Hanetration has another free download titled “Murmurist EP”.

You can find it at http://hanetration.bandcamp.com

It’s fairly solemn, but feels somehow brighter, clearer than some of his previous stuff.

Check it out.

“sorrowful, resilient tones… a distinctive producer” (tinymixtapes)

Tenth Oar EP: “the best glitchy drone music we’ve heard this year” (homelessminds)

Torn Heat EP: “something new and something very beautiful” (soundcolourvibration)

Nae Troth EP: “transcendental in its textures” (floorshimezipperboots)

Timelapse EP: “I’ve sat through a half-hour of somewhat random industrial noise, I feel a little lost and I may have a headache” (hypnagogue)

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