Muricidae “Tales From A Silent Ocean” EP, out now!


“Muricidae” are the Mesmerizing duo of Legendary Producer

John Fryer (Cocteau Twins, NiN, HIM, Cradle Of Filth and

many more) and Stunning Vocal Enchantress Louise Fraser.

They met on the beach searching for Mermaids and once

they started talking, Louise had a “Doors” moment and said

“Hey John, lets start a band” and from that day to this, they

have been weaving their magic together on a ever changing

musical soundscape. The 1st fruits of their labor is the EP

“Tales From A Silent Ocean”.

Shipwrecked, Marooned and Hallucinating from Sunstroke and Rum, Muricidae

leaves you content in glorious ruin.

Muricidae, the duo of John Fryer and Louise Fraser, has revealed its first EP, “Tales

from a Silent Ocean”. Awash with atmosphere, the release is infused with the

sophisticated style that Fryer conjured up for 4AD during his time as a member of

This Mortal Coil and studio magician at Blackwing Studios.



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