A1: Paco Osuna – New Recipe (6:39)

A2: Dokser – Back & Return (6:56)

B1: Lorenzo Bartoletti – Absolutely (6:34)

B2: The Junkies – Just Ride (6:57)

The Tracks

A1: Paco Osuna – New Recipe (6:39)

Packing all of the ingredients of a typical Osuna bomb, the ‘New Recipe’ twists heady samples, deep bassline grooves, and ratcheting percussion into multiple layers that ebb and flow organically throughout the mix. Paco’s seasoned experience as a DJ, producer and label head shines through as his latest concoction has more than enough flavor to stir any dancefloor.

A2: Dokser – Back & Return (6:56)

While only having a handful of releases to his credit on the Minisketch and Mosaiko Musik labels, Dokser definitely has a taste for the old school. The pounding bass and slight acidic undertones only hint at the journey about to take place. Dokster’s nostalgic intentions are clear once the main acid line bubbles up and a mysterious voice starts intoning. ‘Back & Return’ may have retro leanings but the crisp, clean production from this rising young producer is a natural fit for the Mindshake family.

B1: Lorenzo Bartoletti – Absolutely (6:34)

Italian tastemaker, DJ and producer Lorenzo Bartoletti’s opening salvo for Mindshake starts with a chunky beat clap intro that quickly adds some hypnotic techy elements. Effective eqing of the beat adds just enough drive and tension to the mix before Lorenzo switches directions again by teasing in an old soul funk refrain of the song’s title that makes the track palatable to both the techno and house fraternities.

B2: The Junkies – Just Ride (6:57)

This is the premiere Mindshake release by Canadians Valentino Colavecchia and Vincenzo Nicolazzo who are also ex-pats of the Rawthentic label alongside Carlo Lio. ‘Just Ride’ is a raw housey groover that is appropriately named. Get on board the groovy bassline and let the vocal shouts and scattershot percussion take you away. This is that b-side gem that you always keep an ear out for.


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About Mindshake

Mindshake is an avant-garde techno and house music label founded and co-managed by Spanish DJ and Producer Paco Osuna.

Touching EDM aficionadi globally since 2005, Mindshake exists to support the art of some of the world’s most established contemporaries while providing a solid foundation for a select group of burgeoning talent.

With a mission of creating an engaging offering in electronic music culture, Mindshake continues to progress it’s integral position in the global EDM experience.


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