MW034 Schedelvreter – Hunker 10″

Minimal Wave is proud to announce our 34th release, a limited edition hand-silkscreened 10″ of Schedelvreter (which loosely translates as “Skull Gobber”), the Dutch side project of brilliant minimal synth pioneer Danny Bosten, best known for his project Das Ding. The seven tracks were originally recorded in Danny’s home studio in the Netherlands and self-released on a cassette entitled “Hunker” via his Tear Apart Tapes label in 1985.
Unlike Das Ding, Schedelvreter is not pattern-based or sequenced, the synth sounds are hand played over a collage of found sounds. At the time, Danny was experimenting with a Crumar synth that was falling apart, and would sporadically create sounds that were like human voices. He created massive drum sounds by layering noise, using leftover four-track additions in reverse and some live drum recordings courtesy of his brother’s tapes. The end result feels narrative and filmic, like the soundtrack to an imaginary apocalyptic movie : bleak and desolate. The newly remastered 10” release is limited to 999 hand-silkscreened numbered copies pressed on black medium weight vinyl. Purchase here, $15. Click on song titles for links to audio samples.

1 Beast 
2 Cibola 
3 Sounding Heaven 
4 Howl 
5 Efigy 
6 Desert 
7 Artifical Life  

MWC02 V/A The Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume 2 (CD / 2LP / Digital)

Out on February 27th, Minimal Wave proudly presents V/A The Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume 2, a collaborative release with Stones Throw Records and follow up to V/A The Minimal Wave Tapes; Volume 1. A collection of rare electronic music compiled from bands around the world, most of the songs were recorded in the 1980s and originally released on limited edition cassettes or vinyl by the artists themselves, and only a handful of people knew about them.  Now they’ve been remastered from their analog source tapes, brought to you by Veronica Vasicka and Peanut Butter Wolf. Some ot the tracks are highlights of Minimal Wave’s recent output and others are glimpses into future releases. Listen to sound samples here. Read Five Minutes with… Veronica via FACT Magazine here. Huge thanks to all the artists involved. Check out the Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume 1 review here (Pitchfork voted “Best New Reissue” of 2010) and The Wire’s review here.

1 Hard Corps – Dirty
2 In Trance 95 – Presidente
3 Philippe Laurent – Distorsion
4 Das Ding – H.S.T.A.
5 Subject – What Happened To You? 
6 Ohama – The Drum 
7 Geneva Jacuzzi – The Sleep Room 
8 Antonym – Cinammon Air  
9 Ruins – Fire 
10 Ende Shneafliet – Animals From Outer Space
11 Felix Kubin – Japan Japan
12 Class Info – Out Of Line
13 In Aeternam Vale – Annie
14 Aural Indifference – Theme


New additions:
In Trance 95 – Cities Of Steel And Neon
Sympathy Nervous – Automaticism
Pas De Deux –  Cardiocleptomanie
V/A The Hidden Tapes

Back catalog:
Medio Mutante – Inestable 
Oppenheimer Analysis – New Mexico 
Los Iniciados – Untitled 
Sluik – Back To Burnsley 
Pavillon 7B – Dark Life 
Somnambulist / M.Bryo – Split 
Störung – Europe Calls 
Martin Dupont – Lost And Late 
Linear Movement – On The Screen 
Sudeten Creche – Are Kisses Out of Fashion? 
Stereo – Somewhere In The Night 
Bal Paré – Best of.. 
Bal Paré – Untitled
Moderne – Moderne / L’Espionne Aimait La Musique 
Circuit 7 – Video Boys 
Das Ding – H.S.T.A. 
In Aeternam Vale – S/T
Turquoise Days – Alternative Strategies 
The Minimal Wave Tapes: Volume 1
Deux – Decadence 
Futurisk – Player Piano 
Martin Lloyd – L’Amant Electronique 
Ruins – The Art Dance 
V/A Tear Apart Tapes  
Autumn – Synthesize 
Philippe Laurent – Hot-Bip 


MW035 Hard Corps – Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt LP
MW036 Felix Kubin – TBA LP
MW037 Ohama – TBA LP
MW038 Sympathy Nervous – TBA LP
MW039 The Fast Set – TBA LP
CITI005 Streetwalker – Future Fusion LP
CITI006 Innergaze – Mutual Dreaming LP


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March 22: Paris, France : D.I.R.T.Y. 
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