(Lisbon, December, 2010) Pray Silence Records is pleased to announce the signing of its newest band, UBERBYTE (Sheffield, UK).


Sheffields very own industrial heroes signed with Pray Silence Records for a deal for Europe, complimenting their successful relationship with their North American label.


“We are extremely happy to have added Uberbyte to our roster of bands”, said Bruno Patatas, of Pray Silence Records. “There is something new and fantastic developing in the electro industrial music scene, and Uberbyte is a perfect example of this great new music – they have a unique sound and approach and they have been building quite a buzz in Europe. They have an exciting potential and we are going to help them spread their music on a larger scale”.


Uberbyte singer/frontman Richard Pyne stated: “We’re delighted to be working with Pray Silence Records. It’s my belief they can help us make inroads into Europe and achieve the same sort of profile we enjoy in the UK and USA and above all they share our vision of developing the sound and production of Uberbyte to a new level. We want to give the people who enjoy our music something new and exciting in every release and this was the right time to seek a European Partner. We also want to thank Crunch Pod, who we will continue to work with in the USA and who’ve been the most supportive and honest label we could have hoped for and we’re proud to continue to work with them”.




The aftermath of the “Great War” with Germany.


The short lived Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire declared independence from imperialist Great Britain. After only six months of bitter fighting, largely involving broken glass bottles and random women screaming “kick him while he’s down”, the republic was crushed and expunged from the history books. Records were burnt, media censored, and a government policy of plausible deniability saw to it that all memory of this great experiment in British Socialism was deleted.


In the period of it’s existence however. The ruling council of the SRSY addressed numerous issues of state. Not least was the concept of raising public awareness through patriotic music. Radical developments , 60 years ahead of their time, saw the creation of a music reflecting the industrial and working class heritage of the region while rejecting Bourgeois stringed instruments and embracing new technologies. 


Uberbyte were intended to be the artistic hub of the regime. Their music a pounding, relentless innovation intended to stir the working mans heart a loyalty to the new order and to the writings of the great thinkers who had inspired revolution to sweep the black hearted capitalists and warmongers from the streets of Sheffield. At nights of “righteous class anger” the Proletariat masses would engage in strange ritualistic dances known as “stomping” and demonstrations of socialist fervour largely involving yelling “Stand up for Uberbyte”.


In the fighting that foreshadowed the reabsorbing of the SRSY into the Union of Great Britain, particularly after the disastrous battle of Chapeltown where an entire division of the Purple Army* fell over drunk and caught Herpes off a “Reet Dodgy Old Prossie”, the decision was taken to cryogenic ally freeze the members of Uberbyte until the council could regroup. This never happened. And Uberman, Ubergirl, Alpha, Deadboy and ,erm, Ben slept in a secret chamber under the car park of TGI Friday’s opposite Meadowhall for nearly 90 years until an accident involving TGI’s special Jack Daniel’s Marinade, a used condom and a woman by the unfortunate name of Martha Inger saw them emerge, blinking, into the harsh sunlight of “Cool Britannia”.


2007 and without state backing the band continue life the only way they ever knew. Making loud poundy music and yelling “Stand up for Uberbyte” like nutcases. Taking their message of Socialism, Chips and Curry Sauce to an international audience with appearances across continental Europe and the united states and releasing three albums “SIC”, “DOS” and “EXS” via maverick US label Crunch Pod. 



*years of working down coal mines had left the people of South Yorkshire color blind



For more information on UBERBYTE, please visit:

http://www.praysilencerecords.com/ and http://www.uberbyte.net/ for band details and complete gig schedule.


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