ATOMIC NEON did a small trip to Plastic Frog Records. Soon there will be a 7″ vinyl single called “A Desperate Dream” including 3 new tracks. ATOMIC NEON also contributed to “Black Snow Vol. 2” and they also have a track on the sampler “Zwischenfall – A New Decade Vol. 1”. The new album “Change” will be released on Black Rain Rec. at February 11th…

Atomic Neon is one of the most impressing ColdWave bands of our time. With their unique and brillant way of combining the melancholy of Wave music from the 80ies and the feeling of getting lost in our modern society of the new millenium, Atomic Neon release their new album “Change” which is a masterpiece full of emotions filled with soul – an album so private and personal (I am Black, Alien) but still with room enough to find yourselves in the depth of emotional labyrinths.

Two years after the highly respected album “Darkenia”, “Change” shows that Atomic Neon really went through some fundamental changes.

This album is different – but also typical for Atomic Neon. Again there are songs about misery (I Hate My Love, Alone), sadness (Weep) and love gone lost (Without You).

New powerful tracks (Change, Welt Ohne Farbe) go hand in hand with tender (Last Night, My Cry Of Pain) and fragile songs (Empty, She)! Distorted guitars, atmospheric keyboards, dark bass lines and haunting drums accentuate lamenting vocals. Atomic Neon’s “Change” is honest, dark, melancholic and full of pain!

Rio Black (voc and lyrics.)
Trickser (git.)
Sandy Sun (keys.)
Karol (drums)
Meikel X (git.)
Salvina (bass)
Ralf Engel (pc)

Cold Wave / Dark Wave

01. Alien
02. Empty
03. Change
04. She
05. Welt Ohne Farbe
06. BoOom
07. My Cry Of Pain
08. Weep
09. I Hate My Love
10. Last Light
11. I Am Black
12. Without You
13. Alone (+ The Hidden Track)

February 11th, 2011

Year of foundation:

Order Poponaut:

Black Rain Rec.



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