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Some xxclusives from the Clone distribution house:

Various Artists - Uncanny Valley 01 Various Artists Uncanny Valley 01 Uncanny Valley 001 12inch € 7.99 buy
Jakob Korn, Break Sl,Thomas Frohlich, Cuthead on the first release of this ambitious new label from Dresden. With its foundations firmly rooted in house and open to all styles such as techno, disco and dubstep. Its a small community of friends and producers, dj’s that meet each other the old fashioned way, the local record store Fat Fenders. The first release is a true house-affair. Thomas Fröhlich’s ‘Get US’ is a mysterious and breathtaking opener with beautifully plucked strings and a summerish feel. Jacob Korn with the surprise track on this record that combines intricate soundscapes built on an uplifting groove. This guy is on a roll! On the B-Side breaks-prankster Cuthead unleashes an unusual deep house study entitled ‘Unacceptable Moustache Styles’ before the record concludes gracefully with Break SL’s late night jam ‘Low Light’. we’ve said it before… the next generation has arrived! Recommended.

Dorisburg - Sinai Hypnosis Dorisburg Sinai Hypnosis Aniara recordings 002 12inch € 7.99 buy
The 2nd release on the new Aniara label! This is one of the deepest, most intense tracks we’ve heard in a while! Sinai Hypnosis is a lush and relaxed tracks that slowly builds and builds and just don’t push things as so many of the modern house records… this is a fresh evening breeze slowly turning into a invisible silent tornado sucking you up and dropping you on cloud 9! This is probably the closest we’ve heard anything come to Global Communications without copying their sound. The title track comes as extended and dub version. Flip side brings Mima… another kind of ballad with a dubstep/two step beat and a soothing voice, leading you gently into new territories. Recommended! (remember Aniara 001 sold out in 1 week.. and so far never got repressed despite the demand! Don’t sleep)

Various Artists - Voyeurhythm ep3 Various Artists Voyeurhythm ep3 Voyeurhythm 003 12inch € 7.99 buy
Part 3 in the Voyeurhythm series! Retro futuristic house tracks by Ben Sun and Monte Carlo Interchange. Ben delivers a great track that builds around a sweet Frankie Knuckles kind of bassline and sexy NY proto house percussion, topped with lush piano and vocal samples 1992 rippin old disco records style. HEAVY HITTER!!!. Flip side is a spaced out slomo cosmic house jam with a big bass line which goes between a classic 90’s C.Craig and a late 80’s Chicago house bassline… sweeet! Another cool release from these kind Australian folks!

Skyscaper - Skyshapes Skyscaper Skyshapes Ghost Sounds 008 12inch € 7.99 buy
Hi-quality minimal dub/ambient techno by Skyscaper & Ekelon. Comes on the likeable Ghost Sounds label (that always seem to be pressing less as what the demand is unfortunately… hence the zero stock on back catalogue). But lush long tracks with a foggy ambient piece on side a, and a more bright rhythmic dubby piece on the flip with beautiful strings and lush melodies. Sweeet!!

Jason Fine - Colors ep Jason Fine Colors ep Kontra Musik 015 12inch € 7.99 buy
Detroit artist Jason Fine is back with a follow up to his critically acclaimed Future Thought album. The master of the introspective and personal techno sound gives us another killer release, once again transforming daily life experience into beautiful and moving deep techno and house. Jason Fine continues to play around with layered melodies and harmony mixed with raw and funky drum programming. The EP opens with the track Orange, a beautiful monotone organ based techno track, revealing hard times. Violet continues in the same vein. Blue melodies play around over minor organ chords and heavy kick drum. On the inner tracks Blue and Red Jason with confidence moves into the electro territory, still keeping emotion and atmosphere up front. Even though the concept behind this EP is the full color spectrum, the mood is all over blue.

