Dear friends, winter is almost ending and we have a bunch of new records coming out in the next months. Also we’re very happy to know that our favourite magazine ever, OCCULTO is about to come back with the third release ‘The e Issue’. Speaking about occult stuff, there’s a great festival happening in Rome in April, book your travels now and don’t miss it! Details below.


My Dear Killer – The Electric Dragon of Venus LP
‘The Electric Dragon of Venus’ is the first full length record since Clinical Shyness, in the meantime a track from MDK was published on a 7” split with Rella the Woodcutter and other five old tracks appeared on the split cd series ‘5 Pezzi Facili’ under the ‘Cynical Quietness EP’ name.
From this collection of songs emerges the multifaceted nature of the project in the form of arrangements which blend the sharpness of the guitar-based noise feedback element with more feeble and delicate sounding episodes , always maintaining the minimal yet uncompromising character of the bare naked song-writing.
Once again, discomfort and undigested habits are brought to the listener without filters, it’s a bitter bitter world and My Dear Killer is back to remind us. Life’s no good again.
The record is released in LP format, 300 copies with screenprinted covers by Corpo-C.

DuChamp – Nar LP
DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin, religiously devoted to drone. Drone is related to a precise childhood memory: the sound of the hair dryer, that her mother used to fix her hair. That was the sound of care, bliss, and infinite love.
‘Nar’ is the first solo record of DuChamp. It has been composed and recorded through reharsal space changing, ideas deleted, fatwas from former lovers during year 2012 in Berlin. All tracks are played by DuChamp and recorded and mixed by Diego Ferri. Brian Pyle (Ensemble Economique, Starving Weirdos) sung in ‘A Worship’ and also did the mastering.
The albums is released on LP with cover photo by Lara Schilling and graphics by Alice Cannava’ (Occulto Magazine).

BeMyDelay – Hazy Lights LP
‘Hazy Lights’ is the new album from ByMyDelay, the solo project of Marcella Riccardi (Blake/e/e/e, Franklin Delano,Massimo Volume), singer and guitarist. Her interest in archaic blues, guitar loops and delays was the main inspiration for her first album ‘ToTheOtherSide’, released on Boring Machines in 2011.
The new album, entitled ‘Hazy Lights’ is a more stripped down affair. Most of the loopers and delays have been put aside, in favour of a more organic and simple texture of light arpeggios where the beautiful voice of Marcella can float freely and gently. The record is a collection of folky songs which move to another concept of psychedelia. This time is more rural and human, reminding a lot some of the british folk tunes.
The record sees the accompanying of Maurizio Abate who uses bass, electric guitars, lapsteel, harmonica, tanpura to create a gentle flow of sounds around BeMyDelay’s minimal guitar plucking.
The album is released on LP with cover art made of pictures shoot by BeMyDelay herself.

Occulto magazine is back! The third issue of our favourite magazine, which explores new possibilities in the popularisation of science in connection to other fields such as the visual arts, parascientific theories and history of ideas is in the works.
You can book an AD on it, preorder it or just make a donation. Follow this link for more info:
All preorders will be rewarded with a special compilation curated by Boring Machines, with bites of our latest releases and many other unreleased great projects we love.

On April 4/5/6th Rome is the place to be. The great folks of Dal Verme venue, same people behind the infamous scene Borgata Boredom are setting up the most explosive psychedelic festival ever, calling the best bands of the italian underground all in the same weekend.
Many Boring Machines bands will be there amongst a lot of other great friends, it’s really an unmissable event if you’re tuned on that large family of sound called psychedelia.
More info on Thalassa blog:

Go to gigs, stay with the music
Onga / Boring Machines



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