 002 12inch € 8.99 buy
Two of the deepest space dub techno tracks with basic channel inspired synth chords. Tip!

Ibex - Meltdown ep Ibex Meltdown ep Yore 026 12inch € 8.99 buy
Tony Ollivierra aka Ibex, who is no stranger at all to the world of Detroit House music, brings us four tracks, so deep (and yet grooving without a doubt), unique and full of class. Strong release!

Kryptic Universe - Ha-Lo Ep Kryptic Universe Ha-Lo Ep Melted 004 12inch € 8.99 buy
Retro-ish raw analogue dubbed out techno like we know from Bunker and Acid Planet records in the mid nineties.

Lawrence  - Dwelling On The Dunes Lawrence Dwelling On The Dunes Laid 009 12inch € 8.49 buy
For Deep House lovers and beyond Laid presents the first release by Lawrence on Dial’s sublabel.

Lee Curtiss - And We All Fall Down Ep Lee Curtiss And We All Fall Down Ep Supplement Facts 024 12inch € 8.99 buy
Lee Curtiss delivers some deep ass contemporary melodic house tracks. High quality as usual. Check
Luke Hess - Michigan Central Station Luke Hess Michigan Central Station Echocord Colour 012 12inch € 8.99 buy
A deep, dubby & powerful hommage to the Michigan Central Station in Detroit. Mixed (not remixed) by Omar S.

Margaret Dygas - How Do You Do? (N.S.I. rmx) Margaret Dygas How Do You Do? (N.S.I. rmx) Powershovel 01 12inch € 4.20 buy
Tight forward thinking modern house tracks from Margaret Dygas. Percussive driven tracks with a long build up. Comes with a cool N.S.I. remix. Check!

NDF - Since We Last Met (Ricardo Villalobos Rmx) NDF Since We Last Met (Ricardo Villalobos Rmx) DFA 2265 12inch € 8.99 buy
Innovative house track with mail vox produced by Pronsato who runs the thesongsays label. Comes in a tight remix version of Ricardo Villalobos.

Nebraska - Four for Four ep Nebraska Four for Four ep Rush Hour N4 12inch € 8.99 buy
This is the Fourth Nebraska EP for Rush Hour. Again, a strong 4 tracker. With Nebraska summer lasts longer. With Minor Key Memories he delivers four good spirited and uplifting house tracks. This Is The Way is an infectious, building disco groove which climaxes midway through. Party time! The other three tracks are also fun loving, playful disco cut ups in true Nebraska style that put a smile to any crowd.

Oneohtrix Point Never - Retrunal(Fennesz Rmx) Oneohtrix Point Never Retrunal(Fennesz Rmx) Editions Mego 7inch € 8.99 buy
Raw indiustrial krautrock inspired drones and ambient compositions. Hot on the heels of the acclaimed Oneohtrix Point Never Returnal album come these fabulous versions of the title track. Antony swings the mood and strips the track of its delayed harmonised vocals and creates poignant ballad with Dan OPN on piano. Fennesz on the other hand sprinkles some his world famous majestic stardust over the proceedings.

Paper Dolls - I Cant get you out of my heart Paper Dolls I Cant get you out of my heart Tyson records 007 12inch € 9.99 buy
That title sound like something that could turn into a world hit… Thats not what the Paper Dolls did… they came up with this warm grooving mid tempo disco soul track. Amazing light and smooth groove that could just go on and on. came out on Harvey Millers Tyson records. Pretty obscure release… right now its not even on discogs!!

Roof Light - What Makes You So Special (Highpoint Lowlife) - Roof Light - What Makes You So Special (Highpoint Lowlife) Roof Light – What Makes You So Special (Highpoint Lowlife) Roof Light – What Makes You So Special (Highpoint Lowlife) Highpoint Lowlife 12inch € 8.99 buy
four tracks that span the spectrum of current UK club memes, from the 2step rhythms of title track What Makes You So Special, the slo-mo house of Face Up To Your Sensibilities, through to the Todd Edwards influenced of Prayin’ To T.E., and the moodier down-tempo sound of the closing Cakes, Biscuits, and How’s Yer Father. Limited run of 300 copies with stamped labels.

Spinn & Rashad - 4 The Ghetto Spinn & Rashad 4 The Ghetto Ghettophiles 02 LP € 11.99 buy
Chicago 2some who cut their teeth on Dance Mania, & went on to drop on Juke Trax, Bang Tha Box Recordings, Databass, & Movel Traxx come correct w/8 tracks of mind-melting bass-driven ”juketronik”, blending freestyle, ghetto house, juke, jit, and techno.

T Coy - Carino Rmxs Pt 2 (MCDE rmx) T Coy Carino Rmxs Pt 2 (MCDE rmx) Deconstruction 012 12inch € 8.99 buy
T Coy gets remixed by MCDE who drops a solid mix here! phat old school percussion and a nice phat bassline. Kind of the classic early proto house way as we know of Cultural Vibe. On the flip a Steve Mac remix that also goes on the retro house vibe with addition latin piano. check!!

The Blessing - Galaxy High The Blessing Galaxy High Kindred Spirits NN 12inch € 8.99 buy
The Blessings are a fantastic band born out of the infamous LuckyMe-crew (Scotland, UK). This brilliant 6-track EP on Nod Navigators comes fresh and correct. These guys are going to blow up! Already supported by Hudson Mohawke, Rekordah, Seiji, Mamiko Motto & The Rush Hour Beat loving massive! Sleeve design by king, Stephen Serrato (Poobah, Warp, Stones Throw)

Ultramagnetic MCs - Ultra Laboratory Stories Ultramagnetic MCs Ultra Laboratory Stories Black Pegasus 2LP € 18.99 buy
Legendary Bronx crew adds another classic to their catalog. Delving deep into the Ultra lab vaults of unreleased vintage & current tracks produced solely by TR & Moe Luv f/tracks from Critical Beatdown era to The Four Horsemen times. The guys deliver big time with the funk and soul dripping tracks!. Tip!

Unknown - Knowone 003 Unknown Knowone 003 Knowone 003 12inch € 10.99 buy
Part three in this limited series of dusty, grittu techno tracks on marbled vinyl. No repressings… expected to be sold out very quick again!

Volk vs. Myon - Initial Appearance E.P. Volk vs. Myon Initial Appearance E.P. Heliocentric Music 003 12inch € 8.99 buy
Volks initial appearance on Heliocentric Music features a stunning dancefloor bomb, which will spark large-scale-fires in clubs around the world. The second track on this record comes from label-owner Myon, who again delivers an epic journey through the periodic table of Techno. For those, who listen closer!

Some Digital recommendations…

Onmutu Mechanicks - Nocturne Onmutu Mechanicks Nocturne Echocord MP3 (320 kbps) Techno € 7.45 buy
Philogresz - So Long Sydney EP Philogresz So Long Sydney EP Ware MP3 (320 kbps) House € 4.95 buy
Rick Wilhite presents - Vibes New & Rare Music Rick Wilhite presents Vibes New & Rare Music RushHour MP3 (320 kbps) House € 9.99 buy
Cindytalk - Up Here In The Clouds Cindytalk Up Here In The Clouds Editions Mego MP3 (320 kbps) Techno € 7.45 buy
Danny Krivit - Edits by Mr. K Vol. 2: Music Of The Earth (+Video Interview) Danny Krivit Edits by Mr. K Vol. 2: Music Of The Earth (+Video Interview) Strut MP3 (320 kbps), MPEG (H.264) Disco € 9.99 buy
FaltyDL - Endeavour FaltyDL Endeavour Planet Mu MP3 (320 kbps) Dubstep € 2.95 buy

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