«Terrestre» by Mathon will be released 29 April 2011 on Everestrecords:

Cat nr: er_lp_046/er_dvd_046

Format: LP/DVD/Digital

Distribution: Godbrain/Finetunes
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Video Momentum
Video Parsec

Terrestre is a musical story about the earth as the centre of existence and the basis for life. For the fourth album Pete Leuenberger, Roger Stucki und Thomas Augustiny took the mobile recording-studio into the swiss mountains and chose the earth as their main theme for the compositions. The coexistence of nature and civilization and also the contradictions between the two can be heard on Terrestre. For each of these six compositions at least one guest-musician has been invited; Maria Capelli, Ronny Spiegel, Maurice De Martin und Nicolas Kellner all contributed their musical vision to this subject and the result can be heard on the 12″ vinyl. Further on the pieces were sent to other musicians and video-artists. The remixes by Kenneth Kirschner (12k/USA), i8u (Dragonseye Recordings/CAN), Steinbrüchel (Synchron/CH), Digitalis (Thinner/CH), Elektrohandel (D), Tobias Reber (Hyperfunction/CH) und Matu (Everestrecords/CH) and the video-works by Maurice De Martin (Zeitkratzer/D) und Marc-André Gasser (Magdesign/CH) are enclosed on a dvd.

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