Hello everyone,
Thanks for a phenomenal 2013 so far!  It just keeps getting better though as you will read below.
First off, MR-019 Near Paris and MR-020 I Signori Della Galassia are FINALLY arriving and shipping late next week. It has been an overwhelming response with great numbers of preorders (with free downloads).  These were both limited to 650 copies, so the label will sell out fairly soon after arrival, I’m guessing.  If you are dragging your feet, here are the links to get it taken care of:
Both will be available for digital sale when the vinyl arrives.  Stay tuned.
Otherwise, look for both of these LPs in finer shops and mailorders close to you!
Quick plug for the last Medical Records Rx show at least for a few months is happening tonight in Seattle:
NOW onto the upcoming releases for the rest of 2013:
MR-021 SECRET release.  Co-release with a major force in the reissue world.  90s shoegaze/crossover masterpiece. Prepare to be blown away.  Press release for this will come in 1-2 months hopefully.  That’s all I can say for now!
MR-022 Die Gesunden “S/T” LP – German classic from 1982 on Klaus Schulze’s famous Innovative Communication imprint.  Long unavailable.  Will contain bonus track of their cover of “Waiting for My man”.   July 2013
MR-023 Body 11 “Youth” LP – Underground German outfit from mid to late 80s.  Reissue of the cult classic EBM “Mind” 7″ + unreleased tracks from the same period.  For lovers of early Nitzer Ebb, 242, and proto-industrial.  A unique and slightly different direction for Medical.  180gram “milky” clear white vinyl.  Includes bonus insert with interview and liner notes by Kurt Reighley.  July 2013
MR-024 Paul Nelson “Vortex” LP – Corelease with 2510 Records in Portland, OR.  Crucial reissue of private press 1981 synth masterpiece by Portland’s own Paul Nelson.  Medical Record’s first Pacific Northwest reissue!  Details TBA, but will include bonus insert with interview of Paul Nelson by Thomas Jones.  August-ish 2013
MR-025 Laugh Clown Laugh “S/T” LP – 2nd in the series of collaborations with Crispy Nuggets blog.  This time presenting a UK synth duo from 1982-1984.  The LP showcases the cult classic “Feel So Young” track (and dub version) with a selection of other tracks all re-mixed and remastered.  Amazing, stripped down synth pop!  Will also have a bonus insert with interview, TBA.  September 2013
MR-026 PLAY “Red Movies” LP – 2nd in the series of Survival Records reissues showcasing the early 80s duo of David Rome (from Drinking Electricity) and Wayne Kennedy.  The LP will compile the original “Red Movies” LP + other remixes during the time making up a 9 song LP that is the comprehensive output.  Likely will have insert and interview/liner notes, TBA.  September 2013.
MR-027 Aloa “S/T” LP – Amazing reissue of lesser known but crucial German new wave record from 1982.  Mind-twisting synths, quirky and sometimes haunting vocals and jagged/angular percussion.  This one is really special. Culled from the original 1/4″ master tapes by Klearlight Studios in Dallas Texas.  You are all in for a treat. November 2013
MR-028 BEF (British Electric Foundation) “Music For Listening To” LP – Reissue of the quintessential 1981 instrumental masterpiece by icons Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh.  These recordings were made just after the split of Ware and Marsh from the Human League after the groundbreaking “Travelogue” LP for which the same vibe, feel, and synth atmosphere can be heard on the BEF record.  This is prior to the formation of Heaven 17 and retains a darker, cold mood.  Long out of print.  Contains all of the tracks from “Music for Stowaways” cassette, “Music For Listening to” LP + one bonus track!
OK, wow, that is enough news for now.
Here is the instock catalog FYI (all can be bought on bandcamp, some with digital downloads, others not).
Deutsche Wertarbeit “S/T” MR-001RP $16

OGI “S/T” MR-008 $16
Lou Champagne System “No Visible Means” MR-009 $16
Dalek I “Compass Kum’pas” MR-010 $16
Christof Glowalla “Erde 80″ 10” MR-014 $12.50
Disco Volante “No Motion” 7″ MR-015 $8.50
Tony Carey “Explorer and Yellow Power” 2LP MR-016 $20
Gina X Performance “Nice Mover” MR-017 $18
Mathematiques Modernes “Les Visiteurs Du Soir” MR-018 $18
T-shirts!  S, M, L, XL, XXL, women’s S, M.  All black Gildan with pink medical logo.  $12 + 3 shipping in USA
thanks for reading!
Troy Wadsworth

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