NEUROPA return with “Fashion War” digital single and it is up to the fans to realize a CD Ep release, too
Albert Martinez and Jason Last signed to conzoom Records at the beginning of 2011. And now it is time for a brandnew single release of NEUROPA. “Fashion War” will be released in August as a digital single only. This release will feature about three or four tracks. “Fashion War” is an interesting and innovative mixture of analogue synthpopsounds of the 80s and musical electropop elements from today. The brilliant voice of NEUROPA frontman Jason Last makes this song to some kind of great atmospheric adventure. “Fashion War” is the first single release from the new upcoming NEUROPA album “Plastique People” which will be released through conzoom Records in a limited expanded version on September 16th, 2011.
And now the label offers all NEUROPA fans the chance to realize an official CD Ep release of “Fashion War” which will feature many exclusive tracks. conzoom Records needs about 100 preorders to release this “Fashion War Ep” officially on CD. So if you are really interested in getting your personal copy of this release with your name in the CD booklet, please mail to the following conzoom Records Email:
Please send over your complete name, address and the number of copies from “Fashion War Ep” you will order for 7,99 Euro / CD. This offer is exclusively available through conzoom Records. So support this label! It is worth it, definitely!
The cover of NEUROPAs “Fashion War” is available for download (1000 x 1000 pixels) here:


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