We are thrilled to announce that our 2 newest titles are in stock and shipping:

MR-054  Red Fetish “A Derangement Of Synapses” LP
Buy here with instant download

MR-055   Zeus B. Held “Vinyl Collection” LP

Buy here with instant download

These 2 will be the last releases for 2015

Stay tuned for 2016:

February 2016
MR-053  Geneva Jacuzzi “Technophelia” LP
MR-056  Cloudland Canyon “An Arabesque”

March (mid) 2016
MR-050  Pram “The Stars Are So Big…” LP
MR-051  Pram “Helium” LP

April 2016
MR-057 Locust “Morning Light” 2LP
MR-058 Summer Hits LP reissue


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