Mark du Mosch - Bareknuckle Mark du Mosch Bareknuckle SD 18 12inch € 7.99 buy
SD Records returns, all guns blazing, with a fourtrack smasher by Mark du Mosch and it’s a small miracle these tracks are here. Noticed the scrambled spaghetti in the artwork? That’s the original recording tape, right before some serious hours of restauration. ”It was nerve-wracking, but I managed to untie the knot.” But was it worth all the effort? Hell yeah! Mark du Mosch delivers a classic EP with four very different, but ultimately essential tracks. Titletrack Bareknuckle has ”anthem” written all over it. Warm, but pumping techno with a hint of disco and a hook that is simply killing. With the raw, dark technoelectro sound of Monolulu and Mice vs Cat Mark du Mosch dives into dusty, pounding cellar soundsystems. Machine Lives takes it in true SD style to an unexpected experimental electronica level. Classic.

Brassica - New Jam City Brassica New Jam City Nocturnes 01 12inch € 8.99 buy
Immaculate expansive night music. Written and recorded between Hungry Ghost’s studios in West London and a remote Kent shed the attention to gear on both tracks is really rather special. The view is from above, the lights… are they on? There is life underground: These shall not last long.

Sumerian Fleet - Sumerian Fleet Sumerian Fleet Sumerian Fleet Clone West Coast Series 04 EP € 8.99 buy
The West coast series continues… after the huge Hasbeens release its Sumerian Fleet with a amazing 5 track ep full of big dark wave inspired tracks. The perfect sound track for a movie such as Irreversible. Scary, haunting and dirty! Do we hear some influences of The Cure? Liaisons Dangereuses? Adult.? Front 242?, John Fox?. By far the most inspiring electro release we’ve have heard in a while with its crazy industrial drive and dirty machine funk and robotic synths. Btw check out that last track Blech Erkrankung… That track alone is worth buying this record! Big.

A small selection of our new Imports! (more coming in everyday!!)

Bileebob - Call Me Bileebob Call Me Underground Resistance 081 12inch € 8.99 buy
Great new UR release. Electro techno as we like it!

Nick Speed - Speed Of Sound Nick Speed Speed Of Sound Underground Resistance 082 12inch € 8.99 buy
Downbeat tracks from UR. Hip Hop influenced electro Funk from Detroit

Sare Havlicek - Dreams In Light Sare Havlicek Dreams In Light Nang 031 12inch € 7.99 buy
Slovenian based Sare Havlicek with some fresh nu disco. coming with additional remixes by DFA, Eskimo, Mangled artists Ray Mang (well… actually he don’t really need an introduction). Check!

Beppe Loda Presents Mc1 - Counter (bottin rmx) Beppe Loda Presents Mc1 Counter (bottin rmx) Nang 033 12inch € 8.99 buy
Over the last few years, Beppe’s name has walked out of the history books and back into nightclubs and record collections. Here Beppe collaborates with MC1 to turn in ”Counter”. The original and the adeptly named ”Electro Monster” version features here from the deft Beppe / MC1 pairing; big riffs, big synths and big drama all the way. Providing some remix action is the new mysterious act ”Radome” (yes it’s an alias but no we can’t tell you who it is). His mix adds a lazy acid slow-mo groove, analog burn and more than enough oscillators for your money. Also on remix duty is a Latin combo consisting of the most Italian of producers, Bottin, and new Mexican apprentices, Avanti. Their mix brings the track bang into 2010 with the robust and sparkling, synthesizer, dancefloor version.

