ATTRITION – The Unraveller of Angels

Introducing the all new and long awaited album from legendary dark industrial pioneers ATTRITION.
Released April 2013 in vinyl, CD and download editions!
Founder Martin Bowes has teamed up with US singer Tylean on vocals and created 10 new works varying in style from industrial to gothic to dark ambient soundscapes, whilst lyrically continuing his exploration of introspective themes of life, love and death…
A serious progression from any of the previous ATTRITION albums this one has a host of special guest appearances:
Mona Mur (Einsturzende Neubauten, En Esch etc), Matt Howden (Seiben etc), Annie Hogan (Marc and the Mambas, Nick Cave etc)

Erica Mulkey (Unwoman) Ian Arkley (My Silent Wake, Seventh Angel) Jyri Glynn, Joanna Dalin and more..

Featuring album artwork by renowned German photographer Holger Karas.
Cover model Jezebel Iscariot
Album orders direct from the band…at shows or through the official bandcamp page

will include an extra special gift – for the month of April – The Narcissist LP – a 10 track album of remixes from Void Prototype/Ankst/Fear Passage/Lagowski
/Pete Every/Inscissors/Analog Angel/DJ Darkside/Contaminated Intelligence/Lagowski2

Martin is currently working with French film maker Daniel Gouyette on a documentary and music videos to accompany the album,
and planning tours in Europe, North and South America, New Zealand and more…

The promo video for the first single : Narcissist is here now
Press/DJ's and promoters do please contact us for a full press pack of music and images

ATTRITION – The Unraveller of Angels

01 The Unraveller
02 Karma Mechanic 
03 Narcissist  
04 Histrionic! 
05 One Horse Rider 
06 Snakepit
07 Suicide Engineer 
08 The Causal Agent
09 Hollow Latitudes

10 The Internal Narrator

Music and lyrics: Martin Bowes
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin
at the Cage studios, Coventry, England. 2009 – 2012
Photography by Holger Karas
Cover model: Jezebel
A Two Gods Production
The Unraveller of Angels tour
dates so far….

April 20th : Death Disco, Ogigou 16, Psirri, Athens, Greece
May 4th : Reproduktion 13 festival. Roundhouse, London, England.
May 16th : The Spill, Peterborough, ON, Canada
May 17th : STAIN @ Nocturne, Toronto, ON, Canada
May 18th : Swizzles, Ottawa, ON, Canada
May 19th : Cabaret Playhouse, Montreal, QC, Canada
June 19th – 26th…New Zealand…tbc
September…mid – west coast USA ….tbc
September 28th : Tower Transmissions festival, Dresden, Germany
October 12th : Santiago, Chile…details tba
November… Poland tba
"Inside a cage of sound,  Cold waves of electronics are juxtaposed against voices that seep through cracks in the walls of machinery and wires. Lyrics dart out in bullets from soundscapes peppered in sharp vocals and sound bites. A viola plays in the distance, giving life to this inorganic mass…

Such is the imagery that spawns Attrition, who, with its marriage of the classic and modern, has brought to music the equivalent of a surrealist painting. From its earlier sparse and stark soundscapes, to a more expansive palette of orchestral work, Attrition has successfully melded several genres into one. The music flows – from gothic to industrial to experimental to classical – so smoothly, they might as well be making their own category.

With more than twenty albums of constant variety, and an ever-expanding sound, they remain one of music's darker and fascinating lights." 

Album Discography
1982. This Death House- a soundtrack
1983. Action and reaction
1984. The Attrition Of Reason
1985. Smiling, At The Hypogonder Club
1986. In The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts

1988. At The Fiftieth Gate
1991. A Tricky Business
1993. The Hidden Agenda
1995. Ephemera a soundtrack
1996. Three Arms & A Dead Cert
1997. Etude – classical interpretations
1999. The Jeopardy Maze

1999. Esoteria – a collection of ambient works
2000. Heretic Angels – live in the USA
2000. The Hand that Feeds the remixes
2001. Keepsakes & Reflections rarities
2003. The Eternity LP – a collection of classical remixes and rarities

2004. Dante’s Kitchen
2006. Something Stirs. The beginning. 1981 – 83
2008. All mine enemy’s whispers. The story of Mary Ann Cotton
2009. Kill the Buddha! – Live in Europe & the USA
2010. Wrapped in the guise of my friend. Covers. 17 songs re-interpreted.

2010. Dreamtime Collectors. 1980 – 2010. A best of
2011. Demonstro. 1981 – 86. double vinyl LP of rarities
2011. The truth in dark corners: Live in Holland. 1985
2012. Invocation. film soundtrack.
2013. The Unraveller of Angels….

 "Attrition is experimentation of the highest order… orbiting some strange star with an atmosphere of fear to breathe.  Attrition is extraordinary music for connoisseurs of challenge"
" ,,,the name Attrition is universally lauded and accepted as an innovator, a dark and creative force unparalleled by modern musicians "
"an entrancing blend of insistent electronics and beautiful orchestration…Bowes is without doubt one of the greatest living composers…" Industrial Nation
" Creating and exploring rich shadowy electronic soundscapes…interweaving the ephemeral with the operatic, the sound can at once calm your soul and chill your bones…"

The Hatchet/USA


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