We have a nice evening coming up this Friday Feb. 22 at De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam. With Lola Montez, Puin+Hoop, Bismuth and DJs John & Yolo (italo!).



Rooie Waas live @ Kinky Star Radio (Belgium)

Rooie Waas did an excellent live set at Kinky Star Radio in Belgium.

Narrominded update for 2013

Time for our yearly sentimental reminiscing blog!



New video by Rooie Waas!

Rooie Waas @ State-X New Forms, Het Paard Café, Den Haag – December 15 2012

Rooie Waas @ onTWen Festival, Torhout (Belgium) – November 3 2012

Boutros Bubba, Katadreuffe, Econo (UK) @ Vondelbunker, Amsterdam – October 27 2012



Rooie Waas @ State-X New Forms, Het Paard Café, Den Haag – December 15 2012

Het Fukking Licht, Donné et Desirée, Organisms, Hydrus, DJ Floris Bovée @ De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam – November 23 2012

Rooie Waas @ INDIE INDIE #5, Meneer Malasch, Amsterdam – November 24 2012



friday, february 22 2013: bismuth, lola montez, puin + hoop , dj’s john & jolo – narrominded evening, de nieuwe anita, amsterdam

saturday, april 6 2013: spoelstra, divorce – indie indie, amsterdam

friday, may 10 2012: coen oscar polack & herman wilken, fine china superbone, hunter complex, life savings, machinist, puin + hoop, spoelstra – sound of the underground, vondelbunker, amsterdam

saturday, may 11 2012: spoelstra – claws of saurtopia festival, zoro, leipzig

saturday, august 24 2013: rooie waas – de tanker, amsterdam


That’s it folks!

All the best from us at narrominded.com

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