POORDREAM – Living Now
Available from 33 Recordings

Poordream's new album is a live recording of his performance at Votanikos Kipos in Petroupolis – Athens (19-06-2010). The result is a cohesive journey which borrows aesthetic elements from both IDM and experimental electronic music as well as melodic electronica and acoustic music, with a presence of field recording and perplex soundscapes. Poordream's live shows are destined to stimulate both conscious and unconscious feelings and to enable humans to become more active, aware and, eventually, alive. 'Living Now' hereby refers to the idea of presence, which is often dealt with in Poordream's compositions and refers to how that which matters for evolution is how one perceives the significance of our own present, regardless of how shadowy or uncertain future might be. 'Living Now' is connected to life itself, reflecting present into the rebirth of life and motivating thought, innovation and liberty of mind among men. The musical result is beautiful, mesmerizing and cohesive, although not without error, just as man and and his intellectual journeys are: imperfect, however exciting.  'Living Now' is a capture in time, yet alive and carrying the breath of hope: an essential introduction to Poordream's music and a strong album which is accompanied by an equally beautiful artwork, and which proudly paves the way for his upcoming full-length release.

320 kbps mp3 download link:

Due to the fact that this is originally a hardback boxed release and therefore, shipping and manufacturing costs are particularly high, we decided not to send physical copies. However, if you would still prefer a real copy, please give us your address and we will gladly send one over. We would also like to inform you that this link is to be used only for reviewing purposes. Thank you for understanding.


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