Out of the sun-drenched suburbs of Perth, soundscape maker/electronic producer Ludodowwn explores the grime underneath on their debut EP, Mirror/Bleach.
Made between long night shifts as a hospital orderly, Mirror/Bleach comes from monotony, that can be interrupted by novel horrors at the ring of a pager. Out of this stems the erratic nature of the record and its sometimes sudden and drastic shifts from dense, dark atmospheres to kaleidoscopic electronica.

The obtuse lyrics are the rambling and anxious observations of a bored mind, drifting between sense and nonsense. Listeners are enveloped in Ludodowwn’s soundscapes, with the intermittent voice acting as a candy trail to follow through the labyrinthine production.

The Mirror/Bleach EP is a twisted, twitchy, and unnerving introduction to a fresh voice in Australian electronic music.






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