Blakula - Permanent Midnight Blakula Permanent Midnight Bear funk lp013 LP € 16.99 buy
Blakula is a black vampire born in Haiti, hibernated in Transylvania and defrosted in New York City. It’s 1977. After living for too long among the humans Blakula starts to enjoy life to the full, even its darkest aspects. Gradually Blakula becomes more human than normal people and starts behaving and ”feeling” like them. So Blakula posed for Robert Mapplethorpe’s camera, wrote poems with William Burroughs, shared spray cans and brushes with Jean Michel Basquiat, jammed with Miles Davis and the Velvet Underground, starred in David Lynch’s movies, danced at Studio 54 with Andy Warhol, dated Vanessa Del Rio and Joe Dallesandro, got addicted to heavy drugs and alcohol, experimented any possible erotic fantasy, partied hard, tasted the bright lights, learned the language of pimps and derelicts, lived in baroque palaces and shooting galleries, became more human than human then got crushed by the city sickness. The Blakula soundtrack was created at an undetermined period in time by Simon Maccari and Andrea Bellentani (also known as The Diaphanoids). The music is both unique and at the same time ”classic”. Musical touchstones range from funk, seventies disco, psychedelia, avant-garde, no-wave vibe, cinematic atmospheric sounds, nightclub sleazy jazz to slow-mo bluesy grooves. Every track on the album has been played by real musicians, orchestral ensembles and choirs. At Bearfunk we often step foot outside the boundaries of the normal and decry fiscal sanity. Blakula is one such step; a miniature suburban gothic funk/voodoo disco/slasher-thriller-giallo movie, soundtrack opera. Welcome Blakula’s ”Permanent Midnight”, an album that is a bitter and desperate ride through the alienated landscapes of a city’s darkness.

Bvdub - The Art Of Dying Alone Bvdub The Art Of Dying Alone Glacial Movements 008 CD € 17.99 buy
San Francisco artist bvdub (Brock Van Wey) is known all over the world for having realized resonant jewels of rare beauty such as ”White Clouds Drift On and On”, ”We Were The Sun”, ”To Live” and many more. He has collaborated with labels such as Millions of Moments, Echospace, Smallfish, Styrax, and Kompakt. bvdub spans different sound-sorgents of classical moulds such as piano, acoustic guitar, violin and angelic female voices, along with delicate digital soundscapes. All this is manipulated and perfectly orchestrated into six wonderful compositions in which moments of melancholy, isolation, coldness, and contemplation of life will take the listener’s soul on a journey throughout those beautiful and desolate places eternalized in the cover photo by Bjarne Riesto, with great thanks to the huge design-work by Keep Adding studio.

Dj Compufunk - A.I. Soul (UR rmxs) Dj Compufunk A.I. Soul (UR rmxs) Compufunk 002 12inch € 9.99 buy

FunkinEven - Heart Pound FunkinEven Heart Pound Eglo 010 12inch € 8.49 buy
Eglo records reaches it’s tenth release, with another acid dripping banger courtesy of West London’s Funkineven aka Stevie J. Taking things a little harder than on his previous two records, Heart Pound jacks its way across the dancefloor, in a collision of Chi-town and Ldn beat based funk. Another Space comes even harder, drawing on a touch of early rave and hardcore, it’s twenty ten… it just went on a journey before it got here. FunkinEven has been busy of late, remixing for Hyperdub recording artist Ikonika, Darling Farah and practicing as part of the Fatima Live Band.

Hadamard - Studio Gangster Hadamard Studio Gangster Mighty Robot Recordings 013 12inch € 8.99 buy
The sound of old school hip-hop, grinding funk, tweaked out electro and static acid seeps under the door of the Studio Gangster. Inside, Hadamard sits with his headphones on, in a world that’s more Dirty and Brown than diamond bling. He’s freaking his machines to create a concept production, an account, a soundtrack to a life best not lived. In the words of the King of Apeldoorn…”All the events recounted on this record happened to me for real. They changed my life, and I wanted to share this with all y’all G’s. Keep it gangster – H”

Hidden Hawaii  - QNS 2 Hidden Hawaii QNS 2 QNS 2 One sided 12 € 9.99 buy
Berlin local one sided pressing, upfront heavy tune on the edge of advanced half-stepping drum’n’bass & dubstepping electronica

