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NM056: MATTO FRANK – CHINA (cd / download)

In February 2009 Matto Frank traveled around China where he recorded sounds with a malfunctioning microphone. What immediately struck him was the huge presence of pop music and other synthetic sounds in public spaces. ‘It seems like in China they enjoy turning up everything as loud as possible. Music sounds distorted from the speakers. In combination with microphones it sometimes creates a huge feedback, but nobody seems to bother.’ He decided to capture the noise around him ‘as raw and blunt as possible’. On China he mixes these recordings with his own work, ambient tracks that are rest areas in the hectic Chinese soundscapes.

China is a quirky trip through China just after the 2008 Olympics. Many bits are heard of the new hospitality of the once closed communist country: conversations with curious passersby, exuberant welcome hymns and pop music according to the Western model.




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tuesday, may 15 2012: spoelstra, man from uranus – az, aachen (germany)

wednesday, may 16 2012: spoelstra, man from uranus – komma, esslingen (germany)

thursday, may 17 2012: spoelstra, man from uranus – o’tannenbaum, berlin (germany)


friday, may 18 2012: puin + hoop – les ateliers claus, brussels (belgium)


friday, may 18 2012: spoelstra, man from uranus – leipzig (germany)

saturday, may 19 2012: spoelstra, man from uranus – 1,2 piece fest, 603 qm club, darmstadt (germany)

saturday, may 26 2012: hydrus, kleefstra / pruiksma / kleefstra, sleep gunner, apneu, super acid rave men – narrominded label night, de nieuwe anita, amsterdam


Vice mixtape by Matto Frank

Matto Frank made a mixtape for Vice to celebrate the release of China. The result is, according to Vice, ‘a cheerfully pumping mix of Asian pop, trance and dubstep, sometimes of a deafening sound quality’.

Spoelstra remix of Yoshimi track out now

Out now! A compilation tape by Yoshimi en zijn vrienden entitled Ik en jij, allebei, including Spoelstra’s harrewar oplawaai remix of the Yoshimi track Hakketak.

Boutros Bubba Artist of the Week on musicfrom.nl

Boutros Bubba has been selected as artist of the week by renowned Dutch music site musicfrom.nl.


Katadreuffe, Ceremony, The Lost Rivers @ INDIE INDIE #1, Meneer Malasch, Amsterdam – March 17 2012

Boutros Bubba, Garçon Taupe, Rude 66, Staatseinde @ De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam – February 3 2012


Spoelstra @ Lana’s Atelier, Sombor (Serbia) – March 23 2012

Spoelstra @ K.C. Grad, Belgrade (Serbia) – March 20 2012

That’s it for now! Hope to see you at our next label night at De Nieuwe Anita in Amsterdam on May 26 2012. All the best from us at narrominded.com

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