Hope that you are well and enjoyed a lovely Summer
My last newsletter got sent late in May and now it is Fall already… In the meantime I kept it real busy playing some gigs in the USA with Xambuca, scoring Buster Keaton’s “The General” with our European Contemporary Orchestra at the prestigious Berlioz Festival + performed solo in Brussels, Montreal, London and also at the awesome Fort Process festival in Newhaven. 

In parallel I DJed a lot and even uploaded a few new mixes on my Sonic Seducer page which you might want to check… Hopefully?!


The duo with Mia Zabelka is now well launched, we had a great time playing Control Club and we are now working on a full-length. While in Bucharest last week I had the chance to meet and work with Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram, such talented composers and masters of Acousmatic or Spectral music, but even more than that as for the past 50 years Iancu has been pushing further the limits of Contemporary Musics with his bold scores for his Hyperion Ensemble.
Please make sure to visit:


Earlier in September the Australian label Flaming Pines made me become part of their “Birds Of A Feather” series documenting music made using field recordings of birds. Early in 2013 when invited to come perform NOWnow festival in Sydney and while walking around the city I was  able to record a kookaburra bird. To those natural sounds my daughter Eugenie Petit–Ginoux added some voices ; Maria Grigoryeva recorded some violin parts ; and I completed using contrabass + organ + synth + voices + percs + electronics… One can grab a bite there:

Philippe Petit: The Kookabura (Flaming Pines)

In the coming weeks I’ll be doing DJ sets in a few local clubs + going away perform in Porto, Avignon, Istanbul, Brussels, and joining Hyperion Ensemble in Berlin both in NK + the big room of the prestigious Berghain Club… Being busy every WE until X-Mas…
Last but not least Raoul Lay and his Ensemble Télémaque invited me to sit in for scoring Edward B. Shoedshack’s 1932 version of “King Kong”. Masterpiece !!!

HAVE A NICE DAY – Philippe



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