KemeticJust feat. Terrance Downs - I Got Life (DJ Spinna and KZR Mixes) KemeticJust feat. Terrance Downs I Got Life (DJ Spinna and KZR Mixes) Ndatl Muzik 004 12inch € 9.99 buy
NDATL continues with a new amazing song created by the minds of Justin Chapman & Terrance Downs. The original catches you with it’s stand up bass & latin rhumble, while Mr Chapman’s guitar serenades you. Terrance’s vocal then brings a whole other dimension to the song. DJ Spinna get his hands on it and transforms ”I Got Life” into a deep floor burner. If that wasn’t enough, there are also two crazy dubs by Spinna & KZR!

Kidkut - Ilove04 / Lilt Kidkut Ilove04 / Lilt Apple Pips 013 12inch € 8.99 buy
Two tracl 12 by Adam Jackson aka Kidkut from Bristol. Kidkut’s single kicks off with the pointedly titled ILove04, a percussive roller that combines elements of broken beat, UK Funky, & early dubstep, with snippets of garage vocals and intense twisted bass. The flipside sees Kidkut going totally tropical with the magnificent Lilt, a percussive workout built around intricate drums and rolling bass that underpin the euphoric summer inspired synth lines.

Kirk Degiorgio - Exodus Earth Kirk Degiorgio Exodus Earth Applied Rhythmic Technology – Dance Division Series 3 12inch € 8.49 buy
Already tipped to be one of the biggest club tracks of 2010, from Berlin to Ibiza to Detroit – Exodus Earth continues ART’s new Dance Division Series in style. Hear this one bounce off the walls everywhere this summer & beyond!

La Séduction Des Innocents - Chapitre 1 La Séduction Des Innocents Chapitre 1 Le Syndicat Electronique 001 LP € 18.99 buy
Original copies found! La Séduction Des Innocents: angst pop and new wave like sounding minimal electronics with eerie vocals and more experimental sounds. The music is raw, unpolished, pure vintage electronic, minimal, dark, often oppresive but always lively. Released in 2004 as a limited edition of 525 copies.

La Séduction Des Innocents - Chapitre 2 La Séduction Des Innocents Chapitre 2 Le Syndicat Electronique 002 7inch € 11.99 buy
Original copies found! La Séduction Des Innocents: angst pop and new wave like sounding minimal electronics with eerie vocals and more experimental sounds. The music is raw, unpolished, pure vintage electronic, minimal, dark, often oppresive but always lively. Released in 2005 as a limited hand-numbered edition of 514 copies, including a postcard.
Machinedrum - The Many Faces Of Machinedrum Machinedrum The Many Faces Of Machinedrum Lucky Me 005 12inch € 8.99 buy
Machinedrum (aka Travis Stewart aka Syndrone on DUB recrdings) has created several albums under several aliases since his first independent release in 1999. At 19, his debut Now You Know was released on the influential Merck Records and gained worldwide praise from fans and critics.

Microworld - Time Before Techno EP Microworld Time Before Techno EP aDepth Audio 002 12inch € 8.99 buy
The second release on aDepth Audio is produced by the legendary Microworld, of Transmat and Styrax fame, and also includes a remix by Arthus Oskan. Great first releases by this Dutch label!

NDF - Since We Last Met (Ricardo Villalobos Rmx) NDF Since We Last Met (Ricardo Villalobos Rmx) DFA 2265 12inch € 8.99 buy
Innovative house track with mail vox produced by Pronsato who runs the thesongsays label. Comes in a tight remix version of Ricardo Villalobos.

Olene Kadar - Filthy Rich Olene Kadar Filthy Rich Mo’s Ferry 051 12inch € 8.49 buy
Phat grooving modern club tracks.

Ripperton - Leonors Lanugo (Radio Slave rmx) Ripperton Leonors Lanugo (Radio Slave rmx) Green 09.1 12inch € 8.49 buy
Great original, great remix. Modern techno tools at its best.

