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Polluted Axis

The Ruin Nation (ep)

Release Date: February 1st 2011

Digital Only

Crunch Pod


Fresh off a series of wildly popular "dubsuck" songs and their proper label debut, "The Trepanation Nation", Polluted Axis starts 2011 with a bang with "The Ruin Nation".

Polluted Axis has this to say about this new release "Fuck the drill. Fuck the Fancy shit. This is a full frontal lobotomy of noise. This is brain surgery with a hammer.
Polluted Axis Brings you the original Rhythmic Noise versions of The Trepanation Nation in this release, The Ruin Nation. Featuring four of the original versions off the

album and three "new" tracks as they were intended – hard, fast, and crunchy."




1)      Bore Hole

2)      Have Ether Will Drill (All Out of Ether)

3)      Oopsy, Lobotomy

4)      The Trepanation Nation (The Ruin Nation)

5)      Brain Pulse

6)      Increased Blood Brain Volume (Bleeding Out)

7)      The Trephining Manual (Fuck The Manual)





Scar Tissue (EP)

Digital Release Only

Crunch Pod



Lexincrypt’s latest album “Of  Unsound Mind” took us on journey into the deepest recesses of the human mind.  It brought us face to face with some of the dankest, bleakest parts of the human psyche.

Now you’ve managed to survive your trip and figured you can move on…. but you can’t. Some things are not meant to be forgotten and linger with you forever.

You have been left with something, a souvenir of sorts, Scar Tissue.“Scar Tissue” is the follow up release to Lexincrypt’s highly successful comeback album “Of Unsound Mind”

“Scar Tissue” was a song found on “Of Unsound Mind” and it quickly became a fan favorite. It has been remixed by fellow survivors of the experience. Old wounds do heal, just not always properly. 




1)      Scar Tissue (remixed by Mangadrive)

2)      Scar Tissue (remixed by Little Sap Dungeon

3)      Misanthropic Me (remixed by Xiescive)

4)      Scar Tissue (remixed by C/A/T

5)      Scar Tissue (remixed by Exeter)

6)      Misanthropic Me (remixed by The Ludovico Technique)

7)      Scar Tissue (remixed by Hodr)

8)      Unfaithful (remixed by c2.control.org)

9)      Misanthropic Me (remixed by Sinsect)

10)   Scar Tissue (remixed by Filament 38)



Other News


Uberbyte is currently in Steelworks Studio in Sheffield, England working on their fourth album called NFY, which is due out the summer of 2011. More details to follow.  


Lexincrypt has completed a remix of the Die Sektor song "Accelerant."
This remix is exclusive to the Deathwatch Asia Japanese Limited
Edition version of their new album "Applied Structure in a Void" (out
February 25).




Live Dates



Feb 4th @ Corporation- Sheffield, UK

Feb 5th @ O2 Academy  Islington-London, UK with Nachtmahr

Feb 6th @ The Classic Grand- Glasgow, UK  with Nachtmahr

April 2nd @ Resistanz Festival-Sheffield, UK

June 17th @ Fabriken-Stockholm, SE 



April 2nd @ Resistanz Festival-Sheffield, UK


Cervello Elettronico

 Supporting Nachtmahr and Grendel

April 22nd @ The Sando-Sydney, AU Supporting

April 23rd @  East Brunswick- Melbourne, AU

April 24th @ Step Inn-Brisbane, AU



Feb 10th @ Mechanismus-Seattle,WA

Dirty Music for Distorted Minds


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