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Kool Thing
The debut full-length album from Berliner act kool thing is united by a feel of escapism, the need to ditch our urban addictions and regain a lost sense of wonderment, even if just for a few hours. With fourteen songs, including two instrumental interludes, kool thing sounds like youth remembered through a kaleidoscopic lens in which each mirrored fact points to limitless futures.

Just like the Hipgnosis-echoing cover artwork (courtesy of photographer John Duncan), this record is full of beautiful juxtapositions, artifice and nature yinning and yanging their way through a dramatic love affair. Rusty guitar licks are found curling up against fractilling synth arpeggiations,with Julie Chance and Jon Dark’s vocal harmonies dancing on the horizon above the thunderous drumming by Valentin Plessy.

Kool Thing
                                                      - Kool Thing“TV Tower”, the lead single (named after the retro-futuristic landmark in Berlin’s city centre), follows the rendevous of tumultuous lovers, set to a majestic mélange somewhere between new wave, new romantic and new age.

Elsewhere, “Stories by the Bay” combines a tweaky bassline with smooth, lulling voices to convey both the nerves and bliss that accompany a first love, while “The Sky, The Sea” offers a truly otherworldly moment in which mutate musical elements seem to swim in the atmosphere.

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Format : CD Album, shrink-wrapped
Physical Release EU/World: 04.03.13
Physical Release UK/US: 13.05.13
Style: Electronic / Indie
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01 Low Love
02 Stories By The Bay
03 Light Games
04 Origins
05 The Sign
06 TV Tower
07 Vestebro
08 Floor Visions
09 Lost Days
10 Valleys
11 Line Drive
12 The Sky The Sea
13 Trees
14 Origins II

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