Roof Light - What Makes You So Special (Highpoint Lowlife) - Roof Light - What Makes You So Special (Highpoint Lowlife) Roof Light – What Makes You So Special (Highpoint Lowlife) Roof Light – What Makes You So Special (Highpoint Lowlife) Highpoint Lowlife 12inch € 8.99 buy
four tracks that span the spectrum of current UK club memes, from the 2step rhythms of title track What Makes You So Special, the slo-mo house of Face Up To Your Sensibilities, through to the Todd Edwards influenced of Prayin’ To T.E., and the moodier down-tempo sound of the closing Cakes, Biscuits, and How’s Yer Father. Limited run of 300 copies with stamped labels.

Shed - The Traveller Shed The Traveller Ostgut Ton lp006 2LP € 16.99 buy
Advanced modern electronica, dubstep injected, classic detroit based tracks that are a world on its own.

The Third Man / Arne Weinberg / John Heckle / passEnger - The Bad Mask E.P The Third Man / Arne Weinberg / John Heckle / passEnger The Bad Mask E.P Tabernacle records 001 12inch € 9.99 buy
To mark the first release on Tabernacle Records we present four original tracks from four artists who have illuminated various Slabs of the Tabernacle parties over the past two years. Vinyl only, hand numbered, limited to 200 copies. A1 – A classic example of The Third Man’s sound. Fixed in perpetual motion, direct and ever uplifting. A2 – Futurist Electro from Arne Weinberg, once again extracting his own brand of deepness from the machines. B1 – A sinister groove from Liverpool’s John Heckle that hits you head on and keeps you cornered. B2 – Dreamlike techno soul from the Turin producer ever in awe of Detroit.

Todd Terry - Core 094 Another Worry / Get Up/ Searchin Todd Terry Core 094 Another Worry / Get Up/ Searchin Slow To Speak Core.94 12inch € 11.99 buy
Slow to speak drops another house gem from the New York archives!

Traversable Wormhole - Traversable Wormhole #2 (Sleeparchive rmx) Traversable Wormhole Traversable Wormhole #2 (Sleeparchive rmx) Clr 036 12inch € 8.49 buy
Sleeparchive and Chris Liebing doing the remix for Traversable Wormhole (aka Adam X originally from NYC).

Ultramagnetic MCs - Ultra Laboratory Stories Ultramagnetic MCs Ultra Laboratory Stories Black Pegasus 2LP € 18.99 buy
Legendary Bronx crew adds another classic to their catalog. Delving deep into the Ultra lab vaults of unreleased vintage & current tracks produced solely by TR & Moe Luv f/tracks from Critical Beatdown era to The Four Horsemen times. The guys deliver big time with the funk and soul dripping tracks!. Tip!

V/A - DG Edits V/A DG Edits Detroit Beatdown edits 02 12inch € 8.99 buy
Return of the Detroit Beatdown Edits series! Cool selection of disco and boogie tracks in the re-edit version. Check!!

Various Artists - Don´t Turn Around Various Artists Don´t Turn Around Kann 06 / Mikrodisko 6 12inch € 8.99 buy
This Record is a joint statement of KANN and MIKRODISKO Recordings. With deep techno tracks by Nike.Bordom, M.Mup & Kassem Mosse and Map.ache.

Various Artists - Italo House Now Various Artists Italo House Now Gomma 143 12inch € 8.99 buy
4 tracks by Severino Horse Meat Disco, Rodion, Bottin & Ajello.

Various Artists - Spatial Disco 2 Various Artists Spatial Disco 2 Electunes LP € 13.99 buy
The Spatial Disco series continues with the best of the library albums Cosmosynthetic, Percussions Modernes and Automation from the legendary TELE MUSIC label. All tracks written by S. Malia…. After the hype about the cult disco album Arpadys, producer Sauveur Mallia needs no introduction. Volume 2 focuses on his electronic productions from 1981 to 1984.

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