Title: Sanctuary
Format: K7
Cat No: VOX 26 MC
Genre: Post-Punk, Industrial, Experimental
Ref: The Wire, Joy Division, Swans, Cinditalk
Release Date: July 2016LIMITED EDITION — 50 COPIES

A1. Table 04:12
A2. Power 04:16
A3. Terror 03:09
A4. It’s Never There 02:38
A5. Sanctuary 02:42
A6. What’s That Echo 04:11
A7. Red Way 03:04
B1. Europe Side Down 02:44
B2. Static Desire 03:52
B3. Held High 03:37
B4. Retain 03:01
B5. Marvels 04:10
B6. Cheap Talk 04:36
B7. Cry Christ 02:44

Follow up to their critically acclaimed second album Rosary (released on 2nd July 2007), Sanctuary continues were Rosary stopped. On this release the duo pass from synth-pop tunes of the first releases to more dark and meditative structures. Swirling post-punk guitars, repetitive synthetic drums and dissonant indefinable noises. Jean-Marc’s powerful voice sounds as it was recorded from a long distance and adds an almost choral quality to the music. Minimal hypnotic obsessive sounds both frightening and sacred. Like standing in a thick fog in front of the gates of eternity. And in this fog you can meet the ghosts of The Wire, Joy Division, Swans and Cindytalk among others or even hear the distant echo of the classic Cold Meat Industry releases.

Recorded at Light studio Brussels
Engineered and mixed by Parade Ground
Lyrics and vocal melodies by Jean-Marc Pauly
Music by Pierre Pauly
Produced by Parade Ground except ‘Sanctuary’ produced by Patrick Codenys and Daniel B (Front 242)

Art direction and design by Oleg Galay

Parade Ground discography albums only:
— A Room With A View MC / LP / CD (Other Voices) 2012-2016
— The 15th Floor LP (Minimal Maximal) 2012
— Rosary CD (Sleep Walking) 2007
— Cut Up LP / CD (PIAS) 1988

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