Catalogue number: PM12
Format: 12″
Edition: 500 Grey Vinyl

Release date: April 17th
Peripheral Minimal is proud to announce the forthcoming 12” E.P., ‘Mithra’ by Philippe Laurent. 4-tracks of minimalist synth, that encompasses Kraftwerk style techno beats and electro dance rhythms that stay resolutely original, maintaining a subtlety of sound many contemporaries fail to capture. Complex electronic noises create a density, whilst synthetic almost robotic vocalisations filter into the sound-scape. The 12” will be limited to 500 copies and pressed onto grey vinyl.

Philippe Laurent is a plastic artist, musician and designer having been active since 1980. Whether working with graphic codes or digital codes, plastic arts or music, Laurent’s approach is one of research, specifically having to do with people’s perception of signs and symbols. As a multi-media artist, he has always been open to new technologies, whether he is composing musical works or creating graphic works.


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