*Experiment, psychedelics and industrial this canvas, paints and brushes for a surreal portrait of aesthetics, created in an extreme dimension of surrounding reality perception.*

The experimental project ANALYSIS OF KRITICAL CONDITIONS released a new CD “SHIZOESTETIKA. Of Vampires, Bears and Bees” (2011). Which display the other horizons to the world outlook.

ANALYSIS OF CRITICAL CONDITIONS (in short, AKC) has created an album that combines the melodic and straightforward, from one side and chaos and formlessness on the other. And namely this second side as an catamnesis from the history of mental patient, as would joking over everything attractive. Thereby, it’s setting a new tone of his vision of aesthetics.

The album “SHIZOESTETIKA. Of Vampires, Bears and Bees” (2011) consists of 9 tracks that made in the genre of electronic music, but contains of different styles. It is a hard industrial, metal music, psychedelic kraut and acid-jazz and all that spiced over the atmosphere of the experiment. First and foremost need to pay attention to the feelings that are referenced by this album. To the emotions and atmospheric of “SHIZOESTETIKA”. However, in this case, everyone is free to draw their own conclusions. This is step to unknown, trip to deep inside to you…

Analysis of Kritical Conditions (AHALIZ KPITICHECKIX COCTO9IAHIY) is industrial, psychedelic, experimental band. The sound is a fusion of different genres from synthpop to brutal metal, including industrial, psychedelic, darkwave and electronic music with avant-garde elements. AKC experimental machine works since 2003 and has five CD’s. AKC Performances is mainly in the form of thematic acts, combining visual and audio activities. All are welcome to the Analysis of Kritical Conditions!

*Links to AKC music: *http://www.myspace.com/analizkriticheskihsostoyaniy

*Watch video:* “ゴキブリ” “Gokiburi (jap. – cockroach)” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVePaftcczE and etc.


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