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the weekly update!


another bunch of labels have been updated in our digital download catalogue!
Skam records! : www.clone.nl/digital/label/skam+records?page=1

Claremont 56:  www.clone.nl/digital/label/claremont+56

Hyperdub:  www.clone.nl/digital/label/hyperdub

Barely Breaking Even – BBE : www.clone.nl/digital/label/bbe?finddetail=&genre=&since=0&sort=artist

and more labels updated of course  such as Pokerflat, Big Dada, A.r.tless, We Play House, Rushhour etc.


even during this usual slow summer period we get many great records in… it just never stops!

Horizontal Ground - 05 Horizontal Ground 05 Horizontal Ground 005 12inch € 7.99 buy
Heavy techno hitters!! Check out that B-side with its dubby groove, and sexy and tight percussion. A-side is a classic basement techno style track that build up the tension and keeps the energy high by playing with dry sounds and big reverbs. Seriously good techno tracks. Tip!

Frozen border  - 006 Frozen border 006 Frozen Border 006 12inch € 8.99 buy
Cool stripped techno tracks on the low-profile Frozen Border label. A-sdie a housey track with a dubby groove… flip site a tight german sounding bass heavy techno killer!

Reggie Dokes - Untill Tomorrow remixed Reggie Dokes Untill Tomorrow remixed Clone Royal Oak 02R 12inch € 8.99 buy
Small Low profile run of this Reggie Dokes ‘Until Tomorrow’ remix 12. 2 mixes made just for fun… but since we are vinyl heads we made a few copies so we can play them out loud! A-side is done by Serge who finally did hit the studio with his buddy Gerd. Flip side is done by the talented Ben Sun (known for his tracks on the new Voyeurhythm label. Two fine house version approaching the original on two different ways. Highly limited to 150 copies with simple black label and Royal Oak stamp.

Los Massieras - Better than Italians EP Los Massieras Better than Italians EP Bananamania 002 12inch € 8.99 buy
The mustachioed, leather-booted, scarf- and necktie-wearing Berliner duo is back!

Tevo Howard - Spin Tevo Howard Spin Beautiful Granville 09 12inch € 9.99 buy
Tevo Howard with his blend of Chicago house!

Two Dogs in a House - Dog House ep Two Dogs in a House Dog House ep L.I.E.S. 002 12inch € 9.99 buy
4 track ep inspired by the great releases of Larry Heard, Joey Lewis, Master C&J and the likes. Produced by Jason Letkiewicz and Ron Morelli of the L.I.E.S. label. Nice obscure release for the chicago heads!

V/A - Pudel Produkte 12 (incl. Monolake Remix) V/A Pudel Produkte 12 (incl. Monolake Remix) Staatsakt 018 12inch € 8.99 buy
Staatsakt presents in collaboration with Hamburg’s #1 underground agitprop venue Pudel Club the product no. 12! The new 5 Track EP includes exclusive remixes by Monolake and Kalabrese (Perlon, Stattmusik), as well as an exclusive track by Henke Systems (world premiere of the new project by Robert Henke aka Monolake) and a remix of Chicks On Speed Records artist Gustav. Strictly limited to 500 units worldwide!

Nick Sole  - Beautiful Day Ep Nick Sole Beautiful Day Ep Fauxpas Musik 003 12inch € 9.99 buy
The third and final part of our coloured vinyl trilogy comes again as a limited edition and handnumbred. This time Nick Ssole (Mojuba) drops three classic US deep house flavoured tunes. Sweet!!

Cleo & Patra - On The Nile Ep Cleo & Patra On The Nile Ep Editainment 004 12inch € 8.99 buy
Cleo & Patra are proud to sacrifice a 12” to the egyptian queen and goddess of the Nile. An ode to Ancient Egypt, you’ll hear it all. Downtempo boogie magnitude and affection with ”Pharaoh Love”, the full bloom disco-house adventure of ”Marcus Antonius on the Run” who should have better taken Cleo & Patra’s advise and finally the Pyramid-high-killer-party-time A-side that even teaches the Bangles a thing or two. Cheeky tracks that will bring a smile and funk on the dancefloor!

Dijf Sanders - 012010 Dijf Sanders 012010 DIJF 012010 CD € 16.99 buy
012010 is a conceptual record, consisting only of daily field recordings of the month January. It’s an audio diary starting from the 1st of January, and ending on January 31st. All synths, percussion, beats and special effects are generated from field recordings. No other synthesis are used. For every track there’s also a picture, which has been taken on the day of the recording itself. This album comes in exclusive handmade artwork by Marijke Respeel and Dijf himself. Only a handful of copies are made. Enjoy January 2010!

