First of all I would like to present you the brand new additional Demons  bonus tracks which just got released on Shitkatapult. 5 new tracks featuring collaborations with the Atlanta based group “Dialect Trio” and the singer Yuko Matsuyama. The Candie Hank / Dialect Trio collaboration song “Moldavian Beach Party” is available as a Free Download! Check out all the songs and download  – here – 

I´m very happy and excited that Angie Reed painted and animated a fantastic new Candie Hank video for the Demons album song “Elevator Life” taking a very nice angle of classic cartoons, spiced up with her own flavour of sexy, freudian and psychedelic story parts. Watch the video – here –

I had the pleasure to work on the music for the new shortfilm of video artist Ulu Braun. The film “Architektura” premiered at Berlinale Shorts 2015 and will be presented on various film festivals in the next time. For more information on the screenings you can check the – Ulu Braun Website – .

New Catani Video Game Music! – The company Gamefabrik released their addictive one button scroller Minton on all mobile platforms such as GooglePlay, Facebook, Appstore and Amazon Fire. The game is available for free. Check out – THIS VIDEO – with the music of the first level.. More to hear in the game and more surprises to come!

Let´s get fancy an meet in multi billion dollar networks here:

– Patric Catani on Facebook

– Candie Hank on Facebook

– Twitter

– Youtube 

– Soundcloud


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