We are back from a brief hiatus and bring you an exciting new release:

NM073: GLICE – FLEISCH (tape / digital)

Fleisch is the new release by the Dutch noise formation Glice. To celebrate their performance at this year’s Rewire Festival in The Hague on April 1 2016, Narrominded will release Fleisch as a limited cassette tape (50 copies, with two sleeve variants) and digitally.

Although the band had been in dormant existence for more than half a decade, Glice reared its head loudly in 2015 with the album LIX, to much critical acclaim. The filmic noise of Glice, filled with a keen sense of texture and drama, opened many ears to a genre that is often perceived as inaccessible and difficult.

Fleisch will not disappoint the fans of LIX: it is a roaring beast of a record. Contrasting textures fight for supremacy, intense tidal waves of sound are powerful enough to crush the listener.

Fleisch is the first is a series of recording documenting the live performances of Glice. The result however is far from a realistic registration of a concert: Fleisch is made of fragments and bits of performances throughout the past year, woven together into new music.


(also available on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Google Play Music, Tidal, etc.)

Press on LIX:

LIX sounds ecstatic […] You won’t hear much better than this in 2016.

Theo Ploeg, Gonzo (circus)

A very beautiful and promising album […] that tells that Glice has a distinct style, palette of sounds and musical vision up its sleeve.

Peter Bruyn, FRNKFRT

From the first seconds it grasps you and pulls you down under in creepy soundscapes and nasty noise pieces.

Revolutions Per Day

LIX is about subjection; it goes right through you like radiation and it surrounds you completely.

Sven Schlijper, Kindamuzik

Noisy sounds with a psychdelic twist.


Gonzo (circus) end of year lists 2015:

Glorious industrial textures and sounds. – Hugo Emmerzael

The best album I’ve heard in a long time. – Theo Ploeg

The soundtrack of 2015. – Lars Meijer

Glice live

Friday April 1

Rewire festival // Prins 72 – The Hague // 22:15 hrs

Sunday April 17

Manupalooza festival // OCCII – Amsterdam

Friday May 14

Incubate festival // 013 – Tilburg

Saturday June 11

Sneeuw en Ruis festival // Vechtclub XL – Utrecht

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