The debut
album by BRUNO ŚWIATŁOCIEŃ, a project founded by a musician and
painter Bronisław Ehrlich. 

9 songs in the vein of postpunk,
darkwave with hints of ambient and post-rock.Uncompomising lyrics and
atmospheric music is a reflection of neurotic states of the band's
leader. Their music is a must-have for fans of Joy Division, early
years of The Wolfgang Press, but also fans of Blood Axis, In Gowan
Ring or even Mogwai.
One of the most promising debuts of the
Polish new wave scene. The album was produced by Michał "Goran"
Miegoń – the musician of Kiev Office and The Shipyard, among the
others, and the producer for many interesting bands hailing from
3city, Poland

Release date:05.04.2013

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