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OECD 159     ALTIERI / BALESTRAZZI / BECUZZI – In Memoriam J. G. Ballard      CD Digipack / Ltd. 300 Copies  13,- €

James G. Ballard (1930-2009) was one of the most important and brilliant contemporary writers and his death has left a big cultural void.
The influence of Ballard’s aesthetics has produced on millennium-end generations a true cult, inspiring artists and art-works in all disciplines.
Yet nobody, until now, has decided to dedicate an entire work to his memory.
Thus, by mutual agreement, Corrado Altieri (Candor Chasma, Monosonik, TH26 ..),

Simon Balestrazzi (TAC, Kino Glaz, Candor Chasma, Dream Weapon Ritual ..)

and Gianluca Becuzzi (Limbo, Pankow, Kinetix ..),

have decided to dedicate this album to the master of post modern literature and his work.
The nine tracks of that album take their titles from so many Ballard novels, trying to recreate his special visionary mood into music.
A universe ruled by free dreaming associations: eroticism, technology, consumerism and cruelty mingle together to create a new perception of reality.
A constant dialectic between micro-events and macro-rumorism, between digital pointillism and white noise,

in between static drones, fluctuations, shifts and sudden changes of scenery.
The changing environment is producing sound architectures where the organic and the inorganic are no longer self-conscious, casting vague on each other.
The Marilyn Monroe hologram projected on the wall of a motel near an airport is sexier than the original.
James Ballard is dead, long live James Ballard.
This is best Italian Industrial in good old-school mood !


OECD 160     NAEVUS – Soil     CD Digipack / Ltd. 300   13,- €

Recorded in 2000 and released the following year, ‘Soil’ was the album that consolidated the eclectic approach of its predecessor ‘Truffles of Love’.
Neo-folk and new-wave styles are combined to give the most pessimistic and heavily stylised release to be found in the Naevus catalogue.
Layered acoustic guitars and bass that sounds like reverberating shipping rope are blended with stentorian vocals

and thunderous drum machine to create claustrophobic and relentless slabs of sound.
This expanded edition restores the artwork that was originally intended for the album and adds six bonus tracks,

including the original version of the longstanding live favourite ‘No, Remember’ and cover versions of songs by Laibach and Kirlian Camera.
Unavailable for years, Old Europa Cafe presents the definitive edition of this classic Naevus album.
Album comes packed in elegant gatefold-digipak with 12 pages lyrics booklet.


OEC 156     Ô ARADIS – Personas     CD Digipack / Ltd. 300   13,- €

There is no resignation but acceptance in the reflections that are held throughout the ten songs from this album by Ô Paradis called “Personas” (People for English).
Each song is an experience, an interaction with a real person.
It is interesting to deepen into the network of experiences and emotions exchange that arouse in us,

as in the internal dialogue where we visualize the people we refer, we discover that actually we talk only about ourselves, a ghost, an identity that felt unreal.
We are soul and we must move away from the limited perception of that identity.
Musically, this work can and should not be compared or labeled to anything else by this author,

it sounds anyway like Ô Paradis and this is how the author has elaborated it, free from the past and the future.
A new chapter in the Pop-Electronic and Romantic-Psychadelia of this great Catalonian artist.
Album comes in a beautiful six panel digipak with a little explanation for each track.


OECDR 045     ASBAAR – Ex Umbra In Solem     CDR Digipack / Ltd. 99   12,- €

“Ex Umbra In Solem” is a journey within, to the beginnings of mystical beliefs of human beings.
A rite of passage that transforms the individual opening to the light of the mystical nature that governs all living beings in the universe.
A discussion with our subconscious through the initiatory transformation common to all human mystical beliefs.
A moment of solitude makes us infinite join the primal light through the shadows.
Composed and produced by Marc Merinee (ELDAR)
Recorded & Mastered at Oxid Studios Barcelona 2012
Art Work by Alonso Urbanos


OECDR 046     STRYKNIN – Transparens     CDR Digipack / Ltd. 99   12,- €

“The descent and fall.
The confusion and dissolution.
The sparks that arose in the darkest cave system.
The flames and patterns from them.
Everything had a purpose.
Nothing was over.
All were part of larger circles.
The rule was to read paths.
The tools were the demand for transparency and keeping the eye on the mountain.”
Stryknin is a project working with the organization and synthesis of sound, dealing with different themes and tactics:

extracting certain flows from experience and written words.
Stryknin is based in Sweden and England, it’s a fresh wind that blows from those lands …
And “Transparens” was created in an intersection of Psych-Folk and Electroacoustic Computer Music …
The “new” in this neo-folk / noir-cabaret world is here !




