Format : CD-R
Edition : 76 copies
Release date : 04 December 2011
Cat# : LH26

Originally released as a private cassette in 1980.

Second editon of this classic M.B. recordings.
Limited edition of 76 copies in 7″ gatefold cover with hand pasted artwork.
Professionally printed cd-r. Both covers and discs are numbered.


Format : CD
Edition : 223 copies
Release date : 04 December 2011
Cat# : LH25

First ever three way collaboration between Land Use (David van Ravesteijn ),Maurizio Bianchi and Pharmakusik (Siegmar Fricke).

Falsehood and misconception of mankind will be revealed.The time has come. This is the sound of Apocalypse.

Limited edition of 223 copies in slim DVD box with numbered insert.

Review from Vitalweekly.net

If I understand well, who knows I does, Maurizio Bianchi gave up doing music and whatever is released now is just ‘late’. Or not? Here we have a work – seventy minutes, one track – that has Bianchi on ‘calutronic radio-sources’, Land Use on ‘neurotronics, manipulations’ and Pharmakustik on ‘atomic recombinations, photosynthesis’ and the cover has, again, one of those difficult texts: “Sources of organic matter cause severe arsenic pollution. The palaeohydrological controls on contamination form the essential geochemical response within the acoustic document of Spulfeld. The geochemistry of streams received in the name of electroacoustic and concrete exploration strategy locates the source of contamination and the spread of fluid pollutants. In the case of defining environmental problems Spulfeld reveals the formational anomalies and geostatistical investigation of inorganic and organic particles”.
I am not sure to which Spulfeld it refers: 18546 Sassnitz or 25557 Oldenbüttel, both in Northern Germany, or just the area of ‘dredged material disposal site’, anywhere.
Now this is the true world of ambient and industrial. Ambient since its all stretched out, as one piece of continuous electronics and industrial since its aim is not to please the listener, but to play music that perhaps depicting that wasteland, that post nuclear landscape, that bleak affair of dumping waste. The perfect soundtrack to a film depicting precisely that: dumping waste, endless lines of trucks with canisters with nuclear waste, of course in black and white. Lots of reverb, lots of synthesized sounds, but also with what seems to me a curious form electro-acoustic music.
Not pleasant music but surely all elementary stuff. Not for the weak of heart and or to be played with candlelight.



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