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I am pleased to announce that the next 2 releases on Medical Records will be MR-025 Laugh Clown Laugh LP and MR-026 Play “Red Movies”. Both are $18 and include an instant download if purchased on bandcamp.com (links below).  We are very excited about both of these releases.  They should be shipping around 9/19.  If you preordered Seefeel “Quique” (MR-021) and want to combine shipping, that is fine of course just realize that Seefeel will be shipping close to 8/27, and you will have to wait a month to get your Seefeel record!  Otherwise, I recommend just opening a new order on bandcamp.  Feel free to combine shipping on distro added titles too (listed below at bottom with links).  If you still want to preorder the Seefeel (I have guarenteed blue copies while supplies last), you can still do so from me:
Easiest way is to send paypal to troy@medical-records.org.
For single 2LP in USA – $20 + $4 shipping = $24
For single 2LP in Canada – $20 + $18 shipping = $38
For single 2LP to europe, south america, japan – $20 + $25 shipping = $45
Bandcamp links for Laugh Clown Laugh and Play
Laugh Clown Laugh
Here are the descriptions:
Laugh Clown Laugh “S/T” MR-025 release date 9/19/13
Medical Records (again) in collaboration with Crispy Nuggets blog (http://crispynuggets.blogspot.com) is proud to present a compilation/reissue of the UK underground duo Laugh Clown Laugh. Composed of Sam Findlay and Dominic O’Brien, Laugh Clown Laugh hailed from the northeast Somerset town of Frome (100 miles west of London). Though the band only had 1 actual released track (“Feel So Young” featured on a 1984 101International 2LP comp), the duo recorded many more tracks literally in their living room in the early 1980s.  Inspired by early 1980’s synth pop, they were able to purchase early Sequential Circuits and Korg synths as well as a TR606.   What resulted from these home recordings on tape are some of the most young at heart, sincere, and amazing synthpop the world has never heard.  Due to lack of publicity/etc, these recordings sadly have been stored away until recently as a cult following has mounted after the attention and correspondence with Crispy Nuggets blog.  In addition to the driving, infectious earworm that is “Feel So Young” (and the dub version), this LP is composed of 10 never before heard songs from those home recordings. All tracks have been transferred and restored from the original tapes with dazzling results.  The album opens with the fitting “Feel So Young” which sets the tone and engages the listener to know they are in for a wonderful synthpop journey.   The simplicity and focus on the lead synth tracks and percussion is what sets this collection apart.   The tracks “Face To Face” and “Kiss In The Rain” are absolute minimal synth pop masterpieces.   All tracks have an amazing dance floor sensibility but could also be well suited to a quiet day at home immersed in synth warblings. This LP will certainly appeal to fans of earliest Human League, Oppenheimer Analysis, and earliest Vince Clarke era Depeche Mode (but even more sparse). Presented on 180gram transparent orange high-quality vinyl in a limited edition. Bonus insert included as well with liner notes by Kurt B. Reighley and other tidbits.
PLAY “RED MOVIES” MR-026  Release date 9/19/13
Medical Records presents the singles collection by UK’s Play as the second in a series of crucial reissues from the Survival Records imprint.  Play was made up of Wayne Kennedy and David Rome, and all of their output was released on Survival (home to Drinking Electricity, Hard Corps, and Richard Bone).  David Rome previously had worked with the recently passed Martin Lloyd in the group Analysis (later evolved into Oppenheimer Analysis) as well as was the founding member of Drinking Electricity (also reissued on Medical Records) along with Anne-Marie Heighway.  Play released 3 singles between 1982-1984, and a compilation LP “Red Movies” in 1985 (which compiled a majority of the singles but not all).  All of these singles are now out of print and collectable.  The Medical Records reissue of Red Movies is complete with 2 extra tracks not featured on the 1985 compilation LP including 3 remixes.  Play can be best described as perfect moody synth pop.   The songs exude excellent synth work by both members as well as the sprinkled in jagged/angular guitar work by David Rome (so well illustrated on the Drinking Electricity output) reminiscent of UK post-punk.  The songs also tend to lean towards new romantic at times but are more sparse yet dynamic.  The opener “Red Movies” sets the tone with cascading synths and heartfelt vocals by Mr. Kennedy.  “This Little Girl” is a great dance floor ready track with catchy percussion and vocals.  Other standout tracks are “In My Mind” and “You Don’t Look The Same”.  The remixes featured are “Chasing The Sung” (remix of “This Little Girl”), “You Don’t Look The Same”, and “In My Mind”.    The LP features preserved original front cover art (of the UK version as the Japanese version was slightly different).  Back cover art is slightly modified to include updated credits and additional photos of Wayne Kennedy.  Pressed on high quality 180gram “half and half” colored vinyl (blue and red) in a limited edition.
BACKSTOCK AVAILABLE : Most available at medicalrecords.bandcamp.com with free download
OGI “S/T”                                                                 MR-008             $16
Lou Champagne System “No Visible Means”                    MR-009            $16
Dalek I “Compass Kum’pas”                                         MR-010            $16
Christof Glowalla “Erde 80″ 10”                                    MR-014            $12 (3 left)
Disco Volante “No Motion” 7″                                       MR-015             $8 (20 left)
Tony Carey “Explorer and Yellow Power” 2LP                  MR-016             $20
Gina X Performance “Nice Mover”                                 MR-017            $18
Mathematiques Modernes “Les Visiteurs Du Soir”            MR-018             $18
Near Paris “S/T”                                                        MR-019            $18 (5 left)
I Signori Della Galassia “Iceman”                                 MR-020             $18 (7 left)
Die Gesunden “S/T”                                                   MR-022              $18
Body 11 “Youth”                                                        MR-023              $18
Intelligence City “Sleeping City” LP (Anna Logue)                        $21 (1 left)
Red Fetish “The Future is now in your hands” 7″ (Anna Logue)       $9  (1 left)
Twins Natalia/Poeme Electronique 12″ (Anna Logue)                    $16 (1 left)
PA Tronic “Ute På Vift” LP (Anna Logue)                                     $21 (2 left)
Kremlyn 10″ (Domestica)                                                        $17 (1 left)
1/2 Separate Ways 7″ (Domestica)                                            $11 (1 left)
Non Plus Ultra Vol 2 LP (Domestica)                                          $22 (1 left)
Funeraria Vergara LP (Domestica)                                             $22 (4 left)
Gerhard Heinz “Library Music” LP (Private)                                 $22
Alex Cima “Cosmic Connection” LP (Private)                                $22
Michael Bundt “Neon” LP (Private)                                             $22
Schaltkreis Wasserman “Psychotron” LP (Private)                         $22
Upperseption “Cornicula” LP (Private)                                         $20
Troy Wadsworth

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