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OECD 153     MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE – Hard Boiled Night Club     CD Jewel-Box / Ltd. 300 copies  13,- €

Look at your back : Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte is on the road again ….
Negroni, Cigarettes, Flash, Guns, Paparazzi …. This is the trade-mark sound for “Losers”.
White-Jazz Industrial as only MMM can play.
Back on Via Veneto, the murder place, where everything has begun.
The last rays of Dolce Vita still enlightened the winter day when MMM brought this forgotten bunch of songs to a new life.
Ready for their best effort to date.
“Hard Boiled Night Club” is the comeback record, a collection of finest and deepest tracks which will tear your pride apart.
Songs of black gloves on a milk white neck.
Songs of black whores with no face.
Songs of dancers on an easy tune.
Songs for a swinging blade in the night of Roma.
Songs of criminal jazz in a dark and foggy club.
Songs for Paparazzi on a solitary beach.
Songs for Wilma Montesi.
Songs off the record and very hush-hush.
Songs for true losers.
Songs of Hard Boiled.

Tracklist :

01. Hard Boiled Night Club (featuring Selaxon Lutberg)
White Jazz
03. Il Killer che è in Me
Strettamente Confidenziale
05. Last Resistance
06. In the Still of the Night
07. Paparazzi on my Back
08. Massacro a Via Veneto
09. Wilma Montesi Jazz Love Tragedy
10. Black Hollywood sul Tevere
Criminalmente Bella
12. Piccolo Hotel per Sadici (featuring Satanismo Calibro 9)


 OECD 154     TEATRO SATANICO –  Fatwa  CDDigipack / Ltd. 300 copies  13,- €

This album is without a doubt the band’s most Satanick work to date.
It starts with a bunch of anti-religion synth-punk songs.
Then it moves deeply farther into esoterick electronick left-hand paths, where post-industrial noises copulate with minimal-electro sounds.
And then it puts a malediction (or a prayer?) on the real enemy of humanity.
And ends summoning the Proud Adversary of the true evil, a ritual invocation to the only and true Light-bringer!
And then again more hell to tell …
10 songs with Italian, English and Latin lyrics.
Post-industrial laptop-punk & Satanicka esotericka electronicka at his very very beAst!
Well hidden inside the digipack folder come 4 full-colour pictures of astonishing oil-paintings by SATURNO BUTTO’

(www.saturnobutto.com), the Italian maestro internationally known for his exceptional and superior fine-art.

Tracklist :
1. Allah Kebab
2. Adrian Andrew Woodhouse
3. God told you to do it
4. Fatwa
5. Sex Magick Rockets Babalon
Baby Babalon
7. La Visione e la Voce
8. dio dio dio di odio
Anus Dei
10. Veni Satan Lucifer



OECD155     MB&MO –   Spiritual Noises CDDigipack / Ltd. 300 copies  13,- €

Historical collaboration between two of the fathers of Italian (and not only Italian)
Old-School Industrial :
“Creating noise is determined by the presence of an original particle to which randomly apply an alteration

to convey a voltage-activated disturbing that determinates the electro-phonic perturbation.
As a result we obtain the SPIRITUAL NOISES”.
Sounds by >
M.B. : ancient loops, modern metals and futuristic waves.
M.O. : synthesizer, loops, noise effects.
Final sound manuipulation by >
Gianluca Favaron : masterful amalgam and mixing.
Tracklist :
01. Paticella M
02. Alterazione B
03. Disturbo M
04. Perturbazione O
05. Spiritual Noises






 NB : following releases are listed in alphabetical order, exact release date is not fixed yet

but all of them will most probably come out during 2012 !

AIN SOPH – New Album CD
(after Aurora and Oktober here finally comes the 3rd abum of the Ain Soph’s new era …
The long waited new chapter by this leading Italian cult band)

AIN SOPH – Aurora / Re-edition Album CD
(finally here comes the second OEC re-edition of this milestone of neo-folk cabaret
with additional unreleased material recorded in same period and a revisited cover design)

ARTEFACTUM – Rosarium Hermeticum CD
(re-edition of that album previously out only as a very limited CDr with some additional unreleased tracks ,
ritualistic sounds similar to best early Ain Soph esoteric era with female whispers and tribal drums …)

BLACK SUN PRODUCTIONS – Phantasmata Domestica CD
(on the eve of 20 12 2012 Black Sun Productions will cease to exist, this collaborative work with Mikael Karlsson
will be the final BSP studio album. Aspect something completely different from all previous BSP works …)

(after “Ortodox” and ” Folksongs” here comes the third part of the Folkstormish analogue trilogy … True Post-Industrial)

(the best you can get in terms of Martial sounds, second album out on OEC)

MERZBOW – New Album CD
(After “Marmo” here comes the second chapter in the OEC/Italian Merzseiries by the Japanese grand-master of noise)

NORDVARGR – Murkhr / Special Album LP+CD > Limited / Numbered edition
(dark and deep as only lord Nordvargr can be … finally the first Nordvargr vinyl on OEC)

(best Power-Electronics and Death-Industrial from US by this 2 trade-mark names)

STRATVM TERROR – Aged Fractures and Dead Ends New Album 2xCD
(the final chapter for this great Nordic terror project showing the industrial face of Raison d’Etre …
Stratvm Terror’s testament)


TSIDMZ – Pax Deorum Hominumque CD
(new Italian Industrial project dealing with apocalyptic and martial noise …)

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