Carlos Hernandez  - East New York Stories Carlos Hernandez East New York Stories Le Systeme 008 12inch € 9.49 buy
Tip!! James Duncan’s Le Systeme Reconds in pleased to present a new EP by NYC native CARLOS HERNANDEZ. Carlos has released on Basenotic, Rong, and Danny Wang’s Balihu label and appeared live with Arthur’s Landing and Metro Area. 3 tracks of Disco influenced sonic gold here. The 9 minute disco epic “Bank Beak” on Side 1 should be rocking dance floors and DJ sets for years to come. Side 2 brings two other flavors of Carlos’ personal take on disco and soul.

Gegenheimer - The Inner Path Stories ep Gegenheimer The Inner Path Stories ep Ratio 001 12inch € 8.49 buy
Ratio?music invites Marco Gegenheimer, from Barcelona, to be the first artist to do a full 12” on Ratio?music. Two tracks of pure deepness and emotions have been delivered. Side A 21:4 (The IPS Prayer) is all about losing that one love and is a sentimental piece of house music while Mystical Crossings on the flip is all about the mystical and divine aspects of life.

Sendex - Brown Leather Dark Room Sendex Panzerkreuz 1000 2x12inch € 26.99 buy
PANZERKREUZ is a subsidiary of both BUNKER and MOTORWOLF records, as from black ritual acid to drug rock enforcement, PANZERKREUZ shall teach you pity little worms it’s all about the same vision, the same encoding and the same intensity, not human, yet very human, but already existing millions of years before the dawn of mankind, endless waves of endless particles pulsating through endless time and endless space, our pity little brains that understand nothing, but experience all, full of fear, yet very excited, the imperative and illusionary reality versus the futile and illusionary ego, pure white, pure black, pure SHIT, how can anything be pure, when all is one? THE MUTANT WILL UNDERSTAND … Eight new frantic acid trax by Sendex, who by the sound of it is in a pretty dark place. Very limited edition comes in a red ink stamped sleeve..

V/A - Safety Copy 08 V/A Safety Copy 08 Safety Copy 08 12inch € 9.49 buy
Tracklisting: Nico Band – ”Let It Show”, Voyagers – ”Distant Planet”, Evelyn Smith – ”Lost In Love”, Sensitive – ”Driving”.
V/A - Safety Copy 09 V/A Safety Copy 09 Safety Copy 09 12inch € 9.49 buy
Tracklisting: Blush – ”Lift Off”, Eastwall – ”Eyes Off Glass”, Signori Della Galassia – ”Iceman”, Helen – ”Witch”

Various Artists - Ortloff 3 Ep Various Artists Ortloff 3 Ep Ortloff – uwe03 12inch € 9.99 buy
The nice Ortloff label from Leipzig with cool tracks ranging from tight electronica, modern house to phat techno. Limited issue!!

More new titles coming in today and tomorrow!!!!

Dance Mania restocks!

Antonio Ceville - The Music Do It Antonio Ceville The Music Do It Dance Mania 009 12inch € 9.99 buy
Rare under-rated Dance Mania release from their early period.

The Dance Kings - Climb The Walls The Dance Kings Climb The Walls Dance Mania 044 12inch €9.99 buy
Classic house acapella, perfect for use over minimal Chicago drumtrax.

Different Sides - Shout It, Sing It Different Sides Shout It, Sing It Dance Mania 048 12inch € 9.99 buy
Classic chicago house 4 tracker by Glenn Underground..

Mark Bernard (Traxman) - Looppoint Mark Bernard (Traxman) Looppoint Dance Mania 052 12inch € 10.99 buy
Four Robert Armani style trax fot the basement, down and dirty. Including the massive hit ‘Load’ (which was a big club hit in Holland) All tracks very much dj Funk, Robert Armani style party tracks.

Joe Pippen - Shake That Booty Joe Pippen Shake That Booty Dance Mania 097 12inch € 11.99 buy
Back in! Early 90’s highly percussive ghetto house.
David Grantham - Move Your Ass / Daisy Duke David Grantham Move Your Ass / Daisy Duke Dance Mania 123 12inch € 11.99 buy
Four very funky trax, co produced by Paul Johnson. This beats will shake every girls booty….

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