Enfant Terrible presents the Gooiland Elektro sublabel and the
experimental pop of Europ Europ

Two new releases on Enfant Terrible and two records that push the sound
spectrum of the label further again… in two very different ways…

Europ Europ already performed live on three Enfant Terrible events. This
Norwegian band is around since 1996… making noise since 1996. But never
noise in an average way or a predictable manner. This is industrial music
as it should sound… never becoming dark in a gothic kind of way, never
becoming weak dance music in a new school kind of way, and without getting
lost in noise for the sake of noise. The music is ritual and tribal and
performed like an occult rite. And yet it is also contemporary
experimental pop music… maybe…

The second release is a compilation on the new Gooiland Elektro sublabel.
This record is a soundtrack for excentric nightlife… bringing back to life
images of wild parties at artists workspaces in Paris in the 1920’s, early
mornings in Belgian nightclubs in the late 1980’s and driving in classic
Italian sports cars during long hot summer nights. But… this is not just a
dream… we here to live this life… we serve you contemporary music to spice
up your nighttime activities… music to dance to and to chill out on…

On the (Enfant) Terrible Music blog full preview tracks for both records
can be found: http://terrible-music.blogspot.com/

Europ Europ:
Release date: June 2012
Cat. nr: ET015
Format: vinyl 10” mini LP
File under: electronic music / experimental music

V/A – Les Années Folles
Release date: June 2012
Cat. nr: ET016
Format: vinyl 12”
File under: electro / italo / new wave

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