Hi Everyone, OnderStroom hits the spot again with three new releases! The time has come to announce the long awaited Ultimate Edition 5xLP box by Snowy Red. This box set covers everything he recorded in between 1980-1984. As second release we have the Early Tapes by The Neon Judgement, now available for the first time on CD with extra bonus tracks. And lastly the re-issue of Music for Fireworks by Polar Praxis. Described as “an insane record” by many, will be available on splatter color vinyl with a whole new cover. Hit it.

SNOWY RED – Ultimate Edition 1980-1984 5xLP box
Tremendous 5xLP box by one of the highest acclaimed minimal synth bands active during our favorite decade. The Snowy Red project started as a one-man band by Micky Mike. With a few synthesizers, a 12/2 mixing desk and a 2-track reel to reel recorder he created repetitive synth masterpieces in the vein of Suicide and Polyphonic Size.

These black synthetic pearls were spread over two albums: the self-titled “Snowy Red” and “The Right To Die”, both are included in this box, officially remastered, and with original artwork. Only a few months ago, when the project was nearing completion, Michael Thiel (the son of Micky) made the discovery we were all waiting for, DEMO tracks of the first album!!  Besides proto-versions of “Blood Blood Blood”, “Maud Is Dead” and Deep Desire”, the main discovery is the 22 minutes version of “The Wild Boys”: an electronic trip you do not want to end!

And there’s more… Underground club hit “Breakdown” was released throughout the eighties in several different versions. Included in this box are the 12 inch and the 7 inch versions, both featuring the beautiful Carol on vocals. Further down the line on disc four we find Micky Mike’s solo version of the track which was first released on “Walking After Midnight” in 1980. This is an absolutely raw and honest version. Also included are the unreleased tracks “Lies In Your Eyes” and “Red Skies”, both excellent additions to the Snowy Red puzzle, and three stripped down demo’s made for the “Vision” album.

Very different from the first two releases, the “Vision” album was Micky’s most ambitious effort. With the help of friends (Niki Mono) and the addition of saxophone and eastern instruments Micky Mike’s talent as a producer was pushed to the limit. “Vision” conceptualized a total spectacle: there was a video to accompany the album and the live shows were truly theatrical. But even without these visionary additions the album has a certain grandeur, almost like an electronic opera.

In short this 5xLP box is essential stuff for anyone interested in the history of the Belgian minimal synth god Snowy Red.

Many many thanks to Michael Thiel for making this project possible.

* Remastered from the original masters
* 180gr. vinyl
* Poly-ligned innersleeves
* Glossy cardboard box
* 24p Booklet with unseen photos and extensive background information.
* Limited to 500 copies

Manufactured by Handle With Care in Berlin, Germany.

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POLAR PRAXIS – Music For Fireworks LP

In 1978, Philippe Genion bought a guitar for 1000 belgian francs (25€). He connected it to his hifi amp, quickly learned how to play “smoke on the water” and a few punk songs with two fingers and within two weeks, pushing the amp more and more to the limit, blew his 200W speakers out. Later, around 1980, he bought an old ARP synthesizer from walloon band “Jo Lemaire plus Flouze” and started playing with these instruments and a few old flanger and distorsion pedals, and started recording songs on a reel-tape recorder belonging to the RTBF !

Philippe Genion started creating bands with all the friends that he was meeting in the train from Charleroi to Brussels, on the way to the rock concerts he went to several times per week. This way, many bands were created, among which Los Casios, The Presocratic Umbrellas, JTB, Confite Sonar and à;GRUMH… which became a major EBM band of the 80’s and now has a practically cult status.

In the meantime, parallel to being involved in bands with other people, Genion, who had become S3 EVETS, created three solo projects : A FINGER SOCIETY, for pop electronic songs, THE PENULTIMATE INFINITY, for arty projects, not only music but also painting, poems, writing and performances and POLAR PRAXIS for more serious and also industrial music.

The only project that became prolific was Polar Praxis. A first tape called “GORY OSCILLATION” came out on Titicaca, a long improvisation made on the basis of three cassette tapes, mixed together with live studio interventions. After that, S3 started to compose songs in various styles, industrial, electro, experimental, minimalistic, and also repetitive music. The first tape called “WERK EEN” was released on TTKK, later followed by “WERK TWEE” en “WERK DRIE” both with collector multiple covers.

In 1985, Polar Praxis released “MUSIQUES POUR FEUX D’ARTIFICE” on Play it Again Sam’s “Scarface” sub-label, a two side/two songs LP containing rythmic dance-like electronic music, which pre-figured the DJ’S of the end of the 90’s !  Later, on the new label created by S3 and Kenny Gates of PIAS, “CIRCLE RECORDS”, Polar Praxis released a second, and last, mini-album “FIREWORKS”,  a collection of songs all titles “Music for Fireworks”, repetitive music in the style and inspiration of Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Both were actually used as music for profesionnal fireworks in Belgium and Europe.

* Remastered from the original masters
* 160gr. vinyl
* Firework Colour vinyl
* Black & White Glossy cover
* Limited to 500 copies

Manufactured by Discopress, Belgium

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EARLY TAPES compromises the first recordings of the duo Dirk Da Davo and TB Frank and is now, for the first time, available on CD!

The Neon Judgement was formed in 1980/1981. Instantly they self-released two cassettes. With a limited amount of electronic instruments, they recorded their debut: “Suffering”. The first version of their classic track “Factory Walk” is on this tape, a much more raw version than the one which would later become an underground clubhit. “Sweet Revenge” and “Schyzophrenic Freddy” remind of Suicide and the almost claustrophobic sounding tracks “Harem” and “Army Green (WOIII) are in the veign of the industrial music of Cabaret Voltaire or even Throbbing Gristle.

Their second cassette “TV Treated” is certainly as good. “Sister Sue” and “On My Own” are ready to eat tracks for fans of Front 242 en Luc Van Acker. The remastered versions of these rare cassettes are now compiled on “Early Tapes”, an overview of TNJ 1980/1981. The first two bonus tracks, recorded live @ Arno’s in Leuven, give us an insight into the live performances of The Neon Judgement and the third extra track let’s us meet the solo project of Dirk Da Davo with the track “Sexhead”.

This CD is limited to 1000 copies. The accompanying booklet includes song lyrics and rare photo’s from the TNJ archive

* Digipack CD
* 8pp booklet
* Mastering by Dancedelic
* Three bonus tracks
* Design by Eloise Leigh and OnderStroom

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