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“Die Kir(s)che auf dem Kopf” CD Album
Aniaetleprogrammeur is a Berlin based band formed in Paris by Aniajules
(machines/synths) and Hanrigabriel (guitars/vox/machines/synths). Since their start, they
have toured almost without a break many venues and festivals across Europe, wailing
vocals and thunderous beats plow through audiences like a rip tide.
Songs of their debut album “Die Kir(s)che auf dem Kopf” received good critics in the press,
and have been featured on many compilations and radio shows. Following the release of
their album a 7" vinyl came out on Plastic Spoons Records, featuring the songs "Ich bin
müde" and "Ohhh. Their debut album “Die Kir(s)che auf dem Kopf” was re-released on
Tigerbeat6 Records digitally and on Force Royale in CD format. The 7” and CD are now
available for the first time in Germany, UK and Europe via Pale Music Int.
In September 2011, media-artist and musician Valquire Veljkovic (reliq, devoided) joined
the band originally as a “light drummer”, bringing a new dimension to their live shows. He
lately tends to be musically involved on stage with live drums and keys.
The Trio mixes heavily effected guitars and vocals with massive electronic synths and
beats, bridging the gap between rock music, epic compositions, psychedelic electro and
sound landscapes. Together they are constantly experimenting and developing ways of
controlling light gears and devices on stage with triggering and sequencers linked to their
music devices. Besides performing live, the members also carry out dj-sets, have been
asked for remixes, playing at fashion shows and to contribute soundtracks for exhibitions,
theatres and movies scores.
pre-listen, videos, more reviews and order Pale-D-026 - Aniaetleprogrammeur - Die Kir(s)che auf dem Kopf - CD Album

Ich Bin Mude / Ohhh - 7" Single Vinyl

For pre-listen, videos, more reviews and order Pale-D-050 - Aniaetleprogrammeur - Ich Bin Mude / Ohhh - 7" Single Vinyl

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