Good morning
Hope that all is well with you
I’m happy to announce the official release of my new vinyl: “Eugénie EP” for my daughter and featuring her art on the cover…

Side B “Magma from the aquarium”, is solo playing amplified cymbalom + electric psalterion + electronics + kazooed-voices + some sampled vocals from Eugénie here and there.

And on its flip I was helped by Friends: Bela Emerson (cello), Alexander Bruck (viola-strohviolin), Helen Money (cello), Els Vandeweyer (vibraphone), Monty Adkins (concrete soundscapes), Reinhold Friedl (prepaired piano), Hervé Vincenti (bass/guitar), Jenny Hames (violin) and Paul J. Rogers (guitar-melodica-broken zither)
There is one of the 3 songs:

These days Chandra from Erototox/Xambuca is actively prepairing our touring the West-Coast of the States end of October so those interested in having us perform please get in touch.

Last but not least, I am getting ready for one of my most thrilling live experience, going onstage with 33 soloists in the European Contemporary Orchestra: reunion of the acclaimed Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles from Belgium, Télémaque from France, and De Ereprijs from The Netherlands. On June 15, in National Ballet of Marseille + having an after-show party where Markus Detmer from Staubgold and I will DJ.

Needless to say that I can’t wait… Enjoy your week

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