Mlada Fronta & M-tronic Records are proud to present :

/// OUTRUN \

15 years after our first release on M-tronic, we are happy to welcome back MLADA FRONTA on the label.
Mlada Fronta is back with some outstanding new songs, their best work to date !!!
“Outrun” is around the speed concept – “No limits, no rules: live only for speed”.
100 % innovative electronic hits !!!

Pre-orders are now open in our shop–vinyls.html
and 3 different options are possible:

>>> CD Digipack 3 panels: 11 tracks <<<

01. Melt Into The Road
02. 200MPH
03. Speed For Life
04. Straight Ahead
05. Outrun
06. Simulator 1983
07. Wild Race
08. Roller Coaster
09. Dust Cloud
10. Take The Leap
11. Midnight Drive

>>> 12″ transparent red Vinyl  (8 tracks, unreleased and exclusive remixes) <<<

Side A:
A1. Wild Race (Runaway Mix)
A2. Simulator 1983 (Video Games Mix)e
A3. Speed For Life (Stars Running In The Sky Mix)
A4. Take Off
Side B:
B1. Breathtaking
B2. Take The Leap
B3. 4.44 AM
B4. Hand In Hand

>>> Limited pack  of 200 copies including the new CD album”Outrun” +12″ red vinyl “Outrunner” + A2 limited Poster <<<

We offer you this limited pack of 200 copies including the new CD album”Outrun” , the 12″ red vinyl “Outrunner” which is the perfect complement of the CD album “Outrun” (with exclusive remixes and unreleased songs), and while saving money (5 euros) we also add to the pack a splendid A2 limited poster.


Mlada Fronta will have a two pages interview in the forthcoming issue of the famous french printed magazine Obsküre.

The new Mlada Fronta album “Outrun” has been chosen to be featured in listening mide between the bands at Industrial #20 Festival Cannes.

Mlada Fronta is open to live shows (club and festivals) all over the world to promote this fantastic new “Outrun” album.
Please get in touch now with us:

All the best,

Mlada Fronta & M-tronic


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