Laurent Pernice vs Laurent Perrier 
"Play piano and sounds"

cd sop 013


Laurent Pernice and Laurent Perrier bear very similar names. But the closeness between the two artists goes beyond mere coincidence.

Both are ex-members of Nox, the mythical rock industrial French band of the 1980's. Since then, they have built a true personal and artistic complicity. In 1997, Laurent Pernice quits Paris to live in Marseilles, South of France, where Laurent Perrier visits him regularly. In 2005, on occasion of one of his visits, Perrier is invited to listen to Pernice's new works, a subtle encounter between piano pieces and ambient alectronic music. Much impressed by the quality of these works, Perrier decides to secreltly compose titles in the same style. Four years later, Perrier reveals his own works to Pernice and tells him his intention to publish them together with the (surprinsingly) still unpublished Pernice's titles. Pernice is enthusiastic and the project, entitled “Play piano and sounds”, is born.


Since 1987, when his first album was published, Laurent Pernice has always questionned his own musical practices. A good ten records later, he is still looking for new artistic tracks, news ways of making music. From experimental music to off the track electro, world music and crazy jazz tunes, what Pernice is seeking is to “stupefy” his audience. Therefore, it may be on the side of psychedelic music that the common roots of all his albums are to be found. Maybe also on the side of urban poetry.

With “Sortie vers la ville” (1994), a kind of sound crash between wild groove and music from ex-USSR, as well as “Infrajazz” (2003), an electro jazz combination, and “Musiques immobiles” (2005), quite close to John Cage's researches, there always exists some kind of intimate lyrism, an internal tempest reminding one of contemporary poetry. 



Laurent Perrier starts a solo career just after Nox has split. In 1997, he publishes “Cape Fear”'s very first album, a solo project very much in the style of Nox, mixing break beat rhythms and metal guitars. 

After the end of label and record shop Odd Size (1986-1999), Perrier launches a new music label, Sound on Probation, that he dedicates to his own – and numerous – works. With Sound on Probation, he explores various music styles : electronica, idm and industrial hip-hop with Zonk't;  anmbient dub, nu jazz and abstract hip-hop with Heal; experimental electronic and electroacoustic musics with Pylône, and, under his own name, a conceptual project to accompany different stage performances.


Besides, L.P has been working since 1999 alongside artists like Alban Richard, Odile Duboc, Pietragalla, Philippe Ulysse or Laurence Wagner not only as a composer but also as video designer. Laurent Perrier now also works as sound designer for future electrical cars imagined by french group Peugeot-Citroën.


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