Artist : Bit-Tuner Title: Drome EP Label: Trepok Rec. Format: LP Kat.Nr. : TPKLP002 Releasedate: 06.05.2011 Distribution: Godbrain / Brokensilence / Phonofile Artistinfo: www.bit-tuner.net EAN: 7619947101768

After his last Album „Low-Speed Detonation“, his 6-Month Residence in New York City and the Development of his mesmerizing „Pitch-Bass“ the next Release „DROME EP“ is ready to take off. Futuristic Hymns, Tons of Bass and Beats under the Influence of Gotham City intensify his cineastic Athmospheres in 8 Tracks.

* * QUOTES: „The compression is always turgid like a pair of tits petrified by a wander bra.“ „Overwhelming and stretching to the last second.“ „Bit-Tuner is the master of booming basswalls and sweeping noises.“ „Sheets of squalling noise batter a bass-throbbing pulse funky of design.“ „This man hits the bass running“

The album will be released as a 12“ Vinyl and digital download on the 6th May 2011 by Trepok Rec.

Stay Tuned! Kay Kiyak

trepok rec. http://www.trepok.com kontakt@trepok.com http://trepokrec.official.fm/ http://trepok.com/drome/ http://www.eiko-music.com

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