Peter Missing has reemerged after 17 years, with the full compilation of electronic recordings 1993-2010. This is a full documentary 5 CD's and 1 DVD
A wide range of styles and music concepts were explored here. This is a long awaited collection of missing tracks. Florian Langmaack and Tobias Lintl appear on many albums offering a great diversity to the box set. Classics from the release appear on the dvd film footage with Missing Foundation and KMFDM 1984 “live” and the unreleased "Just Another Hit" by Missing Foundation  and Eye Yamasuka from the Boredoms.

All the 'Naturevolt' videos by Surreal Hazard and Pete Missing are new here. It is a simple video technic, giving it a real power.
The selected MF videos are the best from the archive in N.Y.C A real must for all dj’s and vj’s. MIssing Foundation, a long controversial band was not something Pete Missing was willing to live with, and so a new direction in music was created over the past years in Berlin. The live power and spectacle of MF fit the time when it was created. The most interesting point of these recordings is the digital experimentation of

vocals over electronics. Check now the new Pete Missing albums from Missing Seven Hazard 'Naturevolt' remix 2010 and the newest tracks on the album “Rocket the U.S.” ……plus a special brand new release of “War of the Minds” out now… all the back catalog of Pete Missing solo records and the digital downloads of all MF records, including the previously unreleased first MF studio recordings with KMFDM in 1984…… out now !

It will be hard to compare to anything that's out there. I think the box set stands out for its originality and the variety, Pete and Missing Foundation have created over the years.

Peter is also a painter and designer for the last 30 years. His work can be found in many museums around the world. Peter lives in Berlin and is available for interviews.

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