Livia Satriano


“No wave – contorsionismi e sperimentazioni dal CBGB al Tenax”


Pages 220


Language: Italian


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“70s are ending and the global economy is about to crack. Everywhere you can feel instability and uncertainty. New York, capital of the American empire, is a war field, a troubled city with riots and gangs everywhere. It’s into this apocalyptic scenario that some kids succeed into focusing all their nihilism and alienation of a hopeless era into something positive. This is how No Wave revolution born: a musical movement/no movement, a way of making art, a style of life. New sounds spread around, a new aesthetics but mainly a different and innovative way of create something that will be remembered leaving its mark on the future musicians’ generations. Like in America, also in Italy alienation and common disillusion are good incentives that made people experiment new original solutions…”




Introduction by “Pierpaolo De Iulis”


Writings by: Roberto Cannella, Bruno Di Marino, Andrea Lissoni


Interviews with: Bisca, Glenn Branca, Nina Canal, Confusional Quartet, Rhys Chatham, Mark Cunningham, Jody Harris, Illogico, Arto Lindsay, Lydia Lunch, Steve Piccolo, Rinf and Weasel Walter.




Livia Satriano is born in Naples in 1987. Graduated into Media Languages at the Cattolica University, Milan. She worked into communication and events organization for different cultural and artistic institutions as Spazio Oberdan and Superstudio Più. Actually, she collaborates with online magazines like and takes care of the Assez vu project (




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