ĀraṇyakAƔnoiantAḥkaraṇA (ĀAAA)

Pronunciation: Aranyakagnoiantahkarana.

Ritual, Industrial, Esoteric, Experimental, Art.

0: music, vocals.

1: vocals, music.

Not properly a band, but a project at the crossroads between art, esotericism, music, and mythology. Music is not a product. Art, today more than ever, is the product, just as the product is art: being a product it must adhere to industrial logic, being art it must necessarily oppose it. An irremediable contrast that generates the seed of destruction within creation itself. And that also generates the strength of the system that destroys, dependent on destruction to overcome and reincarnate.

ĀAAA does not arise as a critique of the contemporary, a revision of history or recovery of the primitive. ĀAAA insinuates itself into the crack of every form or formula of the living as already given, experienced, and irremediably devoted to its own self-parasitic reincarnation. ĀAAA is a historical need, a dark/bright ritual, a visceral outburst prior to the authors, an absolute staging of the myth.

Texts that photograph the state of modern man, identical to the state of eternal man, the author-victim of that eternal apocalypse perennially generated and experienced as the only cause and end of human history. The sound is accompanied by a vision of the world as a monolithic structure that does nothing but repeats the same mechanism, whose incessant rotation consumes and rusts to dust everything that once had a weight, a value, but above all a mystery. Rituality becomes reproduction, solemnity advertising, the symbol logo, hermetic thought esoteric, anthropological identity anomia, earth a screen, blood a binary code.

ĀAAA is 0 and 1: anonymity that escapes the ego as a form of meditation and at the same time the matrix of the depersonalization of the world. As a two-faced Janus dichotomizes the tension of polarity apparently incompatible with each other but possessed by the same body born already doomed. It drinks in anonymous prehistory by holding its sharp son who marks it with his own name.

A completely impromptu musical and vocal writing. Nothing has been reworked or rethought, all the compositional inputs have been accepted as received in the first instance: what is viscerally received is coldly recorded, the experimentation is dictated by the moods that transform the absolute case into cosmic synchronicity. A creative process such as to lead to a perhaps coarser work, certainly sincere.

Tracklist & Credits

No Store of Cows | As Much Wealth You Can Afford | The Margin Spread

LP 33RPM, deluxe limited edition of 21, carefully handmade lathe cut. Transparent vinyl 2mm 180 gr. Infinite loop ending on each side, unique for each copy. Jacket made by galvanized iron sheet, welded. The main logo on top is manually carved then rusted with hydrochloric acid. Every cover is randomly ruined with an acid solution in the back prior to print. Inner sheet printed on papyrus. Disc center rings galvanized iron sheets. Inner bag with embossing and red stain manual artwork. Manually numbered. Jacket polished with bee's wax.

Total weight of about 1 kg. Completely